BB18 Week 7 Blog Recap


1_safenowWe begin the week with the HoH comp: tossing balls down a ramp in hopes of landing in the box at the end instead of the numbered slots below it. The HGs can practice all they want with a yellow ball, but everything is official once they launch their red ball. The four people with the lowest score will be the Have Nots for the week. Since Paulie does not want to have the responsibility of HoH this week, he throws the comp, pushing his red ball all casual-like down the ramp and scoring a six stating that he “doesn’t care”. Victor is the next to take a shot and scores 14 then Paul decides to give it a shot and he lands in the highest numbered slot – 21. Paul’s ball isn’t in the big win box and now, landing that perfect shot is the only way for anyone else to win HoH. No one does. Paul wins HoH.  The most important take away from the HoH comp segment is the scene in which Paulie tells Bridgette that he’s going to take care of her after she takes her shot with her red ball. An hour before the eviction, Frank asked Paulie to take Bridgette under his wing and told Bridgette to work with Paulie and this is a legit deal because after Paul wins HoH, Paulie tells us in the DR that there are bigger fish to fry and he’s glad Paul is HoH because he can easily put it in his ear that Bridgette will be useful in getting rid of those bigger targets.

2_paulneedsapawnWhen everyone is back in the house, Paul reiterates in the DR that he’s coming after Bridgette to finish the job of evicting “Fridgette”, Nicole and Da’ have an awkward moment on the couches because Da’ knows what Nicole did and Nicole knows she knows and they are both threatened by each other now, and Paul is on the look-out for a pawn, but Vic and Corey are NOT interested. In Tokyo, Corey and Paulie are discussing Paul’s HoH reign and what he should do; they think yeah, put up Bridgette, but Da’ is the female Frank and she should be the real target. James walks in and Paulie presents him with this idea, James casually says “if you can get him to do it”, but James does not like this. Da’ isn’t coming after him, they have a good relationship, she trusts him… James enters the UK room then Paul walks into Tokyo. Paulie presents him with the idea of putting up and targeting Da’, but Paul isn’t sure about that. At least, not right now. Paul would like to put up Bridgette and Vic to up their chances of winning Veto, take Vic down and THEN put up Da’ – either way, a girl will go home and Paul really wants Bridgette gone, but if Da’ goes instead – no big deal. After Paul’s HoH room reveal and letter from his mom, Paul is upstairs with James, Nicole, Vic, and Paulie, who is sleeping on the bed, and he’s asking for someone to volunteer as a pawn again, someone good at comps. They wake up Paulie and Da’ walks in then it’s back to business. Da’ points out that the three of them, Vic, Paul and Da’, have all been on the block before, James says something about nerve trauma to his arm because of one he took for the team earlier, and he wants Paul to really think about Natalie’s comp skills. Nicole doesn’t think Corey can be talked into it then Zak wants in and hell no she doesn’t want to go up on the block as a pawn. Finally, though, Nicole caves, despite her #2 rule of not agreeing to be a pawn – But if Paul thinks she’s good at comps…

3_friendshiporAfter a weird segment involving Corey and Nicole talking about adopting and saving dogs and cats, we’re back in the game and Bridgette joins the Pauls in the HoH. She wants to check-in and try to deflect some attention away from her. She doesn’t trust Da’ and she feels Nicole is up to something, she thinks they are close and that they are working together. Paulie points out that Da’ stirs the pot, but Nicole keeps her mouth shut. LOL Nope! It’s like, everyone in the room is half right about things, but they aren’t as clued in as they think they are because… Yeah… It’s Nicole and Da’ that have both been running around stirring the pot and the only reason Frank was doing the same is because of their meddling. So lol. The only reason Paul is even talking to Bridgette is that on the off chance that she stays in the house, he wants her trust so he’s basically telling her not to worry. The next segment is one that I totally called in one of my featured images for week 6, (you can see it on my Twitter page… for now pinned…). Paulie is starting to look more and more like Paul and Paul couldn’t be more flattered. He changed his hair, he’s wearing shirts like Paul instead of going topless all the time, and he’s taking on Paul’s lingo, but if Paulie comes up to Paul with a needle asking him to pierce his nose – he’s OUT! lol

4_thetruthNow it’s time to reveal to the HGs that we are sending them care packages! Paul comes out of the DR with the announcement and explains what’s up. It’s really exciting, BUT, you have to open the package in front of everyone sooo – no hiding the fact that you have an advantage and to boot, everyone will know exactly what it is. And without further ado, the HGs are called to the Backyard by a goofy voice that goes all Drill Sargent when people are moving fast enough, and the package is dropped. Since it lands closest to James, he reads it and as we all know, Natalie wins the Never Not pass and it couldn’t have come at a better time for her because OMG. I forgot to say who the Have Nots are: Not Natalie anymore, ever, Corey, Paulie and Zak. Anyway, Nat also has new socks – who doesn’t love new socks? – some dental floss, and some other random stuff. It’s fun and while people are a little jealous – come on, it’s great, but, a bigger advantage, like some power, is what everyone really wants. After James grabs the parachute and runs back into the house, Nicole talks to Corey about how she volunteered to go up as a pawn, but she really doesn’t want to do it. Michelle is there too, and both she and Corey are like, we totally would, but we don’t want to… Except Corey kinda DOES wanna play in the POV… But no. No. Nicole feels like she should because other people have been on the block so no. No. She’ll do it.

5_happynicoleThen Nicole heads upstairs where the Pauls are in the HoH room. She is looking for reassurance that she will not go home this week because she never ever ever never ever thought she would be volunteering to be pawn. Paul knows Nicole is nervous and probably doesn’t have the backbone to be a pawn then Zak and Corey mosey on into the room. Paul reiterates that he just needs people to trust him, there is a plan and Bridgette is going home then all of the sudden, Paulie says he’ll do it. He’ll go up. Paul is good with this. The PP is the Friendship and they will BOOM, knock this week out of the park and into the books. At the nomination ceremony, Paul does what he said he was going to do and he’s honest about why he’s doing it. He wants Bridgette out because she was attached to Frank and he wants Paulie to be his main man in the Veto comp. After the nomination ceremony, Da’ is super confused about why Nicole isn’t up on the block as the pawn and doesn’t like being out of the loop. When she is presented with an opportunity to talk to Bridgette, she pushes hard for Bridgette to push hard to be up against Nicole, but Bridgette is done with Da’, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and Bridgette would much rather be up against Da’ than Nicole. After her chat with Da’, Bridgette joins Paul in the HoH room where he continues his mission to make Bridgette feel really comfortable so he’s good with her in case she isn’t evicted this week. Then we cut to a scene involving the boys teasing Nicole about a dream she had about Derrick and his wife, and Cody was there…

6_troubleinparadiseNow it’s time to talk about Paulie and Zak because there’s trouble in paradise because Zak’s head is NOT in the game – she’s all googly-eyed for Paulie. When Paulie mentions sleeping in Tokyo or up in the HoH with Paul so he can get a good night’s sleep for once. Zak takes it personally and when she gets a chance, she tells him that he can sleep in the HoH instead of downstairs with her, so he can get a good night’s sleep, making it seem like it’s her idea, and he’s all, yeah, that’s what I said I was going to do. Zak doesn’t like his attitude, he’s been acting distant and back downstairs in the Safari room she tells Michelle that she doesn’t like Paulie anymore. Back up in the HoH, Paulie says that Zak is acting like how girls act with boys and he doesn’t deal with girls, he’s interested in women, he’s a grown man… Back down stairs, Zak is starting to get a little emotional, and in the HoH, Paul is urging Paulie to just keep up the act until they can cut her. Paulie says Zak makes a lot of people uncomfortable and if he wins HoH next week, he’s putting her on the block. Back downstairs, Michelle comforts Zak, tells her that she’s beautiful and such a catch and she’s decided that she can’t go to bed feeling like this and that she doesn’t want all this weirdness between her and Paulie sooo… Zak goes upstairs, opens the HoH room door, peeks inside to see that the lights are off and the Pauls are trying to sleep; they lift their heads when she opens the door, then she shuts it, runs back downstairs, and sits down in the Bathroom… Waiting… Paulie gets up, goes downstairs and they go into the Safari room and … I don’t even know how to recap this conversation other than with the photo accompanying this paragraph… And this: Basically, Zak is upset that Paulie isn’t giving her the attention she wants and Paulie doesn’t like the drama, he’s not into drama, and when she starts saying that he’s trying to hurt her feelings, he ends the conversation because he’s not trying to hurt feelings and if that’s how she feels – he’s out of this convo… I seem to remember Zak acting very similarly to Tiffany in this very room not so long ago… Karma!

7_somethingcleverIn a quick segment before we get into the business of the Veto, Paul puts shaving cream in Michelle’s coffee, I assume, and when she falls for the prank, she throws an apple at him – at pretty damn close range I have to say. It hits his back, near his kidney, and it hit him hard. Paul isn’t bothered much, he’s laughing it off, but Michelle is really upset. She didn’t mean to hit him so hard, she’s not a violent person. Paul tells her to stop being sad because that makes him sad and blah blah blah! … Time to pick players for the Veto! Paul draws Corey, Paulie picks Houseguest’s Choice and chooses Victor, and Bridgette pulls Natalie’s chip from the box. Before the comp, Da’ tries to get info out of the Pauls playing chess, but they are tight-lipped and casual about it. With Nicole and Corey, Paulie tells the showmance that he’s done with Zak, but gonna play nice until they get Da’ out this week; and he wants to put Zak up next week. Time for the Veto! And we’re all familiar with this one since we are all huge BB fans; it’s the Ready Set Whoa track meet where people have to wait until they see “GO” on the monitor in front of them, run down the lane and hit a button to lock in their time – last person to hit a button, and there are multiple buttons that become unusable after being pressed once, is eliminated. If anyone false starts, they are eliminated and Corey, the big high school track star, false starts on the first race. Bridgette is out in the second, followed by Natalie in the third, and Paul in the fourth leaving Paulie and Victor to duke it out in the final round. Aaand Paulie wins. Mission accomplished for the PP.

8_fatesealedAfter the comp, Da’ thinks she can get Paul to put up Nicole, but Paul has no intention of doing so because he’s in the Storage room telling Bridgette to be sad and it’s okay for her to be mad at him, but she’s just a pawn. Da’ is going up and is probably going to go home so she has nothing to worry about. Bridgette doesn’t trust Paul, but she kinda has to this week if she wants to stay so she’s gonna do that. Then Da’ comes in and tries to push for Nicole again, Bridgette suggests she go talk to Paul because she has no idea what’s going on, her head is spinning. She doesn’t know what Plan B is… In Tokyo, Paulie is making good on his word to play nice with Zak and they are back to being all Cuddle City. He tells her that Paul will probably put up Da’ and Zak isn’t worried too much about her friend Da’. She thinks the majority want Bridgette gone. When she asks Paulie who’s next, he wants to know who SHE would want gone and she says Paul. TSK TSK, Zak! Have you not noticed how close the Pauls are, um, they are practically twins now! You even said yourself that it was true love all jokingly… In the backyard later, the Pauls are with Victor… Paul asks if Da’ will definitely go if he puts her up – both of them say yes, emphatically, yes – they have all the guys and Natalie… #IMPORTANT! Then, Paulie tells the boys what Zak said about targeting Paul and the other guys are shocked. How does Paul feel about this? PIIISSED! lol

9_uhohDayBefore the nomination ceremony, Da’ heads up to the HoH to talk to Paul, and just in case she has a Round Trip ticket, Paul works a little on her to make sure there will be no hard feelings when he nominates her and when she is evicted because of it. Paul is adamant that Bridgette is the target, Da’ would be a pawn. He can’t use Nicole because she’ll freak out, so will Natalie, and someone who hasn’t been on the block will get all paranoid – and Zak was all “hell no” when he first asked for pawns. Da’ expresses her concerns, she’s a juicy target next to Bridgette and she would feel more comfortable if it was Nicole next to Bridgette. Paul urges to Da’ to trust him, he trusts her, they are good. At the Veto ceremony, Paulie OBVIOUSLY uses the Veto on himself and Paul replaces him with Da’ who doesn’t understand why she’s on the block, she thought she and Paul had a friendship. After the ceremony, Paulie and Bridgette are in the kitchen and he tells her that the only people that will vote for her to leave are Zak and Michelle, otherwise, she should be good and can relax. Da’ comes in from the backyard, sees the two of them together and heads up to the HoH room to talk to Paul about walking in on that scene. He tells her that she’s over-reacting, he cannot imagine that Bridgette will NOT go home this week and if she stays, it means a bunch of people are lying to him and it’s his job as HoH to ensure his target leaves the game… He’s “kind of” lying to Da’ and Da’ “kind of” knows he’s BSing her…

10_DOH!Later in the Backyard, Nicole falls out of the hammock when Corey gets up to get her some Tums, then we cut to Da’ in the Bathroom with Michelle and Zak as Natalie leaves, wishing them all a good night. Does Da’ know who Natalie is going to vote to keep? Da’ thinks Bridgette and the other girls don’t know why she would vote that way, but whatever – they know Da’ has both of their votes to stay and Da’ thinks she has James 100% on her side. When Natalie comes back to the BR to put on a face mask, the girls ask her how she’s voting – she says she wants Bridgette to stay, but rethinks her strategy in the DR. Bridgette isn’t really happy with James, he sent Frank home and broke a promise, so maybe it would be better for her game to keep Da’ around… Meanwhile or Later or Whenever, in the Safari room, Nicole, James, Paul, and Corey are talking about the vote – James is on board with voting out Da’ and would want to throw her a vote if she didn’t have two already… Paul urges him not to throw a sympathy vote in favor of Da’, for his sake, so he doesn’t have to break a tie. Paul does NOT want to break a tie. James says he’ll get Natalie to vote for Bridgette to stay then they talk about next week and who will go up for the Double Eviction. James says he would put up Bridgette and Victor then Da’ walks in and the group clues her in to the discussion about the Double then she asks what their thoughts are and James – DOH! Says “B” and “V”. The others ask “who’s B?” and James realizes his mistake and Da’ knew even before that. Nicole’s face also gives away the plan and Da’ knows there is some plottin’ going on in the BB house…

11_sheknowsLater in Tokyo, Natalie and James are cuddled up in a bed and Da’ walks in saying that people are starting to freak out. James agrees – information starts coming out when people freak and Da’ says MMHMM! Da’ then goes into her pitch: It’s Victor and Paulie voting with Nicole and Corey against Da’, but she has Michelle and Zak and if the two of them vote for her to stay, Paul has to break a tie. This is her only shot at staying because if either of them vote for her to go, she will be walking out the door. She needs them now, more than ever. James explains that the house is divided and if they vote to keep Da’ it will show their cards and… He would just have to talk to Paul to ensure that if it comes down to a tie that Paul will break it in Da’s favor. Da’ asks what he would do if Paul would vote for Bridgette to stay aaand… James says he would still vote to keep Da’, but she knows that’s not the truth. She tells him that she’ll be very hurt if he votes against her then leaves the room. Natalie and James pop into the Storage room after this conversation; James doesn’t know what to do, Da’ is his girl, but he’s afraid to show his cards and fight to keep her. Game-wise, it might be best to send her packing, but on a personal level, he wants to keep her around. Natalie says she is going to do what he does so he better plays his cards right.

12_byebyeDaVonneBefore the vote, we are treated to a segment about Paul’s family and best friends. If you’re a Paul fan and missed the episode, watch it. For the record, I am a Paul fan. I’m saying “piiissed” all the time now and the other day I told a customer leaving the liquor store that something we were talking about was “Friendship” – he’s not a BB fan so I just chuckled to myself. I’m even saying “Never Cared”, but I have seen that scene on the Jeff Reels quite a few times now… ANYWAY! Time to vote! Bridgette’s please keep me speech was cute and sweet and Da’s is pretty good – again, watch it if you haven’t seen the episode. Sooo… Only Michelle and Zak vote to keep Da’, she is not surprised, and after a commercial break, Julie reveals that she does NOT have the Round Trip ticket… And NOW I have to say goodbye to Da’ in my blogs, which is unfortunate because she gives me good material, she’s fun in the DR, and I just really liked her this season. All my love, Da’Vonne! Again I am going to say that I’m sorry the Fatal 5 didn’t stick together because if they had, Tiffany would still be there, I would not be saying goodbye to Da’ right now, and everyone outside the house would be losing their minds that an all-girl alliance was finally happening on BB. It would have been sooo epic and now… Those ladies don’t stand a chance, not with the Pauls pretty much in control of the house…

This week the HoH is endurance again so this is where we end things. I won’t spoil anything since this isn’t a live feed spoilers blog, but I will say that they aired most of the comp on the feeds because I logged in as soon as I got home from work right after the show ended… As always….


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