Where to Find Your Favorite #BBCAN4 House Guests



What a season Big Brother Canada was! From Night one when Nick entered as our First Wild card til Finale night we were kept on our toes. The house guests where everything we needed them to be. Fun, charismatic, crazy and down right unpredictable. Now that they are out of the house and slowly entering the world of social media here is a quick look at where to find them! Please remember to be respectful to all the house guests. Love them or not they are people. You can disagree with their game play, not like their personalities but being a troll isn’t going to change it.  It’s a game, the game is over. Give them all a fighting chance to redeem themselves. Please….for me.

Paige Distranski – Twitter @Paige_BBCAN
Instagram paige.distranski

Sharry Ash – Twitter @SharryAsh_
SnapChat   SharryAsh
Instagram sharryash
Facebook Sharry Ash

Christine Kelsey – Twitter @ChristineBBCAN

Loveita Adams – Twitter @LoveitaBBCAN
Instagram  loveymarie

Dallas Cormier – Twitter @DallasBBCAN
Instagram CormierDallas
SnapChat  DallasCormier03

Mitch Moffit – Twitter @mitchellmoffit  @AsapScience
Instagram mitchellmoffit
YouTube AsapScience

Raul Manriquez – Twitter @RaulBBCAN
Facebook  Raulbbcan4
SnapChat raul_manriquez

Ramsey Aburaneh – Twitter @RamseyBBCAN  NOT @BBCANRamsey!!!!
Instagram – theofficialramsey
SnapChat ramseycharming

Maddy Pavle – Twitter @MaddyBBCAN
Instagram maddypavle
SnapChat maddypavle 

Jared Kesler –  Twitter @JaredBBCAN
Instagram keslerjared
SnapChat jaredkesler

Nikki Grahame – Twitter @NikkiGrahame
Instagram nikkigrahameofficial
Facebook Nikki Grahame

Joel LeFevre -Twitter @JoelBBCAN
Facebook Joel Lefevre Big Brother Canada 4

Cassandra Shahinfar – Twitter @CassandraBBCAN
Instagram cassandrashahinfar
SnapChat cass_shahinfar
Facebook Cassandra Shahinfar Big Brother Canada 4

Tim Dormer -Twitter @timdormer
Instagram timdormer
Facebook Tim Dormer

Kelsey Faith – Twitter @KelseyBBCAN
Instagram kelsey_faithbbcan4

Phil Paquette -Twitter @PhilBBCAN
Instagram  paqsmusic

Nick Paquette – Twitter @NickBBCAN
Instagram  npaqs


Arisa Cox – Twitter @arisacox
Instagram arisaroo
Facebook Arisa Cox
SnapChat arisaroo 

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