#RHOA Season 7: Hello Mr. Chocolate!


rhoa14-1.jpgAll the drama between Phaedra and Apollo comes to a head this episode, but before the fireworks erupt  Claudia has Kenya and Cynthia over to her house now that she has furniture. She tells the girls about the Dish Nation party and the horrible treatment from Porsha and her family. Kenya and Cynthia promise to have her back no matter what. Claudia decided that no contact is better than negative contact but the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife at work. In a meeting with Rickey Smiley he asks how things are with Porshe. She is honest and says it isn’t good. Rickey grabs Porsha on her way out the door and brings her back in to have  mediation with the girls. One of them has to be the bigger person here and start the road to a better relationship. I don’t think Porsha would ever let that happen. Ricky prays it out in a prayer circle with the girls, but are things really going to be different?

Kandi is going to LA to shoot a movie and Todd’s coming with her. She’s upset because Todd has decided to stay much longer that she is to “work” Really she thinks he doesn’t want to deal with the stress of home. When she gets home she talks with her assistant and tells her about the fight they had while in LA. Kandi wanted to ask the producer some questions because her and Todd want to produce a movie. Todd thinks Kandi should just listen to him. Besides the newlyweds communication not being great neither is their sex life. After being married only 6 months they are only doing it once a week. Kandi wonders if Todd could be cheating and thinks the two need counselling.

Kenya is working on her Life Twirls On script and is still bitter that Roger Bobb has backed out of the project. Casting starts tomorrow and she doesn’t even have the scenes written. The next day they start reading people for the pilot. Cynthia comes in dressed up in Jamaican clothing to read for her part and nails it. Kenya will be casting her in her show. She also reads D Woods for the part of her older sister. D was in Kandi’s A Mother’s Love. Kenya questions whether she can play her older sister. Do you think this pilot will ever see the light of day? Would you watch it?

10990020_10152581498910780_7408759411784002000_nApollo needs to report soon and he calls up Peter. He had gone through Phaedra’s phone and found texts to an African man named Chocolate. He says that Phaedra was calling him Daddy and saying she was counting down the days til he has to turn himself in. He confronted her about it and she was denying it. Apollo tells her that people kill people over this. Peter is trying to calm him down takes him for a drink and tells him not to do anything stupid. He goes home to tell Cynthia all about it. She is shocked that Phaedra would do that especially after labeling Kenya a whore for supposedly doing the same thing.

It’s Apollo’s day to turn himself in. Phaedra is breathing a sigh of relief. She goes to the house to check out if Apollo had gone through with his promises rhoa-714-03to burn the house down or destroy it in some way. The house looks in tact and she meets with a locksmith to change the locks and a garage door guy to change the code. Although Apollo may be gone, she can’t be sure who he’s given access to the house to. The kids are with her mom but she has her assistant there. In the midst of the work Apollo shows up. He isn’t in Kentucky like he’s supposed to be and when he sees what’s going on he goes crazy. He’s screaming and running through the house. Phaedra stays calm and strong in the garage refusing to get amped to Apollo’s level. She really doesn’t want to call the police but if his behavior gets worse she’ll be forced to. Apollo’s friend comes and Phaedra tells him to get Apollo out. He starts saying he didn’t see his kids and she shuts him down right there. Apollo spent hours with them the night before and had Aiden in tears terrified the cops were going to hurt his dad. Bun gets Apollo to go, but not for long he’s back and screaming again. This time with a drill. Phaedra won’t let him near her and he’s under his breath saying don’t call the cops. Bun comes up again and manages to get Apollo to go for a final time, but he wants the new key and garage fob sent to him. Phaedra says yes to placate him and he finally drives off for good. I am so impressed with Phaedra and how she handled Apollo. I can tell she was scared but had it under control and luckily the situation didn’t escalate.

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