Reality Rehab w/ Dylan and Melissa #1: w/ Xander Jeanneret from King of the Nerds 2


Well, there were some minor technical issues, but Dylan and I managed to have a great first show with Xander! Be sure to check out Xander’s YouTube page for awesome, nerdy videos and don’t forget to check Under the Table for other fun stuff! Also… The Quest! And you can follow Xander’s friend, Bonnie, who is going to be ON The Quest on Twitter @BonnieBellG (in case you’d like to get a leg up on everyone else…) And the rest of us: Melissa @thedolphinpoet, Dylan @8bithomo & Xander @Xanderrific on Twitter. Thanks to all of you who tuned in. We should have the comments and stuff working better next time! Oh yeah… BB16 live feeds – get ’em here! 😉


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