Real Houswives of Atlanta Season 7: Tea With A Side Of Squashed Beef


mommydearest.jpgAfter Apollo’s appearance at Demetria’s video release party Phaedra meets up with her mother for lunch. They both agree that Apollo’s actions don’t match up with the words he’s speaking. Phaedra thinks that life will be less stressful when Apollo is finally in prison. She is trying to make the best of becoming a single parent. Pastor Regina agrees with her whole heartedly. Phaedra shows her strength at a single parenting with her  bed time routine of teeth brushing, story reading and praying with Pastor Regina watching. She is determined to raise her boys right.

Kandi and Mama Joyce are lunching with the aunts after closing on Joyce’s new house. Kandi is a little insulted that Mama Joyce won’t let her have a key to the house that SHE bought. I don’t blame Kandi. Kandi’s tour of A Mother’s Love isn’t going as well as they hoped and she wanted her mom and the aunts to attend a few shows to drum up business. The idea was not met with enthusiasm. Talk quickly turns to Kandi and Todd’s New York trip. Kandi relays the message from Sharon that if she doesn’t get an apology she’s going to bring it. The old lady gang says bring it on. I can see a nice old lady brawl at the next family gathering. Kandi talks to Todd about her concerns about the tour’s numbers and her idea of the old lady gang joining them on tour and her mother’s reaction to Sharon’s threats. Todd has decided that so the women don’t fight he’s going to go to New York and spend his Thanksgiving with his mom and Kandi can stay in Atlanta with hers. Kandi hates that idea and proposes spending one holiday with one, and another holiday with another. Todd doesn’t want to spend any holidays with Joyce. Can you blame him?

Claudia pics her mom and grandmother up at the airport. Claudia pushes her mother out of her comfort zone by taking her for dinner at a Drag restaurant. Gramma Lillian is loving it! Mom quizzes her about her love life. Claudia admits it’s not really happening but she is wanting it too. Mom is telling her to hurry up and have a baby, she doesn’t even need to wait to get married! Gramma tells Claudia she loves her which opens up the conversation that Claudia and her mother have never said I love you. Mom says she shows her that she loves her and that words mean nothing. Claudia’s dad used to tell her he loved her all the time and then left her for another woman.  Claudia just needs to hear it ever now and then but Claudia realizes it’s a sensitive subject.

NeNe and Porshe are lunching as well. Porshe doesn’t waste any time telling her about the fiasco of Demetria’s video release. Talk turns to Cynthia and Porshe is actually encouraging NeNe to patch things up with her. Cynthia brings Claudia to Derek J’s salon to get a make over. While they are gossiping about Demetria and Roger Bob’s relationship NeNe texts Cynthia and asks her to drinks and she wants Kenya to come along. Cynthia is optimistic but wonders why she wants Kenya there. Kenya is looking for office space. She thinks Hollywood will be calling and she needs assistants and space. She thinks her collaboration with Roger Bob is going to make big things. A realtor shows her a few spaces that she loves when Cynthia calls her about NeNe’s text. Kenya doesn’t want to get involved in Cynthia and NeNe’s issues but is willing to go and resolve her own issues with NeNe. NeNe brings Porshe along to the KIKI so they can iron things up. NeNe opens it up with how she doesn’t understand what Cynthia meant by her not feeling respected. Cynthia tries to explain that she didn’t always speak up when she felt uncomfortable. kissitout.jpgKenya buds in and makes life worse. Finally Cynthia tells her to hush. Porshe excuses herself to the ladies room to let the two have some time and Kenya finally follows suit. Along Cynthia apologizes for her part in the falling out and says that she would love an apology from NeNe (which she doesn’t get) but she wants them be part of each others life and try to work their way back to where they were. Nene does a lot of head nodding and mhmmm’s. NeNe says she needs time to process and Cynthia is willing to give her that time BUT in her confessional NeNe says she knows Cynthia’s behaviour is all an act. Next on the agenda is Cynthia and Porshe’s issues. We start with Porshe being late for their lunch a few weeks ago. Both NeNe and Kenya flee the scene and Porshe finally apologizes to for being late and the girls return. While the two are trying to talk Kenya is at the other end hugitout.jpgof the table screaming Cynthia over and over again.  Porshe calls Kenya a rude bitch and she’s being disrespectful while her and Cynthia are talking. Her and Cynthia make up quickly (I think) and now it’s the mother of all disputes. Kenya Vs Porshe. They all agree that at the reunion they all did things they regret (even NeNe) Porshe acknowledges that she made bad choices in her reaction to Kenya. Kenya wants to forgive and move on. She owns her part of the fight and regrets it. She gets up out of her seat and asks Porshe if she can give her a hug as a sign of her sincerity. Porshe is hesitant but decided that if she is taking responsibility for her part then she should to and they can move on from this. The two arch nemesis hug it out and no one is hurt in the process. So at this drink session some relationships have been healed some are mending but all 4 are no longer at risk of clawing each others eyes out….until the next reunion that is.

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