Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: Friend or Faux


shelves.jpgKenya goes over to Claudia’s house to check out her new apartment. The two girls crack open a bottle of wine and Claudia reveals her ulterior motives. She needs shelves put together. So in her sundress and Louboutins they put together the shelves and Kenya fills in Claudia about how some of the girls think Apollo is lying about lying. Kenya is Claudia’s girl, and she has her back no matter what! The two decided they are not cut out for shelf building and go on the prowl for some single men to help them. I am loving the friendship between these two. It’s a nice change of pace from all the other relationships on the show!

Kandi and Todd go over to her old house and find it in such a state of disrepair. Mama Joyce’s boyfriend was supposed to renovate it then Mama changed her mind and didn’t want to move in. Kandi is pissed about the state of it. Todd wonders when enough is going to be enough. Between turning down a perfectly good house and calling Todd’s mom names when is Kandi going to hold her accountable for her actions. I say never. Kandi is all bark and no bite when it comes to her anger with her mama.

Kandi goes to visit Phaedra and tells her about how hard it is to adjust to being a blended family. Apollo still hasn’t told Phaedra about when he needs to turn himself in for sentencing. Kenya comes up in conversation. Kandi tells her how upset she got when she found out the girls didn’t believe her. Kandi wants to bring ALL the ladies together for a peaceful meal. Phaedra says if you plan it I will come, but doesn’t think it’s going to go well.

NeNe and Gregg take their son out for his first driving the lesson. Gregg is dressed up in full football padding in anticipation of the experience. He hits a few cones the NeNe gets a text from Kandi about the dinner, and possible apology to Kenya. NeNe thinks she has nothing to apologize for.

Kenya and Claudia go work out together. Claudia is desperate to get her booty to look like Kenya’s. While stretching out Claudia talks about how all her life she was never “black enough.” And tells the story about her father who is from New York met her mother on an Italian Air Base and the fell in love. Her dad brought her back to the States and Claudia experienced a lot of racism growing up. The two girls bond over the fact that they are not close to their mothers.

NeNe.jpgThe ladies all come together for their dinner to hopefully make peace with each other. Kenya’s greeting with Phaedra was very tense. Kandi breaks the ice after NeNe arrives thanking everyone for coming and she would like everything to be smoothed over so they can move on and continue to socialize with each other. Kenya starts off by telling everyone that after Apollo’s apology she feels vindicated. Phaedra continues to blast Kenya. These ladies are never going to be friends but the slate is apparently clean with no apology from Phaedra.  Next on Kandi’s agenda is trying to repair the Cynthia/NeNe relationship. NeNe puts it out there that their falling out has nothing to do with the ladies and Cynthia actually agrees with her. NeNe is still saying she doesn’t know when or why they fell out. Cynthia says NeNe knows what happened but NeNe wonders why she waited til they were at the reunion to air the dirty laundry instead of coming to her one on one since their issues having nothing to do with the ladies. NeNe has gone  crazy at the table. Cynthia can’t finish a sentence without her cutting her off and screaming. NeNe says she loved Cynthia like a sister and this argument will be continued next week.

Will NeNe and Cynthia be able to reconcile and be the friends they were last season? We’ll have to tune in next week to find out. In the meantime go to our BRAVO PAGE and find out what the ladies thought of the restaurant with Jon as he reads you their Bravo blogs. You’ll also find audio blogs and written blogs for all of Bravo’s lastest show there.



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