Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: All Tea All Shade


Kenya meets up with her aunt Lori to buy some trees because gardening is becoming Kenya’s newest stress relief. Aunt Lori (smartly imho) tells Kenya she needs to forgive for some of this stuff. Kenya says she might if they apologize first but Aunt Lori thinks she shouldn’t be putting conditions on forgiveness. Listen to Aunt Lori Kenya! She’s a smart woman. Be the grown up wipe the slate clean

saywhat.jpgPorshe, Kandi and Phaedra meet up. She tells both girls all about the party and how Kenya was there and they talked about Porshe and how Apollo showed up. Kandi then drops the bomb about how Apollo LIED about the offer of sexual favors and seeing her in LA and the looks on Phaedra and Porshe were PRICELESS. Phaedra admits that she needs to be a woman and apologize for all the hateful things. Kandi agrees they ALL need to apologize to her. Back at their home Peter and Cynthia also want to apologize to Kenya as well.

Kandi and Todd are in the bedroom discussing their toys and how often they need to do it. Talk turns to baby and Todd lays it down about how he’s not going to be around much because of his schedule and does she really want to have a baby with him gone. They also discuss who their daughters are going to be when Kaela starts living with Kandi and Todd.

Kenya and Claudia go furniture shopping. These two seem like they are going to be fun together. A little bit of dramaless friendship. Claudia has just moved to Atlanta  to be on the Ricky Smiley radio show. We learn that Claudia needs a sturdy bed beause she is a freak in the sheets and has even lost a tooth!

NeNe and Porshe get together and she fills her in all the drama. First Porshe has to dig into Cynthia’s magazine photo. She tells NeNe about Claudia being in Atlanta and NeNe respons with “The Thirst is Real.” Porshe then drops the bomb about all the lies Apollo admitted to but NeNe thinks it’s a bunch of bulls#$@ and bye Apollo of to jail. NeNe also doesn’t think Phaedra needs to apologize for anything. Both ladies bring up Cynthia, they still stick to the opinion that Cynthia is a flip flopper and Porshe thinks Cynthia snubbing her at Kandi’s wedding opened the door for Proshe to slam her at every corner

At home Phaedra is trying to keep life and normal as she can for Aidan and Dylan. Across town Apollo is in a lawyers office to see about a divorce. The lawyer wants to go through all the assets and see who contributed what so he can figure out how to make it so that Apollo has something when he leaves prison.

Kaela arrives to live with her dad. Neither her or Riley seem to receptive about it and Kandi wants the two of them to hang out even though there is a big age difference. Todd and Kandi lays down the law about chores, allowance and curfew. Kaela wants to stay out til 1 but even Riley is thinking there is nothing to do in Atlanta at 1 or 2am

Porshe invites Cynthia to lunch and arrives an hour late. Cynthia is not happy and Porshe can’t even apologize. Cynthia talking to Porshe about how rude it is, is like and adult talking to a child. Porshe brings up the fact that in one interview Cynthia says Porshe was provoked at the reunion then in another interview says she can’t understand why Porshe would do that. Cynthia denies the flip flopping and says that Porshe is sounding like NeNe. It was really a bunch of talking over one another. Nothing is resolved and Cynthia walks out of lunch.

Do you think Phaedra will apologize to Kenya, and will Kenya take Aunt Lori’s advice and accept it. Comment below and let us know what you think. To hear what the ladies thought of this episode check out Jon’s Audio Blogs for this show and all our Bravo shows on our BRAVO PAGE. You’ll also find written recaps for RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules there as well!


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