BRAVO TV: Ladies of London Video Recap Week 4


Bravo’s latest show Ladies of London follows 6 upper crust ladies around the city and the English Countryside chronicling there every move the show stars Annabelle Neilson and Caroline Stanbury, with American expats, Juliet Angus, Caprice Bourret, Marissa Hermer, and Noelle Reno. Jon and Princess Glammy give your their comedic take on the weeks events. Come for the recap, stay for the LOL’s. Watch us live and tweet your questions #YRRLive or joins us in the chat room and become part of the show.


About Author


Jon Richardson is an actor, comedian and professional host. He has been seen on Bravo TV show “LOL”, been a regular standup comedian at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA. Currently he can be seen as a regular blogger/comedian at covering reality shows and performing live all around the Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA areas.

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