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BravoNewsWEBHello Bravo Fans!  We are changing up how we are covering BravoTV shows from now on.  And by changing, I mean adding A LOT!  We will be doing blogs, podcasts, vlogs, reading the Bravo blogs to you and much much more!  So watch the video and then when you are ready…  check out our BRAVO PAGE for Jon’s vlog and Zach’s blog!


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I am obsessed with all things reality TV and would give up food before my DVR. I have degrees in the digital arts, psychology and radio/television production. I am known for my comedic mashup videos on you tube and fan interaction across many social media websites. I have previously covered Big Brother with a weekly recap show “BB Reality Check” on Superpass. I’ve also podcasted for Reality Nation covering Survivor and The Amazing Race along with covering the week in reality TV news, spoilers and gossip. I have been featured on Rob Has A Website, ZeeBox and countless other sites. I have since gone off on my own to create this reality tv world for you where I can focus on what I love… reality tv, producing comedic recaps, and interacting with all of you! If you’d like to follow me/this site on your favorite social media site, or email me… then visit the “Contact” tab above to be overwhelmed with all your options!

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