Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 23


Brittnee Blair had a lot of thinking to do on BBCAN 3 episode 23Let me start this blog by saying last night was freaking insane Dude! But before we get to all the craziness of the eviction we need to get through what happened after Brittnee won her second veto. Give the girl an Oscar because she put on a performance for days! Not being able to reveal her power she had to play it off that nothing was abnormal. Even to Sarah who knew she got something. She is on the block and she needs to be sad but in reality she’s cool. She has a lot of thinking to do ALONE this week. The Diapers plan on evicting Brittnee but don’t want to tell her. Ashleigh doesn’t want to deal with the emotions of it and Pilar is the only one to think about if there is a twist and she stays telling her now would make it awkward. They decide to tell her Wednesday. Knowing about her power Bruno Ielo and Sarah Hanlon fight yet again on BBCAN3 episode 23Brittnee is using every conversation she has with these people as a test. Where do they stand, will they have her back? Brittnee knows she’s done but now one will be honest. The girls won’t even let her know what they ar thinking. Bruno acts all cagey with her when she tries to talk to him.Brittnee continues to mull over what she is going to do while trying to calm Sarah without telling her what’s really going to happen. With Ashleigh in power Zach and Bruno start to feel real comfortable and Sarah continues to campaign on Brittnee’s behalf. With Sarah wanting Brittnee to stay and Bruno wanting her to go they continue to have a volatile week after. He’s not mad at her campaigning but how she is doing it. Now Bruno’s had it with Sarah. Has he put the nail in his coffin?

Jordan Parhar is devastated that Kevin Martin is in Jury on BBCAN3 episode 23We get another peak into Jury house where Sindy and Jordan seem to have made up. Playing house is fun, but Sindy is ready for new faces. She wasn’t ready to see Bobby walk through the door. While he and Jordan commiserate over being idiots and asking to be put on the block, Sindy can’t believe she’s surrounded by idiots! Bobby also reveals he meant to piss her off by knocking her out of the competition so she’s spread his secret veto rumor through the house. Who knew Bobby had that kind of strategy in him. As shocked as they were to see Bobby enter the house, seeing Willow and Kevin just about killed Jordan. Having his fellow Fortress member in jury brought him to the floor and the two boys hugged it out in shock and awe. When Willow dropped the bomb about Bruno thinking there was a girls alliance, Sindy pointed her finger at Bobby and said “You did that” Willow just about lost her mind and almost jumped Bobby  blaming him for her eviction! Looks like the jury house is going to be more fun to watch than the Big Brother house at this point.

Pilar Nemer can't believe the Veto news on BBCAN3 episode 23Back to the real game where the live eviction is about to take place but first Arisa drops the bomb! BOOM They are told about the secret veto and how Brittnee has to pull one nominee down AND close our mouths HG’s if she so chooses she can pull down two and she is responsible for making the nominations. Jaws are wide open, Godfrey looks like he saw a ghost and Bruno and Zach look terrified. Of course Brittnee takes herself off the block and in a stunning move she also pulls Godfrey down as well. He can’t believe what has just happened. The two have a quick moment and now Brittnee has to nominate 2 more people. She puts up the big boys Zach Brittnee Blair saves Godfrey Manzwiga on BBCAN3 episode 23and Bruno. Now lets talk about this. Was it the best move? I don’t quite think so. I know I am a Bruno fan and not so much a Zach one so there is a bias there BUT logically Bruno is alone in the house. Zach controls a block of votes. If Zach stays he has his vote, he controls Ashleighs’s vote, who in turn controls Pilar’s vote. Bruno with Zach gone is easier to work with. I don’t see him wanting to work with two 21-year-old girls.  Ashleigh can’t go up but Pili can ensuring at least a Diaper goes home. What’s done is done and the voting begins with Pilar Bruno Ielo hugs his wife Emily Ielo before going to jury on BBCAN3 episode 23who keeps Zach. There you have it folks. She starts the ball rolling and everyone follows suit. Bruno is evicted in a 4-0. He emerges from the house to a standing ovation and immediately sees his wife and loses it. That man loves his wife. Sitting in the audience watching him you can tell it took every thing he had in him not to jump the crowd and just run into her arms. He makes it through the interview teary eyed and Arisa allows him to take a minute and hug his wife. Experiencing that reunion was one of the most emotional moments I’ve had in a long time. For Bruno and Emily I’m glad they got to be there for him as he left the house.

OHouse Guests compete for HOH in 100 minutes in hell on BBCAN3 episode 23k, wipe the tears away and let’s get on with the HOH competition which is CRAZY! It’s called 100 Minutes in Hell and I must say Trevor Boris you are one crazy man and I love it! Each of the lie in a box (really lets say coffin) and the task is simple enough. Press your buzzer when you think 100 minutes has gone by. The closest to 100 minutes either over or under wins BUT  it won’t be easy as Big Brother throws heat, cold, water, creepy crawlies, clowns, messages from home and even some Graig sound clips to make them lose their minds. Who are you pulling to win HOH? Will Godfrey throw yet another competition? We find out Sunday!


Jon and I are so excited to talk about all the twists and their impact this season with  BBCAN3’s  Slayha herself Naeha Sareen this Friday AT 3pm We’ll see how she feels about all the dramatic twists and how she feels about being one of their victims. You aren’t going to want to miss this show! Before then though you need to check out the amazing exit interviews with all the evictes and our shows with Graig and Johnny below. As always  all our recaps are on our BBCAN page.  We also have exit interviews every Thursday so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 


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