Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 20


bbcan320-1Last night was the CRAZIEST night in Big Brother history ever.  Canada made BB history with a triple eviction and the drama didn’t disappoint. I just wish I had been there to see it all go down. First we need to conclude Kevin’s HOH reign. The Diaper Alliance are so happy they caught Bobby in a lie and that there is no secret veto in place (if only they knew about the REAL secret veto). Brittnee is not comfortable in her pawn status against Bobby. He’s got Bruno in his corner and Bruno can sway votes. Bruno and Godfrey promise Bobby their votes he just needs two more. Willow is working on Sarah to keep Bobby in the house as well. Sarah’s friendship with Britt and Willow has created friction between the two girls. I’m sure Willow just wants Sarah to herself. Will this be Queen B’s last reign as pawn?

BBCAN320-2The girls are talking in the hot tub area about needing to keep Brittnee, they need the girl number in the house. When asked about the Chop Shop Ashleigh says she has closed the Chop Shop. Little to the girls know that Bobby was lurking on the other side of the door listening to the conversation. He is now convince about an all girl alliance and runs right to Bruno. He goes to Zach with the information and Zach promises to dig in to Ashleigh. He’s confident he can control her. The girls are listening to this conversation and Ashleigh is irate at the thought of Zach thinking he can control her. The vow not to let the boy’s control their vote.

BBCAN320-3We get a sneak peek into jury house. Jordan thinks Zach is going to be joining him and can’t wait to tell him he should have used the veto on him. Was he ever shocked to see Sindy walk through those doors. She wastes no time filling him in on the drama of the house but asks if he’s figured out who voted against him. He says surely you didn’t and her smile gives it away. Jordan is in shock and awe. Why he asks, I was never coming after you? Shock turns to anger and he pushes her away. I guess it’s a good thing the jury house is huge. I hope Jordan can find a way to forgive her.

BBCAN320-4The first live vote is about to happen. They both give their speeches and I’m fully expecting Brittnee to leave based on appearance alone. The whole house  including Bobby is in athletic gear, Brittnee is dressed in a skirt. With ANOTHER unanimous vote Bobby is voted out of the BBCAN house. After a quick group hug Bobby goes out for a quick chat with Arisa. My first pre season pic and hometown boy has left the game, but we aren’t done yet  folks.

BBCAN320-5HOH is played right away, and it’s a true or false quiz based on nomination and veto ceremonies. The non couples HAVE to win this if they want to survive. Brittnee takes an early lead. Can this be happening, will Brittnee pull out another win when she needs it the most. She’s on fire in this quiz. With a perfect score Brittnee is the new HOH! Arisa sends them back to the living room and tells her she has just a few minutes to put not two but three nominees because it’s a TRIPLE EVICTION. The ripple of shock and terror goes through the house. Sarah works on Brittnee. Tells her to go through the list of who she trusts and put the least trusted on the block. Brittnee says she doesn’t trust Willow and Sarah gives her permission to put Willow up.

BBCAN320-6Back in the living room and Brittnee to make her nominations. She chooses to put up Kevin, Zach and Pilar. All three have used her as a pawn and she is trying to split up a couple. We go right into the Veto. Brittnee isn’t playing and the nominees chose Ashleigh, Sarah, and Bruno to play. In this game they need to search through their table of gears find the first 8 nominees gears. One at a time they bring them over to their work table where they need to place them in order of eviction. Once they get it in the right order their gears will spin releasing a hammer that will light up their light bulb. First one done wins power of Veto. Kevin took an early lead and Zach caught up to him. All of a sudden we see a bulb light up and its BRUNO. He comes out of nowhere and BRUNO wins POV. With no time to think he needs to make a decision. He shocks everyone and takes Zach off the block. Brittnee now must name a 4th person and she chooses Willow, who looks likes she’s going to cry.

BBCAN320-7The vote is a little different this time. You aren’t voting to evict. You vote for who you want to stay. Zach starts the vote off by keeping Willow. Sarah goes in and wants to save Willow but thinks the boys are going to save Kevin so she votes to save Pili. With the third vote by Ashleigh sealing Willow and Kevin’s fates, Bruno’s Willow vote means nothing but shows where people are aligned. Willow and Kevin are voted out of the BBCAN house on day 49. Sarah gives Willow a hug and she pushes her away and runs out the door. No looking back, no good byes. She raced out of that house. Kevin says his good byes, kisses the ground before he walks out the door. On the stage Kevin talks to Arisa and Willow is just devastated. I’m actually concerned for Willow’s mental well-being at the point! There is no HOH competition until Thursday afternoon. Who do you want to be the next HOH!

Jon and I are going to be able to talk about all the craziness of Wednesday night with  BBCAN3’s JOHNNY COLATRUGLIO this THURSDAY AT 5:30pm We’ll see how he feels about Kevy Wevy’s HOH and the dramatic triple eviction We are so excited to talk to him and get his superfan opinion on. Please note the schedule time change. You aren’t going to want to miss this show! Before then though you need to check out the amazing exit interview with Sindy and our show with Graig below. As always  all our recaps are on our BBCAN page.  We also have exit interviews every Thursday so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 


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