Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 17


Godfrey Manzwiga bonds for jury votes with Brittnee  Blair and Sindy Nguyen on BBCAN 3 episode 17Pilar has decided to ignore all of Sindy’s sound advice and but Brittnee on the block. She is apparently the perfect pawn, which doesn’t sit well with Queen B. Sindy accomplished what she wanted, to get expose Bobby as a threat though. In the bedroom Brittnee, Sindy and Godfrey all bond over what a joke this HOH is. Really Godfrey is working the second half of the game, campaigning for jury votes. None of them believe Pilars pawn speech and think its ridiculous. What  a waste of an HOH, but Sindy is not about to lay down and die. Brittnee is freaking out over being on the block again and Sarah is trying to calm her down waxing philosophical on the Big Brother game. Everyone’s a blank slate, we are nothing and everything, evil and sweet all at the same time. So dramatic! Slop really does bring out deep thoughts in Sarah!

Ashleigh Wood and Willow MacDonald hit Marsh the Moose on BBCAN3 episode 17Everyone enters the background for yet another task. I really used to like them but now it’s just too much. They are going on a road trip across Canada. In pairs they enter the tread mill car and “drive” across the country. You pick your own pairs, so this is the perfect time for Sindy to get the powers that be alone! Game continues on though and Sindy is working on Bruno. Bruno wanted to work with Sindy but she blew up his game with the revelation of the Chop Shop. She knows he won’t vote for her unless he knows they have the votes.  She needs him to work on Bobby. It’s ironic the one that she hates the most, controls her game. She is willing to have a blank slate with Bobby if Bruno can save her. Bruno is willing to talk to him but on his terms. She needs to be patient and let him work. In the backyard Pili and Sindy Nguyen gets in Zachs' ear on BBCAN3 episode 17Ashleigh get pulled over by officer Kevin. Sindy and Zach break down and are forced to spend the night together. Sindy uses this to her advantage to get into Zach’s head. He hears Sindy out and even sees her points but is it enough? In the have not room Godfrey is having fun playing with Brittnee’s head increasing her already high levels of paranoia just for entertainment. Ashleigh and Willow hit Marsha the Moose, and Godfrey wants to eat her! Willow drops a bomb on Sarah. Bobby’s veto isn’t real! They complete their task for what I don’t know. There was no house reward. Ashleigh had to ride a bike for a few hours because she did the least amount of walking though.

Willow MacDonald and Sarah Hanlon toast to the final 2 on BBCAN3 epsiode 17To show there was no hard feeling over being hit Marsha sent Willow a bottle of champagne. Willow plans to share this bottle with have not Sarah. By the pool the two girls drink their champagne and talk game. Both feel closer to each other now and Willow wants Sarah to watch out for Britt. She feels Britt will turn on them because they have gotten so close. Do you blame her Willow? The bigger question is why is Sarah not being punished for the champagne drinking. Poor Rachelle got blasted for sucking on a fuzzy peach last year! I want justice Big Brother! By the end of this date Sarah and Willow have a final 2 deal and seal it with a kiss!

We say good bye to Sindy Nguyen again on BBCAN3 episode 17It’s time for the live vote. Brittnee gives a non eventful speech, than it’s Sindy’s turn. Pleading to do whats best for your game, which ever side votes for her will get her loyalty 100%. Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears and Sindy was unanimously voted out again! There are no hugs this time, she bolts up the stairs, says goodbye to the house (not the people) and makes her way to Arisa.  She breaks down on stage which was really hard to see in person. You really just wanted to give her a hug. She tried so hard, harder than anyone in that house. Such a slap in the face to be sent home not once but twice with the likes of Pilar and Ashleigh sitting in that house. We learn it’s not the last we’ll see of her though.

bbcan317-6Moving on to the HOH challenge Sindy plays a huge part in it. Arisa will ask her questions and she needs to rate them on a scale of 1-100. The house guests then need to try to match what she thinks she’ll answer. The farthest away is eliminate each round. In the event of a tie SINDY breaks it deciding who would be HOH. First question was how real were her tears for Jordan’s eviction. She answered 62 and with an answer of 5 Godfrey is the first eliminated! We find out who wins HOH on Sunday of course! BUT we have an exciting week to look forward to. An unprecedented triple eviction! The house will be decimated this time next week!

 BBCAN 3 Johnny ColatruglioWhich THREE house guests do you want to see leave the BBCAN house this week. Jon and I are going to be live this THURSDAY AT 5PM EST recapping the show. This week we are going to be joined by BBCAN3’s JOHNNY COLATRUGLIO! We are so excited to talk to him and get his superfan opinion on this crazy triple eviction. Please note the schedule time change. You aren’t going to want to miss this show! Before then though you need to check out the amazing exit interview with Sindy and our show with Graig below. As always  all our recaps are on our BBCAN page.  We also have exit interviews every Thursday so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 


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