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It’s the moment we have all been waiting for, we spent the last week analyzing bios, drooling over house photos and NOW Big Brother Canada 3 has begun. It starts off with a futuristic intro to the house, showing us all the room and giving us little hints about what the season has in store for use. The most surprising part was The Vault. The old War Room that The Cast of Big Brother Canada 3 introduces themselves to each other on Episode 1housed, Allison, Nate and Scott has turned into a giant holding room for everything from the house guests belonging to even the furniture. We are bringing it back to basics and they have to earn everything they want back and then the room will be used when there are big moves to be made, and we, Canada hold a key in all of this. Time to bring in the house guests. Sarah, Brittnee, Jordan, Godfrey, Ashleigh and Zack Sarah Hanlon does the Anick Gervail dance for joy in the storage  room on Big Brother Canada 3 Episode 1are the first 6 to move in. I love that Sarah paid respect to Talla and went down the stair backwards. When people recognize who came before them to make their game possible is always a great thing to see! Willow, Graig, Naeha, Johnny and Bruno are the next 5 in. Greeted with hugs, for now, everyone is in awe on how amazing everything is. They are quick to give the low down on bedrooms being locked. Sarah has an Anick moment and dances excitedly around the storage room. Kind of liking Sarah more and more. The last 5 in are Pilar, Risha, Kevin, Sindy and Bobby. Of course Sindy is introducing herself as Sindy with an S. Honey no one cares. They will see your name on veto chips, challenge props and they will NEVER have to write it down. You aren’t playing Survivor, you’re playing Big Brother. You are Sindy and that is all that matters! They decide to do introductions and as they have no couch they sit down criss cross applesauce style on the floor. Again Sindy has to be annoying, when Arisa finally interrupts.

Naeha Sareen is not happy knowing her stuff is in the Vault on Big Brother Canada 3 Episode 1For the first time we see Arisa’s face on the giant BB house TV’s. She shows them where all their stuff is locked up in The Vault. Also, she informs them they will be fighting, sweating and working for EVERYTHING. Everyone seems excited and shocked except Neaha who looks downright pissed off her stuff is locked in the room. But wait…….it’s nomination time! Yup, everyone is HOH this week. One by one alphabetically they go in and nominate 2 people for eviction. The two with the highest votes are on the block. I kind of like this for week one. Have your own mind. Maybe sometime to learn names and personalities would have been nice but I’m good with this twist so far. Not shocking, Sindy with an S and Risha are put on the block. They don’t have time to be upset about it though because…………IT’S TIME FOR VETO!

Bobby Hlad, Risha Denner and Sindy Nguyen all fight for power of Veto on Big Brother Canada 3 Episode 1Players are picked and Kevin, Bobby, Naeha and Zach along with the nominees are fighting for Veto. The Veto competition is hard y’all. They have to bring 14 large puzzle pieces one at a time for a large cargo net, put together the puzzle then unlock the final piece from the safe, and put that piece in place to win Veto. The boys have no Sindy Nguyen wins the first power of Veto on Big Brother Canada 3 episode 1problems with the physical. Bobby is flying around like a monkey but the girls are having issues. at 6’1″ Risha is having the hardest time navigating the netting but she does get it done. It’s down to the puzzle. Bobby the first over the nets is failing. Kevin makes quick work of it and Sindy makes up a lot of time doing the puzzle as well. Kevin is first done and back working on his combination lock going number by number. Sindy is second over using the spy method of listening to the tumblers. GUESS WHAT? Sindy’s method is the fastest, she grabs her final piece runs back to her puzzle. Sindy with an S is the VETO WINNER! A collective sigh was heard in Canada. Arisa tells her that its time for the Veto meeting. Use the Veto and she has to name the replacement. Of course she uses it and nominates Pilar because she hasn’t spoken to her yet.

What did you think of the first Big Brother Canada 3 episode? I am excited to see what this season has in store for us! Don’t forget to join Jon and I this week on Friday at 3pmEST for our Recap of this week. After this week our show will move to Thursdays at 3pmEST on our BBCAN page. We are live streaming you the episodes every Sunday at 7pm, Monday at 8pm and Wednesdays at 9pm. I know the audio was a little wonky for the first show. We are working on it so bear with us. We are doing our best to bring you the episodes every week. We also will be having exit interviews and Finale coverage as well.  Don’t forget we are also covering Survivor, The Amazing Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hell’s Kitchen and all the Bravo shows so check out the site, new content is happening every day!


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