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For the conclusion of the Buttoned-Up HOH competition, Erica gives the players temptations. The first temptation is a pizza party, and no one budges. The second temptation is $1,000, and Paras takes it. She says in DR that she feels comfortable with either side of the house winning, so she uses her hyperhidrosis as her excuse for taking the temptation. Ali expresses in DR that she and Liv want to work with Daela since both are seen strong duos. What happened to you two working with Erica and Johnny until Final 4? They suck up to whoever is in power.

Maddy says that she needs to switch from defensive to offensive in her gameplay, and she thinks she can do it with this HOH. Ali is continuously burping from having slop gut. When Ryan is switching hands, he accidentally loses contact with his button, and is out of the competition. Johnny worries in DR that Kaela or Derek winning is worst case scenario for him because he threw their names around a lot last week, and he fears that it will get back to them. Maddy falls, and immediately bursts into tears. She is saying that this was her competition to win; Paras goes to comfort her, but it gets worse when the next temptation is announced:  safety for the week. Derek is in a lot of pain, and Kaela tells him to take it. Maddy cries even harder because safety is the one thing that would have gotten her to let go of her button. What. A. Drama. Queen. Maddy can go!

Next, Ali falls, leaving only Will, Johnny, Kaela and Olivia left. They are told that they can no longer switch hands. The next temptation is a phone call from home, and Will starts crying immediately. Kaela tells them all that they are safe, and she is HOH. Johnny and Ryan encourage Will to stay in the competition because he’ll have those people for the rest of his life and can see a video if he wins HOH. Kaela prods Will to take the call, indicating that he’ll be safe, and she gets him to drop.

Will gets a phone call from home right on the spot, and he gets to hear his son saying, “Hi, Daddy.” It’s very sweet as he speaks with his parents, and they tell him how proud they are of him. They say that everybody is watching him on the live feeds and TV cheering him on back home. He and the other houseguests get very emotional hearing Will’s family. That leaves Johnny, Kaela and Olivia in the competition.

Liv says that she doesn’t need to win it because she’s in multiple alliances, and she doesn’t want to show her cards. Johnny inadvertently switches hands, and he is out of the competition. Liv indicates to Kaela that she is waiting for another cash temptation, and that she will give her HOH if she takes her to Wendy’s. Erica announces that there will be no further temptations. Liv tells Kaela that she is going to drop but doesn’t want to make it super obvious. Kaela becomes HOH.

Kaela’s goals with HOH is to make allies question each other, to stir the pot and find out who is targeting her and Derek. After the competition, Kaela tells Liv that her, Ali and Derek are all safe. Kaela is excited to have alone time with Derek to “strategize.” As they are getting into bed, Kaela is excited that Liv, Ali and Erica told her that everyone is already freaking out. Derek tells Kaela that he’d like to see Will go home, and they discuss that the only person that he’d go home beside is Johnny.

Liv gets Wendy’s with Kaela. Kaela is trying to talk game with her, but Liv is completely focused on eating her food. As Kaela talks strategy, Liv keeps saying how good the food is, and she says in DR, “Can’t we just enjoy the food?” Big Brother had some fun with editing showing how Liv is tuning Kaela out as she tries to talk game with her.

Paras pulls Derek aside to say that she is still on board with him and Kaela, even though they’ve grown apart over the last few weeks. She has talked about getting Kaela out and taking Derek to final 2 on feeds. She tells him that they are solid, and no one expects them to be working together.

Kaela pulls Ryan into the HOH room. She tells him she wants to talk to him first before she gets bullshit from a lot of other people. At first, he didn’t want to drop names, but then he said fuck it and threw everyone under the bus that saved him last week. He explains that Maddy told him that he needed to change his targets from Liv and Ali to Derek and Kaela if he wanted to stay last week. He says that he talked about targeting them with Johnny, Will, Paras and Maddy. He says that he’s not sure if they are lying to him or to her.

In DR, Kaela says that she wants to mix some truth with some lies and then watch the chaos ensue. Kaela tells Johnny that his name is being thrown around by multiple people for wanting to target her and Derek. Johnny is upset that his name is being tossed around, but he deflects by saying that he’s been involved in conversations regarding targeting Daela, but it hasn’t been his motive. He feigns shock that people dropped his name to Kaela. Johnny asks if she is putting him on the block, and she gives him a cagey answer about not wanting to make empty promises. Johnny says that this conversation makes him feel panicky…exactly what Kaela wanted.

Kaela backtracks on her promise to Will during the HOH; she tells him that people are throwing his name around as having been on board to target her and Derek. Will gets super-pissed and leaves the HOH room. He goes into the red room and goes off on people in there for having dropped his name to Kaela. Kaela sits back and laughs at how pissed she made Will. She looks like a royal fucking bitch. Will also accuses Ryan of dropping his name. Ryan says it wasn’t him.

Kaela and Derek talk to Maddy, saying that she spearheaded the effort to get her and Derek out this week, and they tell her that she is going on the block. They point out that there has never been any trust built between the two of them and her. She starts crying. Again. After leaving the HOH room, she goes to Paras still crying and tells her that she is going on the block, but she isn’t sure who else is. She tells Paras that she’s about to see a side of her that she hasn’t seen before, and she will not be evicted this week. Since Maddy is spinning out of control, Paras takes matters into her own hands.

Paras goes to Kaela and Derek and lies to them, saying that Ryan was the ring-leader of trying to get people to target them. She tells them that they can make Maddy their puppy for the rest of the game if they don’t put her on the block. Kaela says in DR that she doesn’t know who to believe because they all have different stories. Her goal with this HOH was getting people to question their loyalty to one another and finding out who’s targeting her and Derek. She succeeded in that regard, but she is also the biggest bitch of the season with the amount of HOHitis. She’s sociopathic. While it did make for some #TeamFunFeeds, Kaela didn’t do herself any favors by being so cut throat.

On Kaela’s short list are Ryan, Will, Johnny and Maddy. She says Ryan has been her target since week 2, and he’s the strongest game player in the house. People think he’s just a floater, but she knows he’s a lot more. She says that Johnny has a strong social game and is good with everyone. Plus, she heard he’s been plotting against her and Derek. Maddy may have been the ring leader in the plot against Daela, so Kaela doesn’t trust her; she has to go. Will has a strong social game and makes a lot of promises that he can’t keep. Kaela, you just promised him safety, so he could get a phone call from his son during the HOH comp; you break promises, too.

In the end, she nominates Will and Ryan. She tells Will that he is only a pawn, and she doesn’t want him to go home this week. She tells Ryan that he is condescending, manipulative and a liar. Ryan says that Kaela is going to watch this back and regret nominating him. Will is pissed because Kaela broke her promise to keep him safe if he took the phone call from home.

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