BBCAN6 Episode 11 Recap Blog—Double Eviction


After Erica lit the dumpster on fire by putting Veronica up as a backdoor target, the house is full of drama. Veronica is telling Paras that she will be loyal to whoever keeps her in the house. Paras tells her that she needs to keep Veronica to take a shot at Erica. Johnny comes in to check on Veronica, and she tells him that this means war. Obviously, Johnny doesn’t like hearing that after he and Erica have stated that they should take each other to final 2 to be the first gay duo in BBCAN history.

Maddy is wearing the veto necklace and is super grateful that Erica took her off the block. Para talks to Maddy, telling her that they need to act very carefully this week and keep Veronica in the house so that she can take a shot at Erica for them. Maddy isn’t completely certain that it’s the right move to take because she’s not sure that Veronica is on her side. (Not to mention that Maddy promised Erica that she would vote for whoever was the replacement nominee.)

Hamza goes to Erica to tell her how surprised and proud he is of her for taking a big shot. He says people must respect her game. He crowns her a queen. He loves that she caused drama with the backdoor of Veronica. He promises to have her back until the end of the game. Maddy is in the bathroom wearing the veto necklace, thinking that she talked Erica into saving her this week. Um, no. She just let you think that. Veronica was the plan all along if you keep up with the feeds.

Cassandra is back to host a challenge. The guys must makeover the girls in 80’s styled hair. She tells the houseguests that the best hairstyle will win $2K from Loreal haircare. Once the girls head upstairs, Cass lets the guys know that the winner of the competition is the worst 80’s hairstyle, and they can’t tell the women. The guys tease the women’s tresses, leaving them looking like a scene from a prom that John Hughes would’ve dream up for the Brat Pack.

The women put on a fashion show, and Cass lets them in on gag, that the one of them that looks the worst is the winner. Cass chooses the team of Veronica and Johnny. They win the cash and a dinner for two, plus the $2K. Erica serves them dinner. Johnny tells Veronica what a badass she is, from fighting the way that she came in late to proving she is a comp beast. They toast to Veronica’s favorite thing: herself.

Hamza decides that he needs to stir up the house, so he encourages Veronica to call a house meeting and call out all the fake people in the house. She goes off on the entire house. She says that people are being fake to her, and she is a good decision for those that vote to keep her. She says that now is the time to prove that she can be trusted. She says that they can use her as a shield.

Afterwards, Paras says that was entertaining and that they should keep Veronica. Paras tells Maddy that they should keep Veronica because she’ll go after Erica for them. Paras says that they can weaponize her. Maddy asks if Veronica is really with them, and Paras says she is, for now. Veronica and Paras talk, and Veronica is fired up. Paras tells her that she needs her to take out Erica. Johnny comes in to check on her, and she tells him that this means war. Since Johnny is aligned with Erica, Veronica just sealed her fate, even though Johnny and Veronica share a deep personal connection.

Time for the first eviction…Merron gives a generic speech. Veronica lights up the house with hers. She says that the house is full of sheep, and she is the big bad wolf. She’s pretty sure that she is going home tonight, but as she is watching from home, she’ll be saying “Baaah, bitches.” It’s epic, even though I can’t stand PLUR and will be happy when The Veronica Show is cancelled. Luckily, I won’t have to wait long for that. All the houseguests except Will vote to evict her. Arisa asks her if she regrets casting the rogue vote last week. Veronica says that she doesn’t because everyone is playing summer camp, and she wanted to break it up.  She doesn’t even get to see any goodbye messages. Yay! The psycho is out of the house. Arisa informs the houseguests that tonight is a double eviction, which many of them already suspected.

The 123 HOH competition is elimination style with the correct answers being either 1, 2 or 3 with questions relating to things that have happened so far this season.  The first person to ring in with the correct answer gets to choose the next 2 players to compete. If the first person to ring in gets the answer wrong, they are eliminated, and their opponent chooses the next 2 to face off. First up, Olivia eliminates Ali. Olivia has Merron and Ryan face off. Ryan wins. This goes on with the newly formed alliance of 6 choosing Ryan to face off multiple times and Ryan and his allies selecting Olivia multiple times. In the end, Olivia and Ryan face off and Olivia wins the HOH competition.

Ali pulls Liv into the pantry to talk, and initially Liv is going to put up Maddy and Merron. Johnny comes in and tells Liv not to fuck him over by putting Maddy up. She says that she will nominate Ryan and Merron with the option of backdooring Hamza if either of them comes off the block.

Olivia follows through and nominates Ryan and Merron. For the POV competition, the players are Olivia, Ryan, Merron, Paras, Ali and Hamza.

The POV competition is Big Brother Pin Ball. The houseguests have 2 balls and 5 targets to knock down. The comp lasts about 2 minutes. A couple of the players hit their targets and their balls flew off the table without knocking the targets down. I wonder if this was a technical difficulty. In a photo finish, Ryan wins the POV. Afterwards, Merron approaches Olivia and asks her to please not put Hamza up as the replacement nominee. She tells him that she’s still deciding between three people.

At the POV ceremony, obviously Ryan uses the veto on himself. Olivia then names Hamza the replacement nominee. Both Merron and Hamza get emotional in their speeches. Merron says that he can’t campaign against his boy. Hamza says he can’t campaign against Merron either. He tells them that if they want to keep him, cool. Or they can send him home through the backdoor.

For the second eviction, almost all the houseguests are shedding tears. Erica is the only one to vote for Hamza to stay, and he is evicted. Arisa tells him that Erica was the vote for him to stay. He is emotional, saying that he made some real relationships in the house with Erica and Merron. Arisa asks him who he wants to win the whole thing, and his answers are the same, either Erica or Merron.

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