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After the debacle of last week’s HOH ending so quickly on live feeds, BB didn’t make an official announcement that the HOH would be on feeds, but it was rumored to be to make it up to live feeders and specifically the new subscribers they got. Well, that went to shit because there were multiple technical problems with the candy props that served as obstacles on the way to making a perfect shot. The candy props would knock balls into slots, giving the houseguests a numerical score. They could keep their score if they thought it was high enough or continue to try and make a perfect shot. Due to the technical problems, the HOH comp wasn’t shown on the feeds. Good thing that BB didn’t promise it or give a scrolling message on feeds. According to my sources, there were 3 different technical problems that caused them to stop gameplay while the props were fixed. In the end, Angela won the HOH. Angela and Tyler previously agreed that they didn’t want to win HOH because they were protected on all sides because of their “deal” with Fessy and Haleigh their plus safety with Level 6, Sam and JC. Kaycee scored a 35, but Angela scored higher. Sam walked around giving her tokens to each player, openly asking for safety during the competition.

Angela and Level 6 discussed the plan for this week as the house speculated that this week would be a double eviction. Fessy and Haleigh were the planned nominees. Fessy and Haleigh both drove Angela nuts with multiple campaigns to keep Haleigh off the block as the pawn next to Sam. Fessy kept bragging about what a great HOH he was, setting her up perfectly to take Sam out this week. Angela told them that Haleigh had to go up because it wouldn’t make sense for her not to nominate her after Haleigh put up her and Kaycee. At the nomination ceremony, Angela called out the deal that Fessy and Haleigh tried to make with her last week and put them both on the block.

For the Veto, at the draw, Haleigh got Houseguest’s Choice and Fessy told her to pick Sam, even though Sam HATES Haleigh and tried to get her backdoored last week. Haleigh complied, and the veto seemed stacked in Fessy’s favor with the players being Angela, Fessy, Haleigh, JC, Kaycee and Sam. After the draw, Angela pointed out to Haleigh that she shouldn’t have listened to Fessy because he is her actual target this week, and Haleigh is going to be safest sitting on the block Thursday sitting next to him. The POV involved slime, squid and catching balls; it’s a new competition. Whoever caught the most balls won. Fessy caught 32 and Kaycee won by catching 33. Who’s the best football player now? Suck it, Fessy! Kaycee won’t change the noms at the POV meeting.

While it’s been the most on the DL showmances ever, Tyler and Angela have been getting closer. After the POV competition and after everyone was snug in their beds, Tyler and Angela were snuggling in the HOH room. Tyler asked Angela on a date after the show, pointing out that he has a trip to Hawaii. She accepted, but neither of them wants to be a ‘showmance.’

Meanwhile, JC starts freaking the fuck out that Tyler isn’t in bed yet. He wakes Brett up at 3 a.m., pulls him into the storage room and tells him that they need to go up to the HOH room to interrupt whatever is going on up there. Brett is against it, but JC eventually talks him into it. Tyler and Angela see JC coming and separate quickly before he walks in the room after ringing the doorbell continuously. That was at 3 a.m. #Cockblockers

The house target is Fessy, so expect to see him walk out the door on Thursday. Reliable sources hint that the battle back competition will be the spinning disc comp with obstacles that bump into them. Who will re-enter the game? Will they be able to stop Level 6’s trajectory in the game?

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