BB20 Week 6 Live Feed Spoilers Blog Part 2


So, the fireworks I was expecting post veto were essentially duds. #TeamDudFeeds, but I promised you Part 2 of Spoilers, and I’m delivering because there are some interesting moments.

After the POV meeting, Bayleigh is pissed, Haleigh feels guilty and Level 6 plus Sam and JC are thrilled. However, Angela locks herself in the HOH room and refuses to speak with Bayleigh until she calms down. She will only be repeating her speech to Bayleigh at this point, except she forgot to include the swearing on the Bible and bullying Scottie. Instead, she vows to wait until tomorrow and to only speak with her in front of people so that she’s not fed any BS like she has been since Bayleigh planted herself in the HOH room since she won veto.

Tyler is indeed vetoed off the block, and Angela’s speech at the veto meeting was apparently the main drama of the day. She set fire to Haleigh’s Hacker Power, blowing it up in her face. Haleigh keeps a stiff upper lip, pretending she still doesn’t know who the hacker is, but BB keeps zooming in on her face she looks guilty as hell. After the Veto meeting, Tyler said something to Bayleigh before feeds came back about knowing he was her backdoor target last week and the hacker exposed that. She calls this Tyler ‘yelling,’ but it’s got to be better than the way she spoke to people when she had HOHbitchitis, which you can read my opinion of in my Episode 15 blog. Not a Bayleigh fan.

Tyler and Sam promise to save a confused Rockstar after the POV meeting and are allowed in the HOH room. Angela tells Sam she’s been having to be fake for the last 2 days to Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh, explaining how the 3 of them kept bringing her food, camped out in her HOH room, kissed her goodnight, encouraged her to break her word to Tyler and Scottie and tried to start another all-girl alliance excluding Sam. She goes on to explain to Sam how Scottie has been bullied by the other side of the house, constantly blamed for the rogue votes and asked to swear on the Bible by Bayleigh. This really pisses Sam off as Angela explains Scottie crying to her and Tyler after the veto comp.

Bayleigh tries twice to get into the HOH room to speak with Angela, but she’s locked the door and tells Bayleigh she doesn’t want to talk right now. So Bayleigh is left to vent and question others:

Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she doesn’t want to stay with “you crazy-ass white people” anymore. Betting TMZ won’t run with that story. Admittedly, this isn’t as offensive as previous incidents of racist and discriminatory words that have been used this season. Bayleigh used the ‘m-word’ repeatedly during a frank conversation with JC when he used the ‘n-word’ to contextually explain how offensive the ‘m-word’ is to short and little people.

Bayleigh asks Scottie about if he’s the hacker. She at least doesn’t ask him to swear on the Bible this time or tell him that she will gut him if he is lying to her. He tells her it wasn’t him. He tells her that whoever it was tried to frame him, but he didn’t win the Hacker comp.

Bayleigh then goes to Sam, starts bawling about not being the hacker and asks her if she’s the hacker. Sam tells her no, and she has no idea what’s going on right now. Bayleigh continues to vent to her even though Sunday, she was a complete bitch to Sam, got up from a conversation they were having and told her to “quit looking at me.” Sam is the picture of grace.

Rockstar starts trying to piece together how the other side works. She is talking to Scottie, trying to pick his brain. She thinks Tyler is their comp beast shield (which Scottie can surmise he is for Rockstar’s side), and she thinks that Brett and Sam are the brains behind the operation with Sam as the likely ‘mastermind.’ She thinks they should be the targets for them next week whether she or Bayleigh stay this week. Note that Scottie’s hands are over his mouth, probably trying to stifle laughter. She is so fucking off base…Sam, the mastermind of Level 6, an alliance she’s not officially part of. LMAO.

Rockstar and Bayleigh talk, and Bayleigh says that she wanted to be the first black winner of BB. Rockstar says that she doesn’t like any of these people besides her and Haleigh, referring to them as a bunch of rich white kids. Wish she could see Baleigh’s parents house!! Afterwards, Rockstar thinks she should possibly sacrifice her game to make a larger social statement, but she is also thinking about the opportunities she could give her kids. She is thinking about what she could do to tank her game. Fessie doesn’t discourage her since he and Hayleigh want to save Bayleigh this week. Sam talks to Rockstar afterwards, and Sam tells her that this is not the platform for her to use to make a social statement. Really, it’s not her choice. Period. She can just talk about it in the DR to make a social statement and keep fighting for her family. Level 6 is sending Bayleigh and her power home on Thursday no matter what Rockstar does, but we may get some #TeamFunFeeds from Rockstar’s crazy ass this week.

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