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In DR, Jason says that there is not a backdoor option this week even though they’ve led Matt and Raven to believe that there is. Dumbass Jason hugs Raven and says that he’ll take her down from the block. For once, Raven isn’t lying when she tells Matt and Paul what Jason said. (Mark is in jury—Jason is the new dumbass of the cast.) Raven says in DR that it’s nerve racking to be on the block next to Matt, and she doesn’t want to be there on Thursday. Raven and Paul discuss the speech that Jason gave, and say it was unexpected. Raven tells Paul that Jason said he would pull her off the block when he hugged her after nominations.

In DR, Paul says that he knows the plan for this week because he’s positioned himself in such a way that he knows all the angles of everyone’s games. Yes, Paul’s game this season is impressive. Being the only vet could’ve sent him out week 1, but he established himself as an advisor to the other houseguests. They still see him as #Friendship, #Pissed and totally loyal to Victor. We see through his DRs that he came to PLAY this time around, no longer a recruit that doesn’t know the game. He’s a strategist, and it appears that he did his homework before coming back this season. Now, the flip-side—he’s not the fan favorite he was last year; in fact, even alumni complain on Twitter about his control of the game. The question is if they could control the game as the only vet on a season of newbies. I digress. Back to recapping.

Jason is a horrible liar. You can see it on his face. After he’s been talking shit about Kevin with other houseguests, he and Kevin are talking in the APSR. Kevin says if either Raven and Matt win veto, they send the other home. Jason about slips up when he says, “You never know.” Then, he recovers and says, “Well, yeah.” Everyone is questioning Kevin in the game. (Kevin and Alex don’t like each other. Alex and Jason are each other’s ride or die, in case you’ve missed them saying it CONSTANTLY.) Jason says in DR that people aren’t trusting Kevin, and it’s a tough position to be in.Raven says to Matt that Jason and Alex will pull 1 of them off the block. If she wins veto, she’ll pull herself off, and if he wins he should pull himself off the block. Matt says that he will use the veto on her. She protests, but not very much.

Kevin is brushing his teeth. He takes the toothbrush out of his mouth then brushes his hair with it. He makes Zoolander Blue Steel duck lip expressions as he stares at himself in the mirror; it’s like he’s stroking his ego while brushing his hair with his toothbrush. Then he goes back to brushing his teeth. Nasty. Meanwhile, Alex and Jason are making fun of how he does duck lips while staring in the mirror. Alex says she thinks Kevin thinks he looks good while making these faces. NOPE!

Alex tells Jason that no one hates Kevin; they just don’t like him. Jason asks if he’s the only one that does? Alex tells him that Kevin is mean to her, Paul and Josh. He side-eyes everyone. Alex says that the original plan was to send one of the showmance this week but because Kevin is on her nerves, she wouldn’t mind him going out first. Alex says in DR that one thing Jason can’t stand is meanness and maliciousness in the game, so she is trying to get Jason to see how dangerous Kevin is for his game. Alex tells Jason that his mannerisms and saying he wants bottled water instead of pictures and a letter from his family; she says that Jason would say he wants to hear from Holly first. In DR, Jason says he is taking all this in and is not sure what Alex is trying to say—is she trying to bait him into something. Dumbass—she told you flat out that she wouldn’t mind Kevin going out before 1 of the remaining showmance. She said, “Put him up, one and done.” Although Jason sees all the things Alex is pointing out to him about Kevin, he is expressing doubt in Alex for the first time in the game.

The POV players are: Jason, Matt, Raven, Josh, Paul and Kevin. Paul and Josh discuss gunning for the POV so they don’t end up on the block. Josh tells Paul that he only trusts Christmas and Paul. Paul tells Jason that they should gun for the veto and then put up Kevin as the replacement nominee to make things run smoothly this week and says it will put Kevin on his toes. Alex concurs. Jason says in DR that now that he is picturing putting Kevin on the block, he needs to win the veto to decide how to execute this deal.

The POV is Hide and Go Veto Pool Party with the houseguests getting cool new pool toys. Paul gets Pablo’s cousin, Trejo so expect to see him wear it for the rest of the season. Christmas is the host. Each player is in a cabana with headphones, unable to speak to the other players and has 3 minutes to hide their veto card. Raven hides hers in the couch cushion in the Rose bedroom. Matt hides his in the arm rest of the APSR. He is then shown eating his 725th bowl of cereal—the poor intern that had to count that! (That’s probably going to be a question in an HOH, perhaps More or Less is coming soon.) Kevin hides his veto card in a pillow in the Have Not room. Jason pulls his groin getting up to hide his veto and Alex says, “His hot dog has been split.” (Alex and hot dogs this season…mark my words, she will be doing something with wieners on her BB Comic.) Jason hides his veto in the Living Room couch cushion. Josh hides his in the freezer where he thinks it’ll be ‘real chill.’ Paul hides his veto inside of a shirt, wrapped in another shirt and hanging inside of his jacket in the closet.

The players go into the house to search for veto cards in increments of 2 minutes. They all have multiple turns, finding nothing. Kevin is the last player to go inside and is pissed and disappointed in these people because all his clothes are tossed in the floor. Jason finds Josh’s veto in the freezer, and says that whoever hid it had a ‘brain freeze.’ BB—these puns are wearing me out! Josh finds a condom stash beside Matt and Raven’s bed. His face in the DR…HILARIOUS. Kevin sees them, too and is grossed out. Jason feels naked without his cowboy hat, so he puts it on so he can #CowboyUp and win this veto. Raven finds Matt and Kevin’s veto cards. Matt finds Paul’s veto card, and Jason finds Raven’s, leaving Jason with all the power this week as he wins the POV when no one found his veto card. Raven believes that Jason will be true to his word and put Kevin up after removing her from the block as promised. The house is completely trashed when the houseguests come inside. Veto players feel dumb when they can see the outline of Jason’s veto card showing in the couch cushion.

Jason says he has a huge decision to make about what to do with nominations. Alex and Paul want Jason to put Kevin up, but they will still send Matt out. Jason talks to Kevin in his ding-dong-clown-song way. Jason tells Kevin that he told Raven he’d use the veto on her and wants to put Kevin up as a pawn. Kevin is NOT up for being a pawn. He hasn’t done ANYTHING to help his ‘team.’ It’s the least he could do if he trusts the people working with him. Jason points out that he has yet to go on the block. Kevin guilt trips him about sleeping next to him and being 1 of his best friends in the house. Kevin says in DR that someone is putting that bug in Jason’s ear (Alex). Kevin says, “Don’t put me up. Fuck that.” Jason says that Kevin is his pal and if he’s not comfortable going up, Jason will just have to deal with the blow back from Raven and Matt.

Alex and Paul are PISSED that Kevin won’t go up and probably even more so that Jason told Kevin about going up as a pawn outside of their presence when they could’ve sold it to Kevin. Jason tells Alex and Paul in front of Kevin that he is going to leave nominations the same and send Matt to jury. Jason has a gut feeling that Alex and Paul would swap the vote to Kevin “because they were looking at each other” while he was telling them. They’re looking at each other because they know that Kevin manipulated Jason, and they can’t tell him that in front of fucking Kevin. In DR, Alex says that as HOH, you don’t let someone tell you they aren’t going on the block. She says that they are going to have to deal with attitude problems from Matt and Raven all week. Alex did want the option of sending Kevin out, but Paul, Josh and Christmas wouldn’t agree to vote him out since Kevin is part of their ideal Top 5. Meanwhile, Matt and Raven discuss that Matt has gone up as a pawn twice for Jason and once for Alex. He believes Jason’s word is good, but he’s going to do what he wants. Raven says if he doesn’t use the veto, she’ll call him a fucking liar to the whole house.

Alex is pissed at Jason. He’s been loose-lipped with Kevin and now he’s going rogue. Christmas, Alex and Paul explain to him that he’s going to lose 2 jury votes if he makes it to final 2, but Jason is a hard-headed #Dumbass. Paul joins Christmas and Alex in encouraging Jason to keep his word to Raven, but Paul relents saying, “It’s your HOH and your veto to do what you want.” In DR, Alex says she’s trying to make him understand that missing out on those jury votes will cost him his chance at $500K. Alex says that she’ll tell Matt and Raven that she wasn’t part of the decision. Jason realizes that Alex, Paul, Christmas, Matt and Raven will be pissed if he doesn’t use the veto and only Kevin will be pissed if he uses it. 5 people verses 1. Jason you’re an idiot if you don’t go with the numbers, and you will regret this decision.

At the POV meeting, Raven says that she trusts Jason 110% and Matt says to use the veto on Raven. Jason tells them that he comes back to his core beliefs in high intensity situations. He decides not to use the POV. Raven exclaims, “Are you kidding me?” On feeds, Jason goes into the storage room and hides from Matt and Raven for about 20 minutes. At least have a backbone and face the music. Raven is sobbing in the DR saying that a cowboy doesn’t go back on his word, so Jason can shove his word up his ass. Matt says he is pissed after Jason made the house think things were going one way, and he went the other way. Matt continues, “Jason is playing a dirty game, and I have zero respect for him.”

Alex says, “O M G, Jason, did you just literally do exactly what I told you not to do? Now, Matt and Raven are going to be mad at us, you dumb Rodeo Clown. Maybe next time you’ll listen to me.” Oh, Alex. You sound like a condescending brat in this DR. You may be ‘ride or die’ with Jason but that doesn’t mean you control him. Yes, Jason fucked up royally with the way he handled his HOH, but it was his choice not to put Kevin on the block. He probably hurt Alex’s game, too because they’ve announced that they are ride or die repeatedly. Alex should be happy he lost 2 jury votes if she makes it to final 2 with him. Yes, he’s a clown. He’s a dumbass when it comes to Kevin and most aspects of the game. You’ve known he’s literally a clown all season long.

Paul says in DR that Jason just sealed his fate by not using the veto on Raven. Paul says that chaos is about to erupt. Jason hides in the storage room for 20 minutes after the POV meeting on feeds ‘fighting’ with Alex. Jason, Jason, Jason. You have courage to face bulls, but not Raven and Matt. Sack up, butter cup. Raven is going to lose her shit, and we’ll see it on the next episode. Someone else loses their shit. Twice. This is a recap so I won’t spoil it for you…unless you want to know…

Spoiler alert. Stop here if you don’t want to know live feed spoilers.

Last chance…


Kevin loses it, and it was so bad that they cut the feeds. Twice. First, Josh and Kevin get into it, and Kevin raises his glass in a threatening manner toward Josh. Next, the whole house goes off on him after he tells Matt he won the first comp. The $25K secret is out of the bag.


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