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Jessica is super excited that Cody is back in the house. She immediately takes him to the APSR to make out and discuss the game. She tells him that Kevin and Jason have been so good to her. She tells him about the Halting Hex temptation. She says that Christmas, Paul, Alex and Josh all must go. Cody says that he came in and made a maverick move without discussing it with her, and now they are a team. They need to play by her rules because she has made great strides in repairing relationships with everyone in the house. Basically, she’s telling him that he’s the muscle, and she is the brains, strategy and social game. While her game improved exponentially when Cody left, she is still a big target for being argumentative and sexually aggressive toward male houseguests after Cody’s eviction by sneaking on them to stick her finger in their ass. Plus, no one trusts her. She gives him some heartless and untrue information about Christmas, saying that when she came back from her surgery she was a bossy diva. BS, Jessica. You’re a compulsive liar.

While those 2 are cozying up in the ASPR, everyone else is meeting in the bedroom prior to the HOH comp. Paul apologizes for not keeping Cody out of the house; everyone realizes that he tried his best. Christmas says in DR that Cody and Jessica are a super-threat. Elena tells the group that this time around, Cody’s going to try and re-insert himself into the house and be more social. Everyone encourages Josh to talk shit to Cody and Jessica during the HOH comp. He doesn’t want to at first, but then gets excited to call out #MrAndMrsMeatball. Paul points out that it’s literally 10 verses 2.

The HOH Competition is “What’s the Holdup?” Alex hosts as a traffic cop complete with a billy club. Houseguests must hold red disks in a stop light with what looks like a Mickey Mouse glove with a flimsy tube attached to it. Jessica wants to win the HOH to postpone using her temptation. Each houseguest that falls doles out a punishment to 1 of the remaining contestants. Kevin falls :17. Cut to Mark in DR saying, “Kevin, we’re not even a minute in…” And Mark falls at :25. (Great edit, BB!) Paul drops at :56. These 3 all dole out their punishments on Cody. First, Kevin’s is trash being dumped on him. Next, a chubby guy with road rage yells at Cody because he’s late to his yoga class. Cody says in DR that he’s been screamed at a lot as a Marine, so this doesn’t bother him. Next, a Road Crew comes out and dumps concrete on Cody. Jason drops at 2:00 and punishes Jessica; a graffiti artist spray paints on Jessica’s back. Elena drops at 4:00; she punishes Cody in the form of a hot dog vendor that squirts ketchup and mustard on Cody then throws some relish on him. Josh says in DR to grab some mozzarella cheese to throw on this meatball. Matt falls at 5:00 and punishes Cody with more trash being dumped on him. Raven drops at 17:00, and the yoga guy screams at Cody again. Everyone is laughing at this guy, except Cody and Jessica. All these punishments are fueling their fire.

Josh drops at 38:00. Cody responds with, “How about that? How about that?” This causes Josh to go completely ham. He gives Jessica the punishment, which is the road crew pouring black tar goop on/ her back. He yells at Cody: “Look at your girl. They’re pouring goo all over her. Why don’t you protect her? Josh continues calling them meatballs and is singing a meatball song to the tune of circus music. Cody’s stare is sociopathic, yet he says in DR that he’s tuned Josh out because he’s psychopathic. It’s only Christmas, Cody, Jessica and Ramses left in the competition. Jessica tells Christmas that she is not their target. Cody says, “Same.” Christmas simply thanks them. Cody drops at 1 hour 24 minutes. He punishes Ramses, who gets the graffiti artist that ‘tags that ass.’ Good one, BB! Ramses drops at 1 hour and 49 minutes. He punishes Jessica, who gets the hot dog vendor’s ketchup, mustard and relish thrown on her.

At 2 hours and 22 minutes, BB shows that the sun is coming up. Christmas drops at 2 hours and 52 minutes. How impressive is it that she outlasted everyone else that was against Jessica and Cody? The girl is 1 week out from major surgery to put screws and pins in her foot. Jessica and Christmas kiss each other’s cheeks after the competition because Jess is covered in tar and condiments. Jessica breaks down after winning HOH because her dad got her hooked on BB, and he passed away 3 years ago to the day. Christmas is upset for whoever goes home this week because it was down to her to win it, and she fell short. Oh, girl—you don’t even know the mad respect people have for you after that comp. Everyone failed themselves, not the other way around.

Paul says in DR, “How’d we mess this up? Now I got to do a whole bunch of work to make sure I don’t go on the block.” Kevin says, “You know who they’re putting up Josh and Josh. Twice.” I love Kevin. He has a good shot at making it far in the game if keeps entertaining the houseguests, viewers and producers, which is how you win Big Brother. He needs to show some strategy, which I hope to see once they get to jury. I hope BB brings on more older players instead of 20-somethings looking for romance. As Paul said last year, Fuck Showmances!

Now Josh knows he’s going on the block. Christmas tells him that was great shit talking. Now you have POV and we’ll figure it out. Josh goes to speak to Jessica. She tells him to wait outside the HOH room. When Cody comes in, Jessica tells him that Josh is outside waiting to talk to her. Cody tells Josh that Jess doesn’t have time to talk to him. Josh says, “She doesn’t want to talk?” Cody says, “No, neither of us want to talk to you. Josh says, “Private Meatball and her commanding officer don’t want to talk to me.” Good one, Josh! He knows he’s going up; he just hopes for a bigger target than himself.

Raven doesn’t trust Jessica or Cody. She and Matt go to talk to them. Jessica tells them that she has worked hard to mend fences and she hasn’t broken any promises. Um, yes, you did. You campaigned against Christmas. Mark and Elena go to speak with Cody and Jessica. Mark says he wants to go back to their original plan. Mark tells Cody that however it happened, he’s happy to have his friend back. Elena says in DR that Cody and Jess tarnished any game relationship, but she’s going to play nice right now. Cody says in DR that he trusts Mark the least in the game. Mark lays it on way too thick, saying this interaction (between the 4 of them) feels so right. It’s so easy to see straight through his disingenuous BS. Neither Jess nor Cody trust Mark on a game level because he’s going to always take the safest route. In other words, Mark is “Flip Flop Floaterville.” (Thanks to BBCAN5’s Karen Singbell @karensreal for coining that gem.)

Paul and Cody talk and they both pretend to each other to squash their beef. Paul says he only fired shots at Cody because he fired at him first. Cody says that Paul made the right move. Now they are even, it’s a new game, yada, yada. Meanwhile in DR, they both are admitting to pretending fences are mended, and it’s all a show. Cody tells Paul that they could go very far working together, that he’s disconnected from so many people for their disloyalty and is now willing to play against them.

Another reason to love Kevin: he wraps his waist in saran wrap to sweat it off while he sleeps to stay in shape. He says, “Cling wrap at night will help you stay tight.” Paul laughs at him and tells him that he’s squishing his organs together. He feels like Kevin just showed him an infomercial for a product that definitely doesn’t work.

As time for nominations approaches, Jessica knows she wants to target Josh. Cody suggests putting Ramses up because he doesn’t have many allies left, but everyone likes him compared with Josh. (Nope. They think Ramses is a snake, but you two don’t know that because you isolated yourselves for almost 2 weeks.) Jess says she can’t get the head of the snake (Paul) but she can get the ass (Josh). Jessica nominates Josh and Ramses. She tells Ramses he’s just a pawn. Jess says that Josh has played a dirty and disgusting game, and “I can’t think of a better person to take you out than me. You don’t deserve to be here.” Josh cries in DR, saying he does deserve to be there. Jessica, you’re the dirty, disgusting player having sex multiple times on camera, compulsively lying and being trashbag.

Please note that Jessica hasn’t asked anyone where their votes will lie, which is the same mistake her boyfriend made during his HOH. Wonder if the ‘snake’s ass’ will bite Jessica before the week is done?


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