Did you catch that HUGE FIGHT on the feeds yesterday?  What about the latest twist Julie dropped on the house?  Did you see who the hot new showmance is?   No, well then good thing we are here for you this Big Brother 18 season!  Below you will find our list for what we think are thee most “flashback worthy” events of the season.  So make sure you check back often because this will be constantly updated all season!



September 7, 12:18am (CAM 3/4) WALL SHOUTER to Nat/James/Paul/Victor WATCH HERE!
September 6, 6:25pm (CAM 1/2) Corey talk F2 and betraying Vic/Paul. WATCH HERE!
September 5, 11:15p, (CAM 1/2) Cory and Nicole wanna take James to F3. WATCH HERE!
September 5, 5:39pm (CAM 3/4) James/Nat argument in BY.  WATCH HERE!
September 5, 1:54am (CAM 1/2) Nat tells James not to talk to her again! WATCH HERE!
September 4, 1:00pm (CAM 1/2) James & Corey love gay clubs! WATCH HERE!
September 4, 5:08pm (CAM 1/2) Corey is mad at Nicole. WATCH HERE!
September 4, 4:45pm (CAM 1/2) Nicole cries over her TRUE COLORS. WATCH HERE!
September 3, 10:01pm (CAM 1/2) Nat tells Vic/Paul noms were James. WATCH HERE!
August 31, 8:59pm (CAM 3/4) 5k bribe given to Victor! WATCH HERE!
August 31, 4:27pm (CAM 1/2) Nicole talks people who hurt animals w/ Corey! WATCH HERE!
August 31, 4:22pm (CAM 1/2) Nat and James… the honeymoon is over! WATCH HERE!
August 29, 8:06pm (CAM 1/2) Corey tells Vic hes just not into Nicole! WATCH HERE!
August 26, 12:40pm (CAM 3/4)  Corey can now use it in next HOH comp…  WATCH HERE!
August 25, 7:05pm (CAM 3/4) Z/Davonne hold hands and jump off the wall.  WATCH HERE!
August 24, 7:09am (CAM 1/2) Friendship Time with Paul.  WATCH HERE!
August 23 6:51pm (CAM 3/4) Vic/Paul talk about the game & show.  WATCH HERE!
August 21, 2:12am(Cam 3/4) Victor talks to live feeders. WATCH HERE!
August 20, 12:12am (CAM 3/4) Paul calls out Nicole while Corey strips! WATCH HERE!
August 19, 1:50pm (CAM 3/4) Nat claims their is DR manipulation.  WATCH HERE!
August 19, 7:16pm (CAM 3/4)  Paul calls out Nat for noms!  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 10:38pm (CAM 3/4) Paulie swears on his dying family…  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 12:13pm (CAM 1/2) Paulie is playing for dying family members.  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 8:19pm (CAM 3/4) Paulie refuses to make pie (his punishment).  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 5:44pm (CAM 1/2) Friendship talk with Paul.  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 3:02am (CAM 3/4) Paul talks about his Dad.  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 12:02pm (CAM 1/2) Paulie pleading / victor to use veto on Corey.  WATCH HERE!
August 14, 1:36am (CAM 1/2) Paulie tries align w/ Mieech & #10 envelope. WATCH HERE!
August 13, 10:52pm (QUAD) Paul exits DR in his Secret Service outfit! WATCH HERE!
August 13, 10:05pm (CAM 1/2) Paulie says Zakiyah could have saved him. WATCH HERE!
August 13, 9:34am (QUAD) Kitchen house fight before POV. WATCH HERE!
August 12, 6:44pm (CAM 1/2) Paulie/Michelle argument. WATCH HERE!
August 12, 6:19pm (QUAD) Feeds return after noms & FIGHT! WATCH HERE!
August 11, 7:18pm (CAM 1/2) Nic/Meech arguing over “snake” comment. WATCH HERE!
August 11, 2:56am (CAM 1/2) Vic/Nat talk about her goodbye message.  WATCH HERE!
August 11, 2:46am (CAM 1/2) Bridgette talking to the cameras.  WATCH HERE!
August 11, 4:14am (CAM 1/2) Meesh calls out Paulie in the kitchen.  WATCH HERE!
August 11, 1:46am (QUAD CAM) Paulie vs. the house in HOH.  WATCH HERE!
August 11, 1:23am (CAM 1/2) Nicole/Corey tell James about FT comments.  WATCH HERE!
August 11, 12:58am (CAM 1/2) Paulie calls out Nats FTs to her face.  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 6:24pm (CAM 1/2) Natalie tells Zakiyah about Paulie.  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 11:05pm (CAM 1/2) Paulie says Derrick told him about James.  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 4:46pm (CAM 3/4) Paul heads fills Vic in on the house flip.  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 5:04am (CAM 3/4) Nat & Brit compare notes about the house!  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 5:04am (CAM 1/2) James confronts Paulie about Nat!  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 6:36am (CAM 1/2) House flip in LBR w Nat/James/Brid/Meech/Paul.  WATCH HERE!
August 10, 5:35am (CAM 1/2) House flip starts with Nat and James in SR.  WATCH HERE!
August 9, 1:30am (CAM 1/2) Paulie long rant against Michelle.  WATCH HERE!
August 9, 10:15am (CAM 3/4) Mich telling James about Paulies game.  WATCH HERE!
August 8, 7:29pm (CAM 1/2) James pranking Nat. #NeverCared  WATCH HERE!
August 8, 12:53 pm (CAM 1/2) Bridge fills us in on the house. WATCH HERE!
August 6, 9:37am (CAM 3/4) Meech talking to live feeders! WATCH HERE!
August 5, 6:06pm (CAM 3/4) Meech sobbing hysterically after being noms. WATCH HERE!
August 5, 2:22pm (QUAD CAM) James receives America’s 2nd Care Package. WATCH HERE!
August 4, 1:49pm (CAM 3/4) Vic/Natalie fight over dishes. WATCH HERE!
August 2, 8:50pm (CAM 3/4) Z/Paulie fight (yes again!). WATCH HERE!
August 1, 12:03am (CAM 1/2) Zakiyah talks about havin Ps babies! WATCH HERE!
August 1, 5:56am (CAM 1/2) James throws Natalie UTB to Paul. WATCH HERE!
July 30, 1025am (CAM 1/2) Corey tells Nicole about his ADD meds. WATCH HERE!
July 30, 8:10am (CAM 1-4) Have Not reveal: Trail Mix & Marshmallows. WATCH HERE!
July 30, 3:04am (CAM 1/2)  Paulie & Zak fight. WATCH HERE!
July 29, 11:52am (CAM QUAD) Natalie wins the first care package. WATCH HERE!
July 29, 1:19am (CAM 3/4) Nicole clears the air with Day. WATCH HERE!
July 27, 5:40am (CAM 3/4) Bridg thinks Frank is campaigning against her. WATCH HERE!
July 27, 3:14am (CAM 3/4) Paul lies to Bridge about Frank to turn her. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 4:43pm (CAM 3/4) Bridgette figures out 2nd clue. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 4:41pm (CAM 3/4) Nat figures out first clue. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 6:07pm (CAM 3/4) Victor in secret room. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 4:52pm (CAM 3/4) Zach figures out theres a secret room. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 5:41pm (CAM 3/4) Paul opens secret door! WATCH HERE!
July 25, 5:14pm (CAM 3/4) Paul getting phone call about secret room. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 4:15pm (CAM 3/4) Clues to the secret room on TV. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 3:53am (CAM 1/2) Frank tells day not to trust Nicole. WATCH HERE!
July 25, 3:11am (CAM 3/4) Franks HOUSE MEETING WATCH HERE!
June 27, 12:20am (CAM 3/4) The infamous “eyebrow” comment by Bridgette. WATCH HERE!
July 24, 4:36am (CAM 1/2) Frank tells Meech how much hes getting paid. WATCH HERE!
July 24, 3:47am (CAM 1/2) Frank and Michelle discuss using veto. WATCH HERE!
July 24, 5:01am (CAM 3/4) Z and Bridgette discuss why they hate each other. WATCH HERE!
July 24, 5:42am (CAM 3/4) Frank pissed at DAY rant. WATCH HERE!
July 24, 4:15am (CAM 3/4) James is mad people are feeling bad for Frank.  WATCH HERE!
July 24, 4:51am (CAM 1/2) Frank and Paul have an argument. WATCH HERE!
July 23, 10:06am (CAM 3/4) Camera show “Call Paris” on plane. WATCH HERE!
July 18, 5:40pm (CAM 1/2) Paulie & DaVonne game talk. WATCH HERE!
July 18, 3:08am (CAM 3/4) Michelle mad at James over Tiffany…  WATCH HERE!
July 17, 6:18pm (CAM 1/2) Da’Vonne crying to Michelle/Nicole/Corey.  WATCH HERE!
July 17, 3:32pm (CAM 3/4) Tiffany tries to sway Paulie!  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 11:20am (CAM 3/4) Tiff says crying is a strategy for her.  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 10:28pm (CAM 3/4) Frank and Michelle talk about the vote.  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 1:26am (CAM 1/2) Natalie comforts a hurt Tiffany.  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 3:11am (CAM 3/4) Paul’s retelling of Tiffany’s “meltdown”  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 3:00am (CAM 1/2) Tiffany confronts Day.  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 3:05am (CAM 1/2) Tiff crying, Day & Zak laughing then comfort.  WATCH HERE!
July 15, 2:27am (CAM 1/2) Tiffany & Frank spill everything to each other.  WATCH HERE!
July 14, 7:09pm (CAM 3/4) Tiffany/Frank/Day Confrontation  WATCH HERE!
July 14, 8:43pm (CAM 1/2) Day’s does damage control with Frank.  WATCH HERE!
July 13, 6:31pm (CAM 3/4) Nicole/Meech starts to flip the vote.  WATCH HERE!
July 13, 3:38am (CAM 3/4) Day tells Michelle they cant tell Nicole things. WATCH HERE!
July 13, 3:16am (CAM 3/4) Michelle tells Day everything Nicole is doing (via Frank). WATCH HERE!
July 13, 5:02am (CAM 1/2) Bronte tells Natalie that Paul said Bridgette is exposing them. WATCH HERE!
July 12, 5:00pm (CAM 1/2) Michelle, Day, Nicole agree to flip vote and keep Tiffany! WATCH HERE!
July 10, 9:30pm (CAM 1/2) Frank tells Bridgette he was RK winner!  WATCH HERE!
July 11, 2:14am (CAM 3/4) Paul tells Bronte Frank is playing the entire house. WATCH HERE!
July 8, 2:02AM (CAM 1/2) Paulie talks to Frank about the hitting.  WATCH HERE!
July 8, 9:47pm (CAM 3/4) Bronte/Natalie reveal their “secrets”.   WATCH HERE!
July 8, 11:32pm (CAM 3/4) James/Nat phone call convo (exposes Frank).  WATCH HERE!
July 8, 1:59am (CAM 3/4) Paulie talks with Da’Vonne then Frank about slapping. WATCH HERE!
July 8, 1:28am (CAM 3/4) DaVonne in the Have-Not room after slap. WATCH HERE!
July 8, 1:27am (CAM 3/4) Frank slaps DaVonnes and she yells at him. WATCH HERE!
July 6, 12:08am (CAM 1/2) James/Nicole realize Frank is playing the house. WATCH HERE!
July 5, 4:30pm (ALL CAMS) Day targets Frank & games explode for hours! WATCH HERE!
July 4, 10:32pm (CAM 3/4) Tiffany tells Nicole she’s gay not bi. WATCH HERE!
July 3, 3:18pm (Cam1/2 ) Sky writers spell “Will you marry me”. WATCH HERE!
June 30, 1:58am (CAM 1) Michelle tells Tiffany to watch how she talks. WATCH HERE!
June 30, 8:00pm (CAM 2) Frank and Tiffany make up! WATCH HERE!
June 29, 11:02am (CAM 1/2) James/Victor argue over the pranks. WATCH HERE!
June 29, 2:47am (CAM 3/4 ) Bronte makes “Hong Kong” comment. WATCH HERE!
June 27, 2:28pm (CAM 1) Nicole and Corey make a final 2 deal. WATCH HERE!
June 26, 12:21am (CAM 1/2) Fatal5 meeting and tensions rise. WATCH HERE!
June 25, 9:53am (CAM 4)    Outside opens and Frank talks to us.  WATCH HERE!
June 24, 1:10am (CAM 1/2)  Day telling us her strategy this season.  WATCH HERE!
June 24, 8:54am (CAM 3/4)  House meeting… AKA Jozea is CRAZY!  WATCH HERE!

August 31, 7:46pm (CAM 1/2) Mich packs (STEALS) Paul’s sweatpants! WATCH HERE!
August 27, 10:35pm (CAM 1/2) Victor/Corey/Paul is this #Peegate2.0? WATCH HERE!
August 26, 6:05pm (CAM 1/2) Nat makes fire! Almost burns Paul’s beard!  WATCH HERE!
August 23, 5:40pm (CAM 3/4) James found missing hoodie in Meech’s bag! WATCH HERE!
August 23, 2:58am (CAM 3/4) Nat burns James!  WATCH HERE!
August 16, 5:35am (CAM 1/2) Paulie strips naked for patdown! WATCH HERE!
August 13, 7:44pm (CAM 3/4) Paulie says he lied on his BB application! WATCH HERE!
August 8, 8:56pm (CAM 3/4) Paulie pees in hot tub! WATCH HERE!
August 3, 10:47pm (CAM 1/2) James has video of his cat doing cocaine! WATCH HERE!
July 30, 3:41am (CAM 3/4) Michelle breaking herself down bad! WATCH HERE!
July 29, 11:54am (CAM 1/2) Briefly people behind the BY wall.  WATCH HERE!
July 25, 5:08am (CAM 3/4) Zak puts in pad… then eats chips! WATCH HERE!
July 17, 3:14am (CAM 3/4) Corey “sleepwalking” (I say no). WATCH HERE!
July 9, 3:41pm (CAM 1/2) Frank dishes about BB14 houseguests! WATCH HERE!
July 7, 8:34pm (CAM 3/4)  Michelle thinks the HOH comp was rigged!  WATCH HERE!
July 5, 12:22am (CAM 1/2) Zak tells the girls, Frank slapped her butt. WATCH HERE!
July 4, 12:57am (CAM 3/4) Frank yells at Nicole/James over pizza. WATCH HERE!
June 27, 10:35pm (CAM 1) Nicole talks her and Hayden breakup.  WATCH HERE!
June 25, 11:04pm (Cam 1) Coreys “Goat Story”.  WATCH HERE!

September 6, 12:40am (CAM 1/2) Corey in love with an icepack. WATCH HERE!
September 5, 4:54pm (CAM 3/4) Coreys prank backfires… WATCH HERE!
August 30, 3:04pm (CAM 1/2) Victor hosts BB Nature Watch! WATCH HERE!
August 21, 2:48pm (CAM 1/2) Another Baldwin the eagle show!  WATCH HERE!
August 18, 2:58am (Cam 3/4) Victor dancing on Michelle. WATCH HERE!
August 18, 2:58am (CAM 3/4) Victor does a mock POV ceremony WATCH HERE!
August 17, 10:42pm (CAM 1/2) Victor’s Baldwin puppet show. WATCH HERE!
August 17, 10:26pm (CAM 1/2) Paul’s Big Brother Puppet Roast. WATCH HERE!
August 17, 10:13pm (CAM 1/2) Michelle roasts Paulie, then roasts Nicole. WATCH HERE!
August 17, 9:37pm (CAM 3/4) Baldwin Still Wants His Money! WATCH HERE!
August 16, 7:35pm (CAM 3/4) Baldwin Wants His Money! WATCH HERE!
August 14, 10:23pm (QUAD) Paul gets Security Alert (MUST WATCH) WATCH HERE!
August 13, 10:55pm (QUAD) Paul gets his first “Red Alert”. WATCH HERE!
August 1, 8:29pm (CAM 3/4) James/Nat have glitter/powder fight. WATCH HERE!
August 1, 1:36pm (CAM 3/4) James pranking Natalie … yes again! WATCH HERE!
July 30, 10:22pm (CAM 1/2) Nicole (drunk) flips out of hammock. WATCH HERE!
July 30, 11:48pm (CAM 1/2) Michelle mascara all over her face.  WATCH HERE!
July 30, 10:05pm (CAM 1/2) Natalie makes a ‘yo mama’ joke to James. WATCH HERE!
July 29, 11:57pm (QUAD) Michelle throws an apple at Paul! WATCH HERE!
July 19, 3:21am (CAM 1/2) Nicole grabs James crotch area “accidently”. WATCH HERE!
July 19, 6:30pm (CAM 1/2) HOH “Bromance Sandwich” #NotGayCorey WATCH HERE!
July 15, 3:57am (CAM 1/2) Paul talking how rough BB is. WATCH HERE!
July 12, 6:47pm (CAM 1/2) James yells to BY, “who we voting out?” WATCH HERE!
July 11, 12:30am (CAM 1/2) Drunk Michelle tells Tiff she’s going home. WATCH HERE!
July 10, 2:40am (CAM 1/2) Nicole Pees Her Pants WATCH HERE!
July 4, 2:52am (CAM 1/2) Michelle created a fake facebook boyfriend! WATCH HERE!
July 3, 10:56pm (CAM 3/4) Houseguests mimic Vic’s laugh. WATCH HERE!
July 1, 1:19AM (QUAD) Da’Vonnes “The Circle Game” WATCH HERE!
June 28, 1:03am (CAM 2)   James & Paul prank Zakiyah!  WATCH HERE!
June 26, 12:08am (CAM 3/4) Jozea is the Messiah and glue!  WATCH HERE!
June 25, 10:08pm (CAM 3/4) Frank still farting… (less blinky though).  WATCH HERE!
June 25, 11:25pm (CAM 3/4) James pranks Paul with whip cream.  WATCH HERE!
June 25, 1:12am (CAM 4)    Nicole and James try to hide and spy.  WATCH HERE!
June 24, 12:29am (CAM 3)  Bridgette vs. James pillow fight! WATCH HERE!
June 24, 11:52am (QUAD)  Truth or Dare Game!  WATCH HERE!

August 19, 4:30am (CAM 1/2) Natalies HOH ROOM! WATCH HERE!
July 29, 12:16am (CAM 1/2) Pauls HOH ROOM! WATCH HERE!
July 8, 12:21am (CAM 3/4) Bridgette’s HOH Room! WATCH HERE!

September 5, 12:51pm (CAM 3/4) Corey touching himself! WATCH HERE!
August 23, 9:50pm (CAM 3/4) James “flour-pies” Corey.  WATCH HERE!
August 22, 11:09pm (CAM 3/4) Meech buttslip.  WATCH HERE!
August 22, 3:30am (CAM 3/4) Nicorey have sex…  WATCH HERE!
August 21, 11:26am (Cam 1/2) Nats “nip slip”. WATCH HERE!
August 16, 7:47pm (CAM 3/4) Paulie & Corey last night together. WATCH HERE!
August 14, 4:27pm  (CAM 3/4) Paul has to pat down James in shower!
August 12, 2:15am (CAM 1/2) Corey/Paulie have a moment . WATCH HERE!
August 3, 10:22pm (CAM 3/4) London room AKA:  SEX DEN! WATCH HERE!
July 31, 11:28pm (CAM 1/2) Zakiyah nip slip! WATCH HERE!
July 26, 5:27am (CAM 1/2) Natalie masturbating. WATCH HERE!
July 20, 7:39am (CAM 3/4) Paul post-masterbate cleanup! WATCH HERE!
July 18, 9:14am (CAM 3/4) Nicole/Corey Fingergate2.0 WATCH HERE!
July 10, 10:44pm (CAM 1/2) The boys dance for Zakiyah’s birthday. WATCH HERE!
July 4, 6:13pm (CAM 1/2) Corey watching Frank shower! WATCH HERE!
June 29, 4:53pm (CAM 1) Frank & Paulie ditch the pixels for hats! WATCH HERE!
June 26, 10:49pm (CAM 2) Bronte topless!  WATCH HERE!

August 12, 7:09pm (QUAD) Paulie cries to Corey. WATCH HERE!
July 30, 3:41am (CAM 3/4) Michelle breaking herself down bad! WATCH HERE!
July 25, 9:58am (CAM 3/4) Bridgette/Meech have passive fight… WATCH HERE!
July 5, 11:10pm (CAM 1/2) Tiffany having a meltdown. WATCH HERE!
July 2, 12:25am (CAM 1/2) Tiffany after the roadkill noms is upset.  WATCH HERE!
June 30, 12:54am (CAM 1/2) Tiffany gets mad at Frank and storms off! WATCH HERE!
June 29, 3:34pm (CAM 3/4) Michelle crying saying shes fat… WATCH HERE!
June 25, 8:53pm (CAM 2) Winegate 2.0 BB18 Edition!  WATCH HERE!

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