Did you catch that HUGE FIGHT on the feeds yesterday?  What about the latest twist Julie dropped on the house?  Did you see who the hot new showmance is?   No, well then good thing we are here for you this Big Brother 17 season!  Below you will find our list for what we think are thee most “flashback worthy” events of the season.  So make sure you check back often because this will be constantly updated all season!



June 26, 11:38:15pm (Cam 3/4) –  Audrey/Steve game talk. Steve bringing up rumor Day overhears.
June 25, 10:34:00pm (Cam 4/3) –  Meg breaks the remote and talks NOMS!
June 26, 12:45:02am (Cam 3/4) – Steve touching base with John about strategy, then moves on to Jace
June 26, 3:14:40am (Cam 3/4) – James talks mole theory/plan to Day/Jason. Audrey joins.
June 26, 3:10:30pm (Cam 1) –  Audrey confronts Jeff about her being sketchy/Jeff.
June 26, 3:30:16pm (Cam 2/1) – Audrey and Day confront Austin and Liz about the drama.
June 26, 3:22:50pm (Cam 3/4) – Audrey goes to the HoH room to confront Day.
June 28, 7:04:10pm (Cam 3/4) Sunday – Jace campaigning to James
June 28, 1:49:15pm (Cam 3/4) Sunday – Things between Jace and James get heated, Jace feels betrayed
June 29, 9:39:00pm (Cam 1/2) – Tide turns against Audrey
June 29, 1:37:10am (Cam 3/4) – Jace trying the sympathy card with Clay
June 30, 8:40:00pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve facing the wrath of Jace while they talk about him in the HoH room
June 30, 7:23:00pm (Cam 1/2) – Audrey/Jace campaigning for votes for Jace.
June 30, 3:55:00pm (Cam 3/4) – Jace campaigns to Clay/Shelli. Things heat up between Clay and Jace.
June 30, 1:21:00pm (Cam 3/4) – Audrey confronting Day @1:29 Vanessa joins.
June 30, 4:18:20am (Cam 1/2) – Group meeting about Audrey and how to deal with her.
July 1, 3:13:13am (Cam 2/1) – Meg, Jeff and James reconfigure their alliance
July 1, 11:30:00am (Cam 3/4) – Jeff Confronts Jace
July 2, 2:18:00pm (Cam 3) –  Liz tells Jace she’s turned off by his bi-polar behavior
July 3, 11:40:50am (Cam 2 ) – Liz/Julia Twin Swap!
July 2, 4:07:50pm (Cam1/2) – Shelli asks John NOT to use the Veto on himself
July 3, 8:52:00pm (Cam3/4) – Clay and Jeff make final 2 in HOH
July 3, 10:00:00pm (Cam3/4) – After Dark Crew is formed ( Clay, Jeff, Shelli, Jackie and John)
July 3, 6:28:30pm (Cam1/2) – 4th of July party in the HOH
July 7, 3:01am (Cam 3)  – Da’Vonne talks to herself about who to cancel with her power
July 7, 9:14pm:00 (Cam 1/2)  – Steve shares twins news with Vanessa
July 7, 9:51pm (Cam 3) -Da’Vonne tells Liz they think she’s a twin
July 8,12:33:003am (Cam 3) – DaVonne Goes off on Steve.
July 9, 9:39:00am (Cam1/2) – Vanessa tells Austin about the the twin twist
July 9, 8:49:00 pm (Cam 1/2) – Austin and Vanessa talk about back dooring Jeff
July 10, 9:30:00 (Cam 3/4)  – Freaks and Geeks are formed
July 11, 1:10:00am (Cam4) – Audrey confronts Meg in the HOH
July 11, 5:19:00pm (Cam 3) – Vanessa and Austin fight, she thinks he threw the HOH to John
July 12, 3:30:00am (Cam 1)   Vanessa fishes for final 2 deal with Audrey.
July 12, 4:31:00am (Cam 4) Austin confronts Jeff about throwing him under the bus.
July 12, 2:3:00pm (Cam 4) – Jeff campaigns  to Vanessa using an apology scheme.
July 13, 9:24:00pm (Cam 4) – Jeff tries to use “alliance” guilt on Clay in the backyard.
July 14, 6:08:00pm (Cam 1)  – Jeff corners Liz alone in the kitchen.
July 14, 6:43:00pm (Cam 1)  – Austin walks in to find Jeff and Liz are in bed “cuddling”
July 16, 7:20:00pm (Cam 4)  – Meg and James trying to figure out who the votes were
July 16, 7:11pm (Cam 1) – Jason tells Audrey Liz is the twin
July 16, 9:18pm (Cam 3) – Audrey tells Clay that she just caught Vanessa in a lie
July 17, 10:34pm (Cam 4) – Steve throws Becky under the bus for his vote to Vanessa
July 18, 8:56pm (Cam 2) – Audrey goes to HOH to “look for blankets”
July 19, 10:49am (Cam 2) – Clay tells John that the planto BD Audrey.
July 19, 12:56pm (Cam 1) – Audrey and Clay getting into it, not in a sexy way
July 19, 1:47pm (Cam 4) – Clay tells Shelli what Audrey and he argued about they won’t let Audrey in the room
July 19, 2:17pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa accuses Audrey of starting the final 2 deal with Audrey
July 22, 3:04pm (Cam 4) – Long game talk between Shelli and Vanessa
July 23, 2:30pm (Cam 2) – Audrey and Vanessa HN room. Sparatic fish be patient
July 23, 7;54pm (Cam 1) – Vanessa saying she didn’t want HOH
July 23, 8:47pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa and Jackie talk about the week’s strategy.
July 26, 11:47am (Cam 3) – Liz goes to Vanessa and tells her what Jason told her about Steve & Becky
July 26, 1:16pm (Cam 1) – Lots of complicated Liz and Steve plotting
July 27, 12:38pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa justifies her nominations
July 27, 2:51am (Cam 2) –  Clelli fight – someone get her a Snickers! HILARIOUS
July 27, 9:50am (Cam 4) –  Becky and John talking about Steve offerering him a final 2
July 27, 2;23am (Cam 2) – Austin and Liz are told about the Jason plan
July 28, 3:35pm (Cam 3) – We find out who is running the house
July 28, 8:11pm (Cam 2) – Meg and Jason campaign to Shelli
July 28, 9:14pm (Cam 2) – Jackie and James talk about having an alliance
July 29, 1:18am (Cam 2) – Jason’s plan to save himself
July 30, 1:52am (Cam 4) – Jason’s last ditch effort with Shelli, selling out Becky
July 30, 1:20am (3/4) – “The Generals” are born
July 30, 3:00pm (Cam 3) – Vanessa updates Johnny Mac
July 30, 7:09pm (Quad Cam)The HOH competition
July 31, 1:02pm (Cam 1) – James names his targets
July 31, 6:40am (Cam 4) – James tells Meg he is going for the jugular and throwing Shelli and Clay up.
July 31, 2:09am (Cam 3/4) – Becky tells Clay they’re going to blindside them
July 31, 2:45pm (Cam 3)– Clay and Shelli plan to scare James
July 31, 1:57pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa talks to John and tells him Clelli tried to put all of last week on her
July 31, 4:01pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa goes straight out to the yard and throws Shelli and Clay under the bus
August 1, 1:42am (1/2) – Vanessa tells Shelli it’s starting to feel like she doesn’t have her back.
August 1, 4:56pm (Cam 2) – Clay and Shelli continue to try to work out a strategy
August 1, 8:57pm (Cam 3) – Shelli and Clay still plotting
August 3, 12:32pm (Cam 3) – Austin and Vanessa talk Vanessa is MAD
August 3, 1:13pm (Cam 2) – Vanessa gets Shelli to talk
August 4, 2:39pm (Cam 3) – John and Becky decide to team up and name their alliance.
August 4, 4:10 am (Cam 4 ) – Showmance 101 with Shelli and Clay Lesson 1 why they are a threat
August 6, 2:20pm (Cam1/2) – Vanessa confronts James
August 6, 2:23pm (CAM 3/4 ) – James confronts Clay and blowup starts
August 6, 2:51pm (Cam3/4) – John confronts Vanessa
August 6, 7:07am (Quad)Midway Mayhem HOH Competition
August 7, 12:54am (Cam 2 ) – Becky rejects Vanessa’s deal, Vanessa is mad
August 8, 10:59 am (3/4) – Shelli explains to JMac why she choose Vanessa to play in the POV.
August 10, 2:16pm (Cam3/4 ) Becky going over her Veto speech to Van with Jackie
August 10, 9:35am (Cam 3/4)Becky telling Austin she is putting up Van
August 11, 1:38 am (1/2) – Meg, Jackie & James talk about getting Shelli out instead of Vanessa.
August 13, 2:03 pm (1/2) – Vanessa & Austin get into it while studying for the HOH game.
August 13, 8:49pm (Cam 2) – Steve explains his nominations
August 13, 1025pm (Cam 2) – New HOH LIZ
August 13, 7:48:53pm (Cam 3/4 ) – Steve and Jmac discuss telling the truth about the veto tonight.
August 14, 2:10am (Cam 1) – Brass Tacks Alliance formed
August 15, 1:45am (Cam 4) – Steve lies to Austin/Liz on how he heard about 8 person agreement
August 15, 1:41am (Cam 4) – Liz decided to keep noms the same
August 20, 7:19am (Quad) Ready, Set, Whoa HOH competition
August 20, 11:02am (Cam 1 )– Vanessa is now bribing people and waiting for the OK from BB
August 20, 11:50am (Cam3/4) – Brass Tacks meeting
August 21, 2:18am (Cam 3/4) – Steve and Vanessa argue over her going up as a pawn
August 21, 2:26am (Cam1/4) – Austin says NO to more game talk with Vanessa
August 23, 1:35pm (Cam 3/4) – Vanessa’s New Theory
August 23, 9:38pm (Cam 1/2) – Meg and James talk after their individual convos with Vanessa.
August 24, 12:33pm (Cam 1/2) –  Austin Confronts J-Mac
August 25, 11:50pm (Cam 3/4) – James and Meg talk game then and won’t vote for Vanessa
August 26,12:08pm (Cam 3/4) –  Rock Paper Scissors decideds who goes home
August 27, 6:59PM (quad), Dizzyland HOH Comp
August 29, 11:31pm (cam 3/4) – Vanessa yelling at James that he is criticizing her game
August 30, 2:08am (Cam 1/2 ) – Steve outlines his plan for us. He does NOT mumble,
August 31, 1:32am (Cam 1/2) – Meg proposes crazy deal to be saved this week
August 31, 1:37am (Cam 3/4) – JMac & Steve outline getting to final three with Vanessa.
August 31, 2:35pm (Cam 2) – John and Van talk in HOH about getting out the Austwins
August 31,10:36pm (Cam 1) – John and Steve recap their options
September 1, 2:1am (Cam 2) – Austin and James promise to keep each other safe
September 1, 4:01am (Cam 3&4) – James: Operation Trojan Horse is the name for new plan to keep Meg.
September 1, 3:00pm (Cam 2) – Operation Trojan Horse in action
September 3, 12:24am (Cam 1) – Julia confronts Austin about his vote
September 3, 9:42am (Cam 4) – Vanessa warns Steve not to blindside her
September 3, 5:32pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa and Steve talk about flipping the vote
September 3, 7:37pm (Cam 3) – Vanessa gives reasons to keep Julia
September 4, 2:36pm (Cam 3) – No more Scamper squad
September 5, 3:11 pm (Cam 3/4) – Liz and Austin fight
September 5, 5:11 pm (Cam 1/2) – Austin tries to talk to Liz still fighting
September 5, 8:20 pm (Cam 3/4)  – Vanessa & Austin discuss who to keep (Liz or Julia)
September 7, 1:24pm (Cam 3/4)  – Steve spies Van w/ Twins on spycam and states JMac may be America’s Player but he trusts JMac more than Van
September 9, 2:18pm (Cam 1) – Steve realized he’s in danger
September 9, 4:33pm (Cam 3) – Austin talks about splitting up Austin and Steve
September 9, 8:25pm (Cam 2) – Vanessa makes a deal with Liztin
September 9, 9:40pm (Cam 1) – Vanessa and John talk about which twin to keep
September 9. 11:33pm (Cam 1) – Twins tell Steve who they want him to keep
September 10, 9:16pm (Cam3/4) – Austin tells Vanessa he will make a deal with her that if they are in F3 he & Liz will throw the first
September 11, 1:39am (Cam 2) – Vanessa tells Steve her plan to go after JMac & that she is going to put them both up so that Steve
September 11, 3:29 am (Cam3/4) – Steve tries to runs through scenarios (for F4) with Vanessa using M&Ms but then Austin interrupts.
September 11, 7:00pm (Quad)Under the Rainbow HOH is played
September 13, 03:15pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve & John finally talk.
September 13, 10:16pm (Cams 1/2) – Vanessa & John hatch a plan to blindside Austin & evict him
September 13, 7:54pm (Cam3/4) – Liz says she doesn’t like Austin’s chicken, he asks why & she says she dislikes the marinade, he gets mad
September 16, 8:42pm (All Cams) Feeds return with the 1st Part of the HOH Comp already in progress.
September 17, 1:31am (Cam 3/4) – Vanessa tells Liz she is taking her to F2 & that she cannot let Steve know.
September 18, 11:18pm (Cam1/2) – Vanessa & Steve discuss when they will sit down & tell Liz that they aren’t taking her to F2
September 18, 11:11pm (Cam 4) – Vanessa helps Liz study
September 19, 2:38pm (Cam 1/2) – Liz tells Steve how prod gave her a clue and help during the 2nd part of HOH comp.
September 21, 1:06pm (all Cams) – Liz, Steve & Vanessa talk about who they think the jury likes & doesn’t like.
September 21, 11:10am (Cam 4) – Van again promises on Mel that Liz is her final two
September 22, 12:55pm (Cam 3/4) – Vanessa goes over her comp wins with Liz comparing them to Steve’s wins.
September 22, 5:53pm (All Cams) – Liz tells Vanessa & Steve that she knows that neither of them will take her to F2.
September 22, 6:13pm (All Cam) – Vanessa, Liz & Steve speculate what the twists were this season and can’t wait to see it all.
September 22, 12:10am (Cam 1/2) – Steve practices his F2 speech against Liz.
BB17 says good byeSeptember 23, 9:57am (All Cams) The F3 HGs give the feeders a final farewell & spell “Bye” out with candy & a heart.

June 25, 9:00:03pm (Quad) – Big Brother 17 feeds begin with the HGs giving shoutouts to EVERYONE!
June 25, 9:35:00pm (Cam 3) – Becky tells her “I was hit in the face by a train” story
June 25, 11:52:10pm (Cam 4) – Becky tries be cool strutting around the house.
June 26, 06:30:20pm (Cam 1) – Arm wrestling lesson by Vanessa.
June 27, 11:00:20pm (Cam 3/4) – James’ proposal to Taylor Swift.
June 27, 04:32:30am (Cam 3/4) – Group bedtime bedroom silly antics.
June 27, 12:00:00am (Cam 3/4) -Alcohol delivery!
June 28, 10:33:00pm (Cam 1/2) – John gets a special birthday dance
June 28, 06:42:30pm (Cam 3/4) – Clay hits his face when leaving the hammock.
June 29, 11:09:15pm (Cam 3/4) – Tortilla gate / Toaster gate.
June 29, 10:48:45pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve talks to the feeders about his “cute strategy” not working.
June 29, 6:32:40pm (Cam 1/2) – BB17 Prom
June 29, 6:30:57pm (Cam 1/2) – John loves toenails……EWWWW
June 30, 12:31:00pm (Cam 1/2) – Austin telling stories about alcohol making people crazy.
June 30, 01:20:00am (Cam 1/2) – Day/Steve/Jason talking Sausage!
July 1, 05:00:30pm (Quad) – Clay shirtless in a cowboy hat asks Shelli to the prom
July 1, 7:40:00pm (Cam 1) – Steve gets a makeover
July 1, 10:13:00pm (Cam 3) – BB17 prom starts!.
July2, 12:03:00am (Cam 4) – Chinese food delivery
July 2, 1:20:00pm (Cam 3) – Boys get haircuts
July 3, 5:23:00pm (Cam1/2) Girl talk about hair and boob jobs
July 4. 3:11:00:00pm (Cam1/2) Pick up lines discussed
July 5, 12:09:00am (Cam 3) Julia almost slips up, mentions Liz will clean something
July 6, 7:21:00 (Cam 1)  – Da’Vonne quizzes Julia to see if she knows what happened last night
July 7, 4:00:00am (all Cams) – House comes down in front of memory wall to discuss twins
July 7, 5:20:00pm (Cam 1) – Jason reinacts HG’S memory wall pictures
July 8, 10:32:00pm (Quad) – Podcast Time
July 9, 2:07:00am (Cam3/4)  – Lizulia tells Vanessa about the twin twist
July 9, 2:226:00pm (Cam 4)   Da’Vonne nairs John’s back hair
July 11, 8:52:50am (Quad)  – Shower Party
July 12,2:45am (quad) –  Limbo party
July 12, 7:19am (quad) –  Hot tub party
July 12, 7:19am (quad) Hot tub party
July 12, 1:16pm (quad)  Costume Party
July 12, 3:55pm(quad)   Pool Party
July 12, 7:35pm (quad) Kitchen Party
July 12, 11:02:pm (quad) – Truth or Dare
July 13, 2:15am (quad) Living Room Party
July 18, 9:00pm (Cam 1) – Jason, John, and Liz perform their Whack Street Boys number
July 19, 4:45am (Cam1&2 ) – Audrey & James prank Jason w/James hiding in garbage bag in SR.
July 19, 5:19am (Cam 3) – Steve talks to the feeders.
July 19, 8:37pm (quad) – Shelli holds court in the HOH room
July 19, 9:35pm (Cam 4) – Wackstreet boyz live performance
July 20, 10:42pm (Cam 3) – Weird house massage time
July 22, 1:25pm (Cam 4) – Steve farting
July 23, 3:13am (Cam3&4) – James and Austin in bed talking about handling their package in the BB house
July 25, 2:46am (Cam 3) – Steve talks to himself and the cameras
July 26, 1:44am (Cam 1) – Jason has fun with a hula hoop
July 26, 1:38pm(Cam 4) – Liz vs other pro wrestler in the house: The Trash Can
July 26,4:48pm (Cam 1) – Vanessa and John talk in HOH
July 26, 5:57pm (Cam 3) – Austin alone in room talking to himself
July 28, 2:13am (Cam 3) – Tooth Brushing Contest between Liz and Austin.
July 28, 1:48am (Cam 2) – Steve wants to moderate for Jokers, Liz ensures herself a low Jokers rating
July 28, 10:36pm (Cam 3) – James makes a bulls eye sandwich and Meg wonders how he did that.
July 28, 10:40pm (Cam 3) – Jason doesn’t hold grudges
July 28, 10:44pm (Cam1/2) – Liz and Austin practicing wrestling moves.
July 28, 11:13pm (Cam 2) – Great wrestling Jackie and Liz vs. Austin
July 29, 12:11am (Cam 2) – Hot Tub Story Time
July 29, 1:58pm (Cam 3) – Vanessa beats Clay in chess about 4 minutes flat.
July 31, 5:50pm (Cam 1/2)– James and Steve playing chess
July 31, 6:20pm (Cam 4) – John and Becky strategize
July 31, 6:27pm (Cam 4 ) – Steve…storage room…being weird
August 1, 9:38pm (Cam 3) – Shelli starts her punishment…all smiles
August 2, 1:47am (Cam3/4) – HG play Spin the Bottle
August 2, 3:13:58am (Cam 1) – Shelli’s pole breaks, and becky gets the medkit to help fix it
August 2, 3:22pm (Cam 1) – Liz sees the banner plane!
August 2, 5:37pm (Cam 4) – Steve talks to Clay,  Steve talks to camera after her leaves
August 3, 12:01am (Cam 1) –  Midnight Charades
August 3, 8:49pm (Cam 1) – Vanessa polishes Jackie
August 3, 2:37am (Cam 3) – Shelli listens at the wall to people in the HN room
August 3, 11:45pm (QUAD) – Meet the pet praying mantis
August 4, 2:31am (quad) – More Praying Mantis Episode hilariously
August 4, 4:26am (Cam 1) – More Steve revelations to the camera
August 5, 7:01pm (Cam 1/2)  – Food and Booze delivery
August 6, 3:56 am (Cam 2) – Liz tries to prank Austin and eats floor
August 6, 9:30pm (Cam1/2) – Bowling!
August 6, 11:43pm ( Camera 3/4) – Beckys HOH Reveal
August 7, 3:35:40am  (Quad) – DR Leak – James: What? America’s Player Card. DR: Congratulations…audio cut
August 8, 10:07 pm (Cam 3/4) – To shave or not to shave! Here are Austin’s terms
August 9, 12:38 pm (Cam 4) – Bugs attack Vanessa and chase her back
August 9, 1:33 am (Cam3/4) – Austin teaches JMac the “Olympic snatch” weight lifting techniques.
August 9, 2:06 am (Cam 1) – Vanessa enjoying a salad she made
August 9, 4:09am (Cam1/2) – Julia gets attacked by shark
August 9, 9:45pm (Cam 3/4 ) – James walks in on Jackie using the Bathroom.
August 10, 12:26am (Cam 1) – Vanessa tells Steve she is a lawyer
August 11, 12:44:00am (Quad) – James scares Julia! AGAIN
August 12, 1:20pm (Cam 1/2) – Austwins theorize that Steve is an assassin, Becky is a soldier and JMac works for the FBI
August 14, 12:50:36am (Cam 2 ) – Julia eats her toenail
August 14, 10:42pm (Cam 2) – New BB Game Pot Ball
August 15, 9:15pm (Cam 1) – booze delivery
August 15, 9:36am (Cam 1) – Becky tells the train story in full detail
August 16, 7:14pm (Cam1/2) – Pool time fun
August 17, 7:50pm (Cam3/4) – BB17 meets Masterchef
August 18, 6:44pm (Cam1/2) – Steve and James have fun making a pillow fort
August 18, 10:00pm (Cam1/2) – BB Court
August 19, 9:48pm (Quad) – Chocolate wars
August 21, 10:44pm (Quad) – Friday Night Pot Ball
August 22, 12:52am (Cam 3/4) – James is scaring again
August 22, 1:19pm (Cam 4) – Julia describes a hilarious camping trip, lol.
August 22, 11:29pm (Cam 1) – Liz tells Vanessa she is a month late
August 22, 4:33pm (Quad) – Celebrity Charades
August 25, 3:33pm (Cam 2) – JMac gags after Austin & Liz leave the room.
August 29, 5:00pm  (quad cam) – House is a mess after Veto
August 31, 2:03am (Cam 3&4) – Austin, Johnny Mac, and Steve talk about 90’s video games.
September 1, 9:13pm (Cam 1/2) – Megaphone requesting vote out Julia
September 1, 9:12pm (Cam 1) – Alcohol Delivery
September 2, 12:52am (Cam 3) – Julia campaigns to John
September 2, 3:11am (Cam 2) – Meg campaigns to Austin
September 2, 9:51pm (Cam 1) – James hatches a plan to get Austin on board to vote Julia out
September 3, 1:19pm (Cam 1) – Veto Competition practise
September 3, 3:20pm (Cam 3) – Austin talks about his EX
September 4, 2:14am (Cam 1) – Steve’s HOH room reveal
September 4, 10:50am (Cam 4) – Steve trying to wake up Liztin for talk about putting them up
September 4, 5:05pm (Cam 3) – Steve acts sad with Julia and then goes to BR to let loose the smiles.
September 5, 3:34 pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve asks JMac if he is throwing HOHs & if he is America’s player.
September 5, 3:44 pm (Cam 3/4) – Austin asks Vanessa what she said to Liz to make her mad at him. Vanessa says that Liz says he’s no Clay
September 5, 5:50 pm (Cam 1/2) – Vanessa talks to Liz & Julia & tries to smooth things out for Austin.
September 5, 6:27 pm (Cam 3/4) – Vanessa tells Austin to take off the veto necklace because its insensitive for the twins.
September 5 10:43pm (Cam 3/4) – Austin spots John in weight lifting
September 6, 1:00am (Cam 1/2) – Liz & Julia hear Jmac in the DR & run to listen. Production tells them to stop that!
September 6, 9:41 pm (Cam 3/4) – Vanessa & Austin talk about getting to final 3 & how things could play out with whoever wins the next HOHs
September 7, 3:27pm (Cam 1/2 ) – Production puts Austin on blast for not washing his hands
September 7, 2:17am (Cam 3/4) – Monday night Potball
September 8, 6:39pm (Cam 2) – Labor Day Alcohol delivery
September 10, 1:41pm (Cam 2) – They shave John’s backhair
September 10, 8:02pm (Cam3) – The disgusting eating ritual of Austin
September 12, 11:07pm (Cam3/4) – Liz talks to the camera about missing Julia, about their twin relationship & her BB experience.
September 13, 4:19pm (Cam 1) – Photobooth fun
September 13, 5:26pm (Cam 3) – They get cupcakes from the Feeders!
September 18, 8:26pm (Cam 1) – Jenga fun
September 20, 2:05am (Cam3/4) – Steve practices his speech to evict Vanessa.
September 20, 10:15pm (Cam 3) – Fondue Fun
September 22, 3:30pm (Cam 2) – Beauty prepping for the finale
September 22, 9:32pm (Cam 3) – Last PotBallgame

June 25, 9:43:18pm (Cam 1) – Austin and Jace talk shit about Jeff.
June 26, 12:07:05am (Cam 1) – Jason, Audrey and Jackie talk about how awkward Steve is.
June 27, 10:31:00pm (Cam 1/2) – Jace venting to Liz about being shushed.
June 28, a little after 11:35 am (Cam3/4) – Audrey bashing Austin and he walks by..OOPS
July 1, 2:10:20:00am (Cam 3/4) – Meg ranting in the HoH room about Jace.
July2, 1:30:00am (Cam 4) Jason and crew talk smack about Audrey
July 6, 3:32:00 (Cam 3/4) – Da’Vonne notices differences in Liz and talks to Jason
July 8, 7:22:00pm (Cam2) -Shots fired at Frankie Grande by Jason…..ZING
July 8, 8:50:00pm (Cam 3) – Da’Vonne talks to cameras about Audrey
July 13, 6:14 pm (Cam 4)  – Jeff rants with Jackie, James  for more than an hour.
July 14, 6:48pm (Cam 1) –  Austin tells Audrey in the kitchen that he is mad Jeff is working Liz
July 15, 12:19am (Cam 4)  – Jason going off about Frankie Grande
July 15, 8:38pm (Cam 2)  – Jeff calling Vanessa names with Meg.
July 16,10:38am(Cam 2)   Jeff talking to Liz. Calls Austin a little bitch.
July 16,10:38am(Cam 2) – Jeff smack talks Austin to Liz.
July 16, 2:01pm (Cam 4) – Liz tells Austin what Jeff was saying earlier
July 20, 11;29am (Cam 2) – Jackie Meg and Jason talking about Audrey
July 20, 3:51pm (Cam 3) – Audrey re-enters house after several hours in DR
July 22, 2:19am (Cam 4) – Wed Jason and Jackie talking about their earlier conversation today saying Austin has to go then the twins
July 22, 10:26am (Cam 2) – Clay and Shelli talk about more alliances and getting Austin out
July 23, 2:45am (Cam 1) – Vanessa Shelli Clay talk over the Austin and twin thing
July 24, 3:57pm (Cam 2) – Final WhackStreet Boys performance
July 24, 6:52pm (Cam 2) – Jason and James talk post-BoB
July 26, 8:16pm(quad) – Jason and Meg talking loudly about Austin
July 27, 10:46pm (Cam1/2) – Clay selling Vanessa under the bus with John. Cams 3/4 Vanessa selling out Clay and Shelli
July 28, 3:58am (Cam 1) – James and Jason compare notes
July 28, 7:24pm (Cam 3) – Meg and Jackie plotting how to get Shelli out.
July 29, 2:09am (Cam 1) – Jackie getting fired up  w/Jason in the bathroom. A must see.
July 29, 5:29pm (Cam 1) – Jackie vents about Clelli
July 30, 9:18pm (Cam 1) –  Liz and Julia talk about Austin
July 31, 12:41am (Cam 2) – Jackie James Meg Becky in HOH and Becky sells out Shelli
August 2, 4:32pm(Cam 2) – Clelli plan to throw Austin Liz and Julia UTB
August 3, 5:07am (Cam 3) – Clay Shelli James in HOH throwing Vanessa under the bus
August 8, 7:45 pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve slips and almost tells Vanessa she’s leaving, she doesn’t catch it
August 8, 7:45 pm (Cam 1/2) – Becky tells Meg & Jackie about everything Vanessa told her about not trusting all of them.
August 10, 12:20am (Cam 1) – Vanessa tells Steve she will blow up Becky’s game if she is the replacement.
August 10, 11:58am (Cam 1/2) – Vanessa spills about The Generals to James, Meg and Jackie
August 11, 5:55 pm (Cam1/2) – Vanessa tells James everything about Becky playing both sides
August 23, 12:29am (Cam2) – Julia & Liz make fun of Steve and not in a fun way
August 23, 6:46pm (Cam 1) – Liz and Julia about her being more attracted to boyfriend Ryan then Austin
August 26, 9:12:10am (Quad) – Rare glimpse of the morning wake up call
August 26, 8:52am (Quad) – BB Sling Band
August 27, 11:30PM (Cam1/2) – James and Meg talk before going to Vanessa
August 27, 11:56PM (Cam 3/4) – Meg and James talk to HOH Vanessa
September 2, 6:06pm (Cam 4) – Liz and Julia being trashing Meg and Steve
September 8, 1:40 pm (Cam 1/2) – The Austwins talk about Vanessa having F2’s with everyone.
September 13, 1:57pm (Cam 1/2) – Austin’s planned eviction speech to ridicule Steve.
September 16, 6:07pm (1/2/3/4) – Vanessa, Steve & Liz talk about JMac.

June 27, 08:56:24pm (Quad) – Jace streaks the backyard.
June 27, 01:20:00am (Cam 3) – Jason acting out humping charades.
June 27, 12:05:00am (Cam 1) – Jackie bikini sprint / @12:15:13 Cam 2 Working that walk tho.
June 29, 08:30:30pm (Cam 3/4)– Jeff and Meg in bed together, Liz and Steve join
June 30, 11:56:00pm (Cam 3/4) – Meg and Clay hammock “date”
July 1, 5:11:00am (Cam1/2) – Is Jace bating? You decide
July 3, 4:42:00am (Cam1/2) – Clay tries for a kiss
July9. 8:15:00pm (Cam3/4) – Jeff talks to Liz in bed….is he bating?
July 10. 4:55am (Cam1/2) – Austin talks noms with Liz, one hand on him, one hand on her
July 13, 2:35am (Cam 2) John tells Steve he likes Becky
July 15, TIME 12:37 (Cam 1/2 ) – Austin’s Love Pentagon
July 17, 3:22pm (Cam 4) – Shelli got Clay heated up wink wink nudge nudge
July 19, 12:24 pm (cam 1 ) – Austin breaks up w gf on the feeds
July 21, 10:39:20 (Cam3) – Jason stares down Clay’s butt.
July 25, 1:56am (Cam 4) – Austin kisses Liz
July 27, 11:44pm (Cam 2) – Austin and Liz hammock time.
July 28, 1:48am (Cam 2) – We find out who Steve’s crush is
August 1, 5:14am (Cam 1/2) – Austin gropes an asleep Liz in the dentist chair
August 1 6:07pm (Cam 1) – Clay asks Meg to vote for Shelli to stay Meg makes a play for Clay
August 3, 4:14pm (Cam 2 ) – Liz and Austin getting up close and personal
August 3, 7:26pm (Cam 1) – Mon John makes his moves Julia (really not so sexy 🙂 )
August 4, 12:30:54 PM (Cam 1 ) – mystery hanky panky under the covers?
August 4, 10:27pm (Cam1/2) Clelli first kiss!
August 7, 2:54am (Cam 3/4) – Austin’s fondles a sleeping Liz where she does NOT approve.
August 10, 1:03am (Cam 3/4 ) – Liz kisses Austin
August 17, 7:05pm   (Cam 3/4)– Austin fingers Liz AGAIN
August 18, 12:18am   (Cam3/4) – Austin & Liz talke about feelings
August 18, 2:37am  (Cam 1) – Makeout session w Austin/Liz
August 18, 3:18am  (Cam 1 ) – Liz/Austin finger banging AGAIN
September 2, 4:00am (Cam 1) – Liz and Austin actually do it
September 5, 12:00am (Cam 1) – Steve changes in HOH shower and cam zooms in
September 6, 10:54am  (Cam3&4) – Liz & Austin making up from previous night’s post-veto drama

June 25, 10:37:54pm (Cam 1/2) Vanessa’s continues breakdown, John tries consoling her
June 27, 03:31:20pm (Quad) – Shelli/Clay. “I don’t know why i’m crying”
June 28, 03:38:30pm (Cam 3/4) – Vanessa and group consoling and building up Jace
June 28, 01:42:40pm (Cam 1/2) – Jace gives the middle finger to the cameras.
June 30, 11:19:10pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve comforting a crying Audrey under the covers. “You’re still human”
June 30, 01:59:40pm (Cam 1/2) – Jason ranting about Audrey.
June 30, 03:34:00am (Cam 1/2) – Group, making fun of Steve AGAIN
July 1, 1:08:40:00am (Cam 3/4) – Jace loses his mind on EVERYBODY in the backyard
July 2, 7:06:00am (Cam1/2) – Da’Vonne cries in the bathroom…get it together girl
July 2, 5:11:20am (Cam1/2) – Liz freaking out about being on the block as a replacement
July 8, 6:26:00pm (Cam 2) – Audrey cries worrying about what her mother would think

July 9, 2:10om (Cam1) – Meg has a pre eviction episode breakdown
July 15, 1:25pm (Cam 2) – Vanessa tells Austin some of her backstory
July 19, 3:34pm (Cam 4) – Clay goes up to HOH room and Audrey is still there crying.
July 20,1:37am (Cam 1) – Vanessa consoles Audrey who went to her to talk.
July 20, 2:42am (Cam 2) – James being sweet in the moment towards Audrey.
July 22, 9:19pm (Cam 3) – Audrey putting on a musical number in the HN
July 31, 5:50pm (Cam 3/4) – Clay and Shelli upset
August 6, 3:18 pm (Cam 2) – Van asks JMac and Clay if they are gay lovers (the paranoia is real with this one)
August 10, 11:52 am (Cam 1/2)  – Van confronts Becky in back yard. Conversation gets heated, Becky walks off.
August 10, 11:32 am (Quad) Austin, liz and julia go into comic room to console Vanessa
August 10, 11:56am (Cam 1/2)  Vanessa goes through kitchen to report that Becky was mean to her and yelled at her .
August 10, 11:32 am (Quad) – Austwins console Vanessa about the blindside
August 10, 7:50 pm (3/4) – Vanessa says she has no friends & her friends suck, Austin tries to comfort her.
August 16, 7:54pm (Cam3/4) – Vanessa melts down
August 12, 1:46pm (Cam 4) – Johnny Mac goes to Shelly upset, we’re in trouble,to get becky out
August 18, 1:47am (Cam 1)– Liz tells Steve/Jmac of Van/Austin F2 deal. John flips out
August 19, 2:00am (Cam 3/4) – Steve opens up to Vanessa about himself
August 19, 9:40am (Cam3/4) – Becky in pain from an infection in her big toe, 5 hrs & no medic or doc yet
August 19, 4:17am (Cam 2) – Johnny Mac comforts Becky’s toe pain with some kind words
August 20, 9:35pm (Cam1/2) – Becky’s final plea
Ausust 20, 10:32pm (Cam3/4) – Becky breaks down to John
September 4, 11:31am (Cam 1/2) – Liz tells Julia that she knows she is going on the block with Austin.
September 4, 12:31pm (Cam 1/2) – Vanessa tries to make Steve feel better about his upcoming nominations.
September 4, 4:59 pm (Cam 1/2) – The feeds come back & Liz is crying because she is on the block
September 5, 3:05 pm (Cam 1/2) – feeds come back after the veto. Van, Liz & Julia are very upset with Austin.
September 8, 1:30 pm (Cam 4) – Twins break down
September 16, 12:08am (1/2) – Steve has a breakdown. He’s upset that he lost the veto
September 19, 1:15am (Cam 3) – Liz gets emotional
September 22, 1:03pm (Cam 3/4) – Steve asks Vanessa if Liz was crying. Vanessa tells him yes

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