Did you catch that HUGE FIGHT on the #CBBUS feeds yesterday?  What about the latest twist Julie dropped on the #BBCeleb house?  Did you see who the hot new showmance is?   No, well then good thing we are here for you for the first Celebrity Big Brother Season in the USA!  Below you will find our list for what we think are thee most “flashback worthy” events of the season.  So make sure you check back often because this will be constantly updated all season!  And follow our special twitter account @CBBUSLiveFeeds for 24/7 live feed updates! 



Feb 18, 11:37am (Cam 3/4) Ross campaigns to Mark & James WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 12:00am (Cam All) Who wants to see Omarosa’s HoH room? WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 12:35am (Cam 1/2) Ross has never been this upset since Trump won! WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 11:33am (Cam 1/2) Marissa asks Omarosa if she is nominating her for eviction
Feb 17, 3:53pm (Cam 1/2) Omarosa asks Metta if he will vote out Ross WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 3:56pm (Cam 1/2) Omarosa goes to James to ask if he will vote out Ross WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 4:27pm (Cam 1/2) Mark & James talk, Ross needs to go! WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 4:45pm (Cam 1/2) Omarosa tells Marissa she is going after Brandi WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 7:05pm (Cam 3/4) James talks to America WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 8:00pm (Cam 3/4) Ari figures out Omarosa’s plan with Marissa WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 8:32pm (Cam 1/2) Brandi explainsi why she voted for Shannon WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 8:32pm (Cam 3/4) Ari figured out the Omarosa, James & Mark alliance WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 10:39pm (Cam 3/4) Pop is throwing a margarita party WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 10:59pm (Cam All) Brandi calls out James in front of everyone WATCH HERE!
Feb 17, 11:45pm (Cam 1/2) Ross asks Brandi what she thinks the twist will be WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 7:08pm (Cam All) HoH competition begins WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 7:29pm (Cam 1/2) Metta first one down WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 7:36pm (Cam 1/2) Ross second one down WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 8:00pm (Cam 1/2) Mark goes down WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 8:02pm (Cam 1/2) Marissa could not hold it any longer WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 8:25pm (Cam 1/2) Brandi goes down WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 8:25pm (Cam 1/2) James is making a deal with Omarosa WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 8:27pm (Cam All) Omarosa is HoH WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 8:54pm (Cam All) Feeds back after HoH comp WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 9:16am (Cam 1/2) Crew wants to back door James next HoH  WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 12:19pm (Cam 3/4) Shannon campaigns to Ross, Marissa one more time  WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 12:32pm (Cam 1/2) Ross & Mark talk about Shannon’s mood  WATCH HERE!
Feb 16, 12:41pm (Cam 1/2) Marissa, Ross share with Ari, & Brandi what Shannon said  WATCH HERE!
Feb 15, 9:34pm (Cam 3/4) Omarosa tells Shannon put up Ross & Marissa  WATCH HERE!
Feb 15, 3:1pm (Cam 1/2) Peter gets a makeover  WATCH HERE!
Feb 14, 11:14pm (Cam All) Valentines Delivery to the houseguests  WATCH HERE!
Feb 14, 12:31am (Cam 1/2) Ross & Ari talk about Shannon in HoH WATCH HERE!
Feb 14, 10:16am (Cam 1/2) Brandi tells Shannon, James is the target WATCH HERE!
Feb 14, 1:20pm (Cam 3/4) Marissa tells Ross about a conversation she had with Brandi WATCH HERE!
Feb 14, 1:29pm (Cam 1/2) Brandi, Ari talk to Ross & Marissa about who they want to go home.
Feb 13, 11:05am (Cam 3/4) Ari, Marissa, Ross question if Omarosa is loyal? WATCH HERE!
Feb 13, 3:43pm (Cam 1/2) Ross & James talk about the situation WATCH HERE!
Feb 13, 9:02pm (Cam 3/4 James & Shannon talk WATCH HERE!
Feb 13, 12:31pm (Cam 1/2) Brandi and Marissa talk about Shannon WATCH HERE!
Feb. 12 7:12pm (Cam All) BB gives houseguests “you got to be kidding me” WATCH HERE!
Feb 12, 7:18pm (Cam All) BB gives houseguests “wo wo” WATCH HERE!
Feb 12, 7:24pm (Cam All) BB zings Marissa WATCH HERE!
Feb 12, 7:35pm (Cam 3/4) Omarosa & Marissa talk game before HoHWATCH HERE!
Feb 12, 10:51pm (Cam All) Feeds back after HoH. Ari is new HoHWATCH HERE!
Feb  12, 11:09pm (Cam 3/4) Metta dancing in the shower WATCH HERE!
Feb 11, 6:39pm (Cam 1/2) Omarosa explains to Keshia what really happened w/ Shannon WATCH HERE!
Feb  11, 7:52pm (Cam All) BB gets houseguests with “you got to be kidding me” WATCH HERE!
Feb 11, 11:07pm (Cam 3/4) Ross, Ari, Brandi, Marissa, discuss how to back door Shannon WATCH HERE!
Feb 11, 12:39am Cam 1/2) Marissa & Ross think Metta is America’s Favorite Player WATCH HERE!
Feb 11, 9:41am (Cam 1/2) Ross and Brandi in HoH talk about making a big move WATCH HERE!
Feb 11, 9:45am (Cam 3/4) Omarosa, Marissa, Keshia talk about how Metta needs to go WATCH HERE!
Feb 11, 2:03pm (Cam 3/4) Ross, Marissa, Brandi, talk about who they want to keep WATCH HERE!
Feb 10, 3:04am (Cam ALL) Feeds are back after Ross wins HoH WATCH HERE!
Feb 10, 9:23am (Cam 1/2) Mark tells crew that Ross got info Omarosa was ok WATCH HERE!
Feb 10, 5:19pm (Cam 3/4) Ross and Metta talk game WATCH HERE!
Feb 10, 8:23pm (Cam 3/4) Ross talks to Omarosa about going on the block WATCH HERE!
Feb 10. 8:45pm (Cam 1/2) Brandi and Ari want Oma/Keshia over James, Shannon, Mark WATCH HERE!
Feb 10, 3:12am (Cam 1/2) Tea time Is Omarosa coming back? & Metta’s escape   WATCH HERE!
Feb 9, 12:47am (Cam 3/4) Ari talking to James about votes   WATCH HERE!
Feb 9, 7:57pm (Cam3/4) Omarosa I did not come to know the bitchy  Shannon   WATCH HERE!
Feb 9, 12:41am (Cam 3/4) Marissa and Ross talk about Ari   WATCH HERE!
Feb 8, 12:35am (Cam 3/4) Ross spills some tea on James   WATCH HERE!
Feb 8, 12:44am (Cam 1/2) Chuck & James say BB just gave them a speech about Race   WATCH HERE!
Feb 8, 7:30am (Cam 1/2) Omarosa and Marissa talk about how crazy it was last night   WATCH HERE!
Feb 8, 10:08pm (Cam 1/2) Chuck teaches Ross and Brandi how to punch  WATCH HERE!
Feb 8, 12:20pm (Cam ALL) Card in Kitchen iPad in the speak easy  WATCH HERE!
Feb 7, 11:16pm (CAM 3) Mark/Brandi argue in backyard. WATCH HERE!

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