Vanderpump Recap: All Fired Up!


Vanderpump Rules - Season 3The drama was in full force at SUR this week as the outcome from Scheana’s birthday party played out.

Lisa is interviewing new bartenders for PUMP. A few members from SUR come over to be interviewed, however Lisa wants all new people here. They will bring less drama she believes.

Ariana takes care of Tom the next day after the fight. Tom is pretty beat up and it’s very visible. She begins to ask him again about the rumors of the girl from MIA. He says the rumors are ridiculous and that they are false. Kristen is just bringing them up because she is crazy and wants Ariana and Tom to break up.

Schwartz and Jax go to the tattoo parlor to get Jax’s Stassi tattoo covered up. You should know people, that Jax already has one of the two girls that he is currently dating tattooed on his body ALREADY.

Tom shows up to SUR to find Kristen and her new boyfriend are working the same shift as him. Jax says that Scheana was in the hospital until 6:00 am getting her foot taken care of. Tom admits he was too drunk to text therefore he sent her a video of him apologizing.

Lisa shows up at SUR and corners Katie to find out what went down at the birthday party. She has heard rumors that Schwartz threw a punch. With him coming over to work at PUMP Lisa doesn’t like this. She says that if this keeps up she doesn’t want him to come work there.

Scheana shows up at SUR to have dinner. Katie is shocked that she is showing her face here. James comes over to tell her that he is sorry and that the entire fight was Tom’s fault. Scheana says that she is taking a break from he and Kristen and she’s over their drama.

Jax finally has a sit down with both of his women. He first sits down with Tiffany and lets her know about Carmen. Before sitting down with Carmen and letting her know that he doesn’t want to hurt her. She goes off on him and it might be the best thing of the entire episode.

What did you guys think of the episode? Are you team Kristen or team Ariana? Let me know in the comments below!


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