UPDATED: #BB18 Secret Room Discovered!


UPDATE: Around 5:40pmBBT on Monday 7/25, Paul cracked the code! Big Brother displayed on the TV screen that “there are clues all around you” which only a few houseguests saw. They began searching and other houseguests began waking up from their naps. Ultimately, Paul figured out that he had to dial P-A-R-I-S in the phone booth upstairs outside of the HOH room. It unlocked a door to a tunnel and he went in while other houseguests watched from outside the phone booth. The card inside of the room that is picture below revealed that there 12 plane tickets. 11 were one-way tickets and 1 was a round trip ticket, all are sealed. The tickets cannot be opened until that houseguest is evicted. He could only select one ticket and couldn’t come back and trade. So basically, multiple houseguests can go into this secret room to select a ticket. Paul exited the room and told them he got to choose from a group of cards and that it was a round trip ticket somewhere but that he wouldn’t find out until he’s evicted. He also lied and said the code was a sum of the numbers on the Departures board. The other houseguests quickly caught on that this could probably be obtained by multiple people. After other houseguests tried, Victor ultimately cracked the code as well. Other houseguests will most likely continue figuring it out throughout the evening. This will only reveal that Paul blatantly lied to them about the details of the secret room.

At the end of 2Friday’s special episode for the Battle Back competition, Julie Chen revealed that there are more twists to come! Pandora’s Box? Diamond Power of Veto? Jury buyback? Coup d’etat? All of these are yet to be known BUT what we do now is that there is a secret room. If you watched Big Brother in the past, the secret room is the room that was used for the 2nd HOH during BB17 and BB16 and for Pandora’s Box in previous seasons. Julie stated that “another twist is about to be unleashed.” Throughout the BB house, there are clues that will lead the houseguests to a secret room. What lies within this secret room? That is unknown but we will soon find out! Julie stated “Any houseguest that figures it [the clues]out will unlock the secret room and could gain a power to change their fate in the Big Brother house.” We also know that the secret room will only be in play for the next 4 weeks.


Did Big Brother give the houseguests word that this secret room needed to be discovered? The clues that lead to the secret room have been in the house all season. Michelle and Paul heard drilling in the secret room so they are weary that something’s up. Michelle also referred to the secret room in a room that had Paulie, Zakiyah, Paul, and Victor so at the very least, they are suspicious as well. The houseguests will discover the secret room if they do the following: Look at the 4 posters in each themed room and notice the green words say ‘Secret Destination Departing Now’, go to the Departure board and see that Paris is departing now, look at the plan and see that it says “Call” on one side and “Paris” on the other side in the windows of the plan, dial 211 in the upstairs phone booth since Paris is flight 211.

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Above are the pictures of the Paris room.  And if you aren’t aware of the POV spoilers check out our SPOILERS PAGE.  Because I have a feeling I know who will discover this room now.  And you know what else is French besides Paris… a Coup d’état!  So yea.  Get ready!


Who will discover this secret room? Will it change their fate in the house? We will keep investigating through conversation on the feeds to see if we can find these answers before they’re revealed on the show! Julie Chen advised us to tune in Sunday to see if the secret room is discovered so be sure to tune into the episode in case we don’t get to see it all play out on the feeds!

Special thanks to @BigBrotherNet and @BspoilerB for the pics on twitter!


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