“The Bachelorette” recap: Episodes 3 & 4


ANDI DORFMAN, BOYZ II MENThis week we were treated to an extra two hours of ABC’s The Bachelorette in a two night special event and one thing was certain, it did not disappoint! The tears were flowing, the drama was high and the event ended in a shocking exit!

Andi Dorfman packed her bags and her men and they made their way from Los Angeles, California to Santa Barbra, California for the week’s events. Nick V. was awarded the first one-on-one of the trip, and it seemed as if he wasn’t too thrilled about it. The way it appears is that Nick isn’t taking the full advantage of the time at the mansion and the experience of being on The Bachelorette. The viewers aren’t the only ones noticing it either; Marcus had a heart-to-heart with one of the other guys to show their frustration about Nick. Saying that he’s getting the one-on-one and most likely a rose, but doesn’t seem to be as invested as the other suitors at the mansion. For their date, Andi has planned a hike and an afternoon riding bikes followed up by the usual dinner. While at the dinner Nick went into a conversation about his past relationship, much to the other guys’ views, Andi seems into Nick and she gave him a rose.

The group date in Santa Barbra was by far one of the best in Bachelor/Bachelorette history! 90’s music sensation Boyz II Men joined Andi and her group of men to practice for an upcoming outdoor concert in which the suitors will be performing at! The men were given the task to sing “I’ll Make Love to You” perhaps one of the most iconic Boyz II Men songs. It definitely had us all covering our ears as none of the men had that great of a singing voice. Opera singer Bradley even wasn’t that great, he tried to sing opera which didn’t match that of the style of the song. Josh M. had a minor setback during the performance he forgot the words! Luckily, he was able to quickly recover and make it seem ok. At least to Andi it seemed ok, because she ended up giving him the group date rose.

ANDI DORFMAN, J JThe last one-on-one of the Santa Barbra leg of this love saga was awarded to JJ. This date was a totally awkward and ill fitting to the couple as they were put through a makeover process and prosthetics and made to look like an elderly couple. The makeup jobs were both done extremely well and they both looked senior status, however it didn’t make much sense and a random type of date. The couple got their fair share of looks while on their date. JJ was still able to mesmerize Andi even with liver spots and no hair! He was awarded a rose at the end of the date.

Bradley the opera singer and Brett the hairstylist were announced as the two men who would not continue on this love fest with Andi.

Night two was a cold one! The show traveled from the sunny skies of California to the frigid cold that is Connecticut. Dylan was given the first one-on-one of the trip. For their date they took a train ride across the city and had an intimate dinner…well they sat at a table with food. Do they EVER EAT? Throughout the date the conversation varied about many different things including Dylan’s eight-year relationship. Then things took a saddening turn, Dylan told Andi about his sister and brother who both had tragically died a young age due to substance abuse and depression. This was an extremely emotional moment and I’m sure didn’t leave a dry eye in the country last night. Obviously, Dylan was given a rose at the end of the date.

Another fun group date awaited the guys here in Connecticut! They met Andi and played basketball with some of the WNBA’s shining stars (These ladies were TALL!) After a short game of ball against the WNBA members, the men were split into two teams with the winning one getting to continue the group date. Some of these guys did not take losing easily. Basketball coach Brian was awarded the group date rose.

ANDI DORFMANMarcus got the last one-on-one. They went scaled a 30-story building! Talk about scary! It had many of the viewer’s palms sweating I know mine did! Of course Marcus got the rose at the end of that date. I mean if you risk your life scaling a 30-story building you can probably count on getting a rose!

This is when the sadness continued. At the end of trip cocktail party Eric pulled Andi aside and let her know that she had a poker face and that he didn’t think she was being real with him. The two quickly got into an argument and Andi took to her own defense, which lead to Eric quitting the show.

Now, at the end of the episode Chris Harrison did a sit-down interview with Andi to discuss the passing of Eric Hill not too long after his unexpected exit from the show. I along with Beamly host Kellie Williams agreed that it could have been done a bit differently and that it came off as a bit tacky. In the fact they focused more on Andi and how it affected her instead of how it impacted Eric’s family. On the other hand my Recap Show Co-Host Dana Goodyear disagrees. Saying that at the end theres no way to edit the show to make everyone happy. They did what they did and could have bigger things planned for the end of the season. Which is very possible!

What did you guys think of the two-night event? Let me know in the comments below! For more Bachelorette in your lives check out Dana and I’s recap show! We’re live every Tuesday at 3pm Est/2 pm Ct HERE. to watch our past episodes click HERE!


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