‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 6: Blog Recap



Last nights episode of “The Bachelorette” was put trust to the test as she had the men partake in a lie detector test! It was an intense episode that ended with a guy get cut while on his date!

The men arrived in town on a boat that brought them right to the heart of the city. Andi joined them after their arrival to welcome to Italy. She also threw a major curveball and announced that there would be a one-on-one date starting right then! Obviously, everyone assumed it’d be Cody. Cody, a personal trainer from Kansas, is the only guy left in the competition to not have a received a one-on-one.

However, Andi told the men that the one-on-one was with Nick! This was a total kick in the gut to Cody who was fully expecting to hear his name for this date. The other men were shocked as well; they all assumed that it was going to be Cody.

Andi believed that she needed more time with Nick to see where things were after his actions last week (to find out just what happened read HERE) As a fan of the show for many years one thing is clear after this news, that Andi clearly must have feelings for him and that we need to keep an eye out for Nick.

After a romantic date and dinner Andi did the UNTHINKABLE (sarcasm) and she gave Nick the rose at the end of their date because he told her he loved her and all her skepticism that she had about him was thrown out the window. (Totally am off this Andi bandwagon after this!)

For her group date, Andi took JJ, Josh, Marcus, Brian, Dylan, and Chris to tour a historic castle in Venice. Which looked completely eerie from both the outside and the inside. What Andi wanted to see on this date was that if it’s all about honesty, she revealed that all of the men would be partaking in a lie detector test. The men were all completely freaking out over taking this test! Worrying about how accurate these were (Have something to hide gentlemen?) Some of these questions were completely outlandish; do we really care to know that Dylan doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom?

Finally we found out who this secret admirer is! It was revealed during Chris’ lie detector test that he was indeed the secret admirer that she’s been receiving letters from the past few weeks. To cap off the group date Andi ended the date giving the rose to Chris at the end of the cocktail party. (Couldn’t see that one coming! Again sarcasm.)

For her last one-on-one of this leg of the trip is given to Cody. Its theme is Romeo and Juliet (should be a red flag that something will go wrong.) While Cody seems totally into this Romeo/Juliet type scenario, Andi doesn’t. She literally winces at some of the moments in which Cody is saying stuff to her.

She ends up cutting him off while talking to him and saying that she only sees a friendship with him and she must end this now. (No, literally, she does.) Telling him that she can’t send him to next week and he is sent packing right then.

At the rose ceremony Josh, Dylan, Brian, and Marcus each receive a rose in addition to Chris and Nick from earlier. Meaning that JJ was sent packing.

We are down to the final six are you happy with them? What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments below! 

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