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This week Andi traveled to her mens hometowns as she is nearing the end to this crazy journey for love that she is on known as The Bachelorette. 

For her first of the hometowns we travel to Milwaukee. Nick lives here as does his family. All season long Nick has been the “villain” and to me the closest thing we’ve ever come to in getting a male Courtney Robertson. However, Andi clearly sees something in him that we aren’t seeing I mean he’s made it this far! They take a brewery tour before going to meet the family.

His family is HUGE! The family gives the Duggars a run for their money. Ok, not really but there are a lot of them. His sister grills him while she’s there, and his mother gets emotional because she knows he’s going to make a great husband because of how great a son he was. Before leaving Andi is able to name off all of the family members in the photos on the wall. (How many takes do we think that one took?)

Next, Andi travels to Arlington to see Chris. Chris lives and works on a farm here. Andi reveals that this is the first guy she’s ever dated that owned a house. All of her prior relationships have lived in apartments. They tour the farm and have a picnic and Chris has a plane fly over them with a sky message of “Chris loves Andi”.

Chris’ family was cute and excited to meet her. Like Andi, Chris’ mom was a big city girl and gave it up to come live in the country with Chris’ dad. She lets Chris and Andi know that it’s possible and she could love it here on the farm.

Josh’s family in Tampa Bay was next. This hometown was centered all on Josh’s brother it seemed like. The family just made it seem like if Josh’s brother, Aaron were to get drafted would Andi be ready to come to all the NFL games.

We didn’t get any grilling or anything out of the family. There was one sweet moment when Aaron took Andi aside and said that he knows this is a crazy time but that it’s Josh’s turn to be happy.

The last hometown was Marcus in Dallas. Now last week we found out all the information about Marcus’ family and his history with them. So Andi knew she was walking into something. Before their meeting of the family Marcus took Andi to a strip club a recreated the group date from week 2 where he was a stripper for her.

At the family visit Marcus’ sister tells Andi that she believes Marcus is too over caring and that he needs to let some things go and just do things. We also learn Andi is only the second woman Marcus has dated that he has brought around his family.

After hometowns we watch as the final 4 and Andi learn the tragic loss of Eric Hill. This was a tough pill to swallow watching it. Marcus and Andi were both visibly upset while they others were very quiet and you couldn’t get too much of a read on them holding back their emotions. A moment later the crew put down all cameras and came over to comfort the men and Andi as they all cried.

At the rose ceremony Marcus was sent packing and we are left with Nick, Chris and Josh. What did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below! 

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