‘The Bachelorette’ Ep 7 Blog Recap


rs_634x1024-140630194503-634.Andi-Dorfman-Josh-M-The-Bachelorette.ms.063014This week the competition got stiff as Andi and her suitors traveled to Brussels, Belgium on their quest for love.

Chris Harrison lets us know that there will be two one-on-ones this trip as well as a group date. However, unlike the usual way Chris revealed that Andi wouldn’t be giving roses on one-on-one’s this week. That if you’re on the group date you have the chance of getting a rose. If not then you’re left wondering till the end of trip rose ceremony.

Marcus receives the first one-on-one of the trip. They take the usual trip around the city and just eat random local things. Their evening dinner is where things got deep. Marcus revealed very emotional things about his family dynamic growing up and the state of his relationship throughout his adult life with his family should Andi come to his hometown next week.

After Marcus’ one-on-one Nick sneaks out of his room and down to Andi’s. He is able to swoon her into going for a walk, which basically turns out to be an extra one-on-one for him. While the two connect well together, how this entire scenario went down was total creeper Courtney Robertson style move.

Josh receives the second one-on-one. They again do some more walking around and see a parade, which Josh thinks is “phenomenal”. After, they visit a castle that was totally eerie looking. While they are there Andi backs Josh into a corner (figuratively) and gets him to open up and say that he loves her.

For the group date, the remaining men are taken to a monastery where there is no kissing allowed (of course Andi broke the rules and stepped outside to kiss one of the men. This is The Bachelorette people!) The person who receives the rose on the group date gets to continue on the group date while the rest of the men are sent back to the hotel. Nick receives the group date and he gets even more alone time with Andi.

At the rose ceremony Nick was already safe. Josh, Nick, and Marcus all received a rose advancing to hometowns. Brian and Dylan (I know, who?) were sent packing.

What did you guys think of the episode? Are you happy with who is left for hometowns? Let me know in the comments below! 

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