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ANDI DORFMAN, CHRISThings got steamy and wild this week on Andi Dorfman‘s search for love on ABC’s The Bachelorette. As she watched her suitors skimp down to barely nothing and someone had way to much to drink.

This episode featured the first dates of the season. Chris Harrison announced their would be two one-on-one dates in addition to a group date. Up first, a one-on-one. Eric Hill was awarded the first solo date with Andi and it was a perfect fit for the two! A daytime adventure on the beach before heading up to Bear Mountain where they got a snowboarding lesson from Louie Vito, an olympic gold medalist. This date was right up Eric’s, a guy who is trying to travel around the world to every country, alley. After the snowboarding lesson the two gathered around a fire in a cabin on Bear Mountain Lake. Over the course of dinner is where we saw that Eric and Andi have great chemistry and that Eric is quite a catch that seems very down to earth. Eric revealed that to have a family and a wife he would give up his dream of traveling around the globe if he meets the right one.

For her group date, Andi brought along many of the guys to a Bachelor Gives Back charity event where things got…HOT! The men found out that they would be divided into groups and that they would be partaking in a strip performance. All of the guys seemed to be freaking out at the thought of jumping on stage and letting their inner Magic Mike come out. There was one exception to this panic stricken group…Cody Sattler. He was ecstatic at the fact of getting on the stage. Marcus and Nick S. were given the challenge of doing solo performances. None of them seemed to be too terribly awful when it came to the main stage. Andi was joined by her Bachelor: Season 18 cast mates Sharleen Joynt and Kelly Travis to watch the performances.

After the exotic dancing, the men were taken to a mansion to have dinner and drinks with Andi. This is were things began to turn ugly in the episode. Craig Muhlbauer, was involved in the classic one to many drinks incident and he didn’t let his alcohol level get in his way in talking with Andi. He made a complete fool of himself and asked her embarrassing and awkward questions, and later ended the night in running around the house naked and jumping into the pool. Needless to say, our bachelorette was not pleased and didn’t let it phase her and continued on with the rest of the men on the group date.

For the final one-on-one, Andi attended a horse race with Chris Soules. The two watched a race and placed bets on the race but it didn’t seem like much was there. After the race, the two did go to dinner where Chris revealed that he had been once engaged to an old college girlfriend but he had called it off. Saying that the moment he asked his girlfriend to marry him he knew it was the wrong decision. Andi loved that he was a stand up enough guy to call off the engagement.

At the rose ceremony all of the men tried to get their word in edgewise, but ultimately three were sent packing. Crais Muhlbauer, Nick Stutter, and Carl King were sent home without a rose.

What did you think of the dates this week? Did you agree with Andi’s decision to send the men packing? Let me know in the comments below! For even more Bachelorette in your life check out Dana and I’s video recap of the episode HERE and you can catch our Bachelorette Recap Show LIVE every Tuesday at 3pm Eastern/2 pm Central HERE!


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