Shahs of Sunset Ep 9 “Something You Just Have to Drink It Off” Blog Recap


asa-diamond-water-launchIt’s a New Year and new drama for our favorite Persians in Beverly Hills. Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset is finally back with new episodes after the holidays and needless to say this episode did not disappoint! Reza and MJ (PS I am loving them back to being friends this year!) Mike met with his former circle of friends about the idea of going into the real estate business with them and becoming a broker. Which would mean leaving his partnership with his now former best friend Reza.

began the episode by taking MJ’s computer to recover a sex tape that MJ had made on her computer. She stated that she had made multiple tapes and taken photos. Lucky for MJ the software business she had taken it to were able to recover it. For the past three seasons we’ve been following Asa on her journey to make diamond water a real thing and now its officially happening! She is planning her launch party for the product and getting it out to the marketplace. In true Shahs fashion she was very persistent in getting all her decorations in gold as opposed to silver or the gold/silver mix her planner wanted her to go with. Asa also lets her party planner (and good friend) know that she is planning an Iranian family reunion for later in the summer. The closest that they could do the reunion would be in Turkey. This is due to the fact that since her family left as a refugee, they would not be able to enter the country without serious consequences. Another MJ relationship that we have seen grow this season is the one between her and GG’s sister Leila. While the relationship they have is not approved by GG they continue to have it. This week MJ is showing Leila houses for her to move into. MJ reveals to her that she is done with GG and has even gone as far as blocking GG on twitter and instagram. Leila hates that it has come to this predicament because it puts her into a bind. She doesn’t want to upset GG by hanging out with MJ and she doesn’t want to upset MJ by ending their new relationship. One relationship that is going good for Mike is his relationship with Jessica. Jessica and Mike are having his family over for dinner and Jessica will be making the entire dinner of Persian food herself. As much as Jessica stressed that the dinner would go wrong and that Mike’s parents would hate the food it went the exact opposite. Mike’s parents loved the food and at the end of the dinner Mike’s mom let Jessica know how special it was to her that Jessica is doing all of these things to bring her closer to Mike’s family. With Jessica in the kitchen getting tea after the dinner Mike let his parents know that he is having trouble finding the perfect ring for Jessica so that he can propose. He wants to buy her a ring so large that she is able to blind all of her haters with it (which is a little egotistical I think). GG rebounding off her latest breakup a few episodes ago went out on a new date this week. This date was with the same guy that she had hooked up with at Lilly’s party in the season three premiere. Now in my opinion these two are not a match and GG admits that herself saying that this guy was the perfect “rebound guy”. An awkward moment came up when the two were discussing family, GG let him know how good-looking she was and how good-looking he was and that they would make good-looking babies. Now it’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for! The diamond water launch party! The entire group came to the party which is making for an interesting event. Lilly and MJ who are not on speaking terms are going to see each other for he first time and Reza will be seeing Mike for the first time since the huge fight at the gay club earlier this season. This was classy, star-studded fashion event in Hollywood. Which featured a brief appearance by the one and only Latoya Jackson!

It was nice to see all the hard work that Asa has put in all over the years finally paying off. But the happiness didn’t last long. The group was upset that Lilly has not been in contact with them for months and then she shows up at this red carpet event with press. The tension built with MJ and GG as GG was furious that MJ’s plus one was Leila. Mike was the last of the group that showed up and he came after having a little too much to drink at the pre-party he was having in his limo. He was disheveled, yelling and making an idiot of himself even yelling at Reza “You can suck my diamond water!” The climax of this weeks episode was finally here Mike and Reza were finally going to talk things through. Which was not a good idea probably considering how plastered he is right now. He starts the conversation off saying that Reza was such a terrible friend. While I have not been much of a Reza fan this season, I have to say that I took his side in this argument. Reza doesn’t understand why Mike caused this feud between them and is taking sides of Sasha whenever Mike has no connection with Sasha, he is a compete stranger. Mike followed up with ranting on and on about how terrible of a person Reza was and Reza stormed of. To end the night Asa let the group know about her family reunion in Turkey. She was a little disappointed at the reaction that they all gave her which was mostly a “I’ll see if I can go” type of reaction. Which ended in another Mike and Reza feud and they stormed off outside and continued the fight of who betrayed who which ended in Jessica breaking up the fight and taking Mike home.What do you think of the feud? Which side are you on? Let me know in the comments!


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