Shahs of Sunset Ep 7 “The Velvet Rage” Blog Recap


Ladies and Gentlemen our Christmas presents were extra juicy this week with our second episode of the week of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset.  

The episode began with MJ trying to find the right undergarments to wear in adress, and Jessica and Mike attending a class on converting to Judaism. What is interesting about this is that Jessica is taking these classes and converting to Judaism even though Mike hasn’t proposed. What this says is that Jessica is very committed to their relationship that she’s willingly taking these classes to convert without having a ring.
Next, we followed GG and her sister as they went to get their nails done. This all seemed well until the subject of MJ came up. MJ has still not made up with GG, but instead she is hanging out, calling, texting GG’s sister Leila on a regular basis. GG stated that this is not surprising considering how competitive her and her sister’s relationship has been throughout the years. 
GG believes that her sister loves the fact that her former BFF is now not talking to her but she is hanging out with her former friends sister. GG does not like the fact that MJ will go behind her back to hang out with her sister but wont take the moment to mend the fences with the two’s relationship.
Adam, Reza’s boyfriend takes the pot stirring cake again this week, as he wants to have a house warming party and invite Reza’s enemy, Sasha. Adam has been talking with Sasha the past couple of days who has expressed to him how mean Reza was that night at the club. Reza owned up to his actions saying that he was mean that night and did go a little to far. While Reza is ok with apologizing because he wants to put this all behind him, he stated that he does not want to be friends with him after that.
Lilly’s storyline this week was putting together the plans for her dogs birthday. She planned everything from the cake to the number of costume changes that the dog would have at the party. Yes, you read that right people, Lilly wants the dog to have wardrobe changes at her party.
GG met up for lunch with Sasha. After meeting at the gay pride parade the two  friended each other on instagrammed and clicked. GG can relate to Sasha because he knows how it is to have the group against her and for them to say things about people when they necessarily were never said. The two discussed how MJ and Reza are about their relationship and how they do things to help each other and no one else. We also learned that MJ told GG’s boyfriend at a dinner that GG was hosting that GG had cheated on her boyfriend. Even though it was not
Next, we had Lilly’s dogs fourth birthday party. The party had a massage therapist, a psychic, and costume changes for Coconut. The members of the group that were in attendance were Asa, GG and GG’s guest…Sasha. Each dog in attendance were given outfits to wear at the party.  Reza met with a therapist who dealt with gay rage. Reza discussed the feud that happened at the club and his house with Sasha and his brother. Overall, the meeting was an emotional thing for Reza and he came to the conclusion that he needs to apologize to Sasha.  To end this episode Reza, Asa, and MJ went out to eat and GG also happened to be there. GG confronted MJ after MJ came up to her and started talking like nothing happened. GG confronted her pleading for her to apologize and take  accountability for her actions. It was here that my favorite line of the episode came out. 


During GG’s confronting MJ she screams “I want to wax my car with your F@*$ing tits!” The feud ended with the two saying that their friendship was over and that they would never be friends again.

What do you think of the new relationship between GG and Sasha? What side are you taking in the new friendship feud GG or MJ? Let me know in the comments!


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