Shahs of Sunset Ep 5 “Fresh Off the Boat” Blog Recap


This weeks episode of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset started off nice, calm, and family oriented… that quickly turned and the episode ended in World War III. Mike, worried about growing older, and looking older brought Reza along as he went to a conciliation about hair plugs. Mike is fearful that he is losing his hair like other men of his family and does not want to start going bald at this point in his life. The conciliation turned out to be a good thing for Mike; in it he found out that he was not balding he was actually just thinning. His hair troubles were only part of his imagination.

A relationship that has made a tremendous leap since the debut of Shahs two seasons ago is that of MJ and her mother. The two have been seen partaking in numerous outdoor activities together this season. In tonight’s episode they played golf. Surprisingly, even though MJ was wearing a pair of high heels and looked more like a trip to the mall instead of the golf course. She did pleasantly well for a beginner. Her mother on the other hand, was hilarious to watch. She ended up hitting the grass more than the ball. My favorite line from tonight’s episode was during this scene in which MJ’s mother was having trouble hitting the ball and she yelled, “Are you criticizing me? Do you think I’m related to Tiger Woods?” The twos relationship has came a long way and has become a very touching thing to watch in the recent episodes.

A highlight for Asa in this week’s episode was her parents being able to see her Diamond Water factory. She stated that her parents gave up so much to come to the states for a better life, and that better life was meant for her. They were already grown; the move was so that Asa could have the better life. Therefor Asa feels pressure to be successful so that the move will not be for nothing.

The award for “Best Pot Stirrer of the Week” goes to Reza’s boyfriend Adam in this episode. Adam met a neighbor that was a fellow openly gay Persian in the pool at the condo he and Reza share. Adam ended up inviting him over to meet Reza who immediately seemed to have a guard up. Reza who came off as a bit twofaced in this portion of the episode because he told the neighbor, Sasha that we was being too flamboyant for a gay man. Sasha took this comment and ran with it. He started his own little tangent, which ended in calling Reza fat and Reza forcing Sasha to leave their house.

The battle wounds from this war were opened again whenever the group traveled to a Middle Eastern gay bar. The group were casually socializing and pressuring Mike to slap a ring on his girlfriend. Suddenly Sasha is spotted at the club, and comes over to Reza and the rest of the group. A fight quickly escalates, over the fact that Reza was called fat and Sasha was called too flamboyantly gay. The fight ended in Reza outing Sasha’s brother. In a surprising twist we find that Mike was a homophobe until Reza came out to him. A part of the episode that seemed completely forced was learning this then Mike going to comfort Sasha and his brother after their altercation with Reza, MJ, and Adam.

Lilly, clearly is receiving the bottom of the barrel this season. After being absent from last week’s episode, tonight we only saw her in two very short segments. One of which she was buying fabric and another in which was a confessional that she taught how to take a proper selfie. Yes, you read that right; Lilly has lowered herself to teaching how to take a selfie to receive airtime. Should Shahs make it to a season 4, I would consider it very unlikely for Lilly to be apart of the cast.

On the other hand an absence that was clearly noticeable was that of GG. GG is the main character for drama in most of the episodes. She in my opinion is the breakout star for the female side of the cast. Her absence was not explained but she is back next week and looking like she’s going to make up for her drama that was missed this week!

What did you all think of this week’s episode? What are your hopes for the rest of the season? Let me know in the comments below!


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