Shahs of Sunset Ep 4 “Sorry. Not Sorry.” Blog Recap


shahs-of-sunset-season-3-gallery-episode-304-27Shahs of Sunset’s new season is in full swing now and the drama is amped up! This week Mike worked on getting a bus advertisement for he and Reza’s business partnership. We were able to see just how much of a wheeler and dealer the Persian community is as Mike pointed out they do not pay full price for anything. Mike was able to get the price of a bus advertisement from $45,000 down to $32,000. Aside from worrying if the advertisement would garner new business opportunities, he was also worried about how his mother would react. Saying that because he is in real estate, she does not approve of him. She would rather him become a lawyer or a doctor.

Asa was focused on booking a new concert. Asa is someone who takes up to four months to prepare for a concert, whereas the business venue that she was trying to book was only giving her six weeks in advance. She began working on the details of her concert, hoping that she will be able to fit in four months work into six weeks.

Most of these weeks episode was centered on GG, Reza, and MJ. GG and her family were taking their yearly camping trip and had invited Reza along. Reza realizing that this would be a golden opportunity for GG and MJ to repair their broken friendship, secretly brought MJ along. Neither GG nor MJ knew of the pending meeting, which made for one HIGH-LAR-IOUS meeting. MJ showed up at the campground in an eight-inch pair of heels and designer outfit. You could clearly cut the tension with a knife when the two met for the first time, and it appeared Reza was in heaven that his master plan had worked. The group went whitewater rafting and all appeared good. GG even said that she loved when MJ behaved like she was as opposed to how she normal does. All was good till and evening around the campfire in which turned ugly. I’m sure anyone nearby would rather jump into than watch the fight that was brewing. The girls tried to mend their relationship, yet neither wanted to take credit for their actions leaving the episode still in a feud.

Noticeably absent from the episode was Lilly. Not that it mattered much, she in in her second season but for me at least, it appears she is struggling to find storyline that will keep her on the show for seasons to come.  This season is off to a great start and there will be much more drama in the coming weeks! Till next time!

Who is your favorite Shah this season? Mine in particular is Reza. His antics tonight were so, so funny! Let me know yours in the comments!

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