Shahs of Sunset Ep 16 “Reunion Part 2” Blog Recap

Well, the time has come this will be the last Reality Recaps blog of Shahs for the year! This week was the end of the reunion so lets get to it! Andy started part two off with Reza’s feud with Sasha. (My least favorite and the most long, drawn out storyline ever put on reality television! Look at my earlier recaps if you need a recap of what all went down in their feud.) Reza is still upset that  Mike took Sasha’s side. Reza admits that he was in the wrong and that he apologized for anything he said to Sasha. MJ’s mom Vida comes out when the topic of MJ and her wanting a baby is brought up by Andy. It is revealed that Vida thinks that MJ needs to “get pretty” for a husband and that she didn’t want kids herself in her younger days and that MJ was even a mistake. Andy brings up Mike and Jessica’s relationship. Saying that he wants to know why Mike just won’t propose. Mike says that if he proposes then kids will have to come next. He lets Andy know that he will get married to Jessica, he just needs more time. Mike gets emotional when the topic of he and Reza’s relationship comes up. Mike says that he drank as much as he did this season because he was in mourning of their friendship. Reza also starts crying and the two of them hug it out. Lilly lets the group know that she misses them all and seeing them makes her heart melt (CODE FOR SHE WANTS TO COME BACK TO SEASON 4 AND KNOWS SHE WON’T). There you have it folks! The final recap of the Shahs third season! Do you hope there is a cast shake up for season 4? What were your favorite/least favorite moments of the season? Let me know in the comments below!

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