Shahs of Sunset Ep 15 “Reunion Part 1” Blog Recap

reza-shahs-reunionGlitz, glamour, and gold. It’s that time of the year in Beverly Hills, and no we aren’t talking about the Oscars. It’s time for the Shahs of Sunset reunion! This season the set was a total extravagant setting at a persian dinner part decked out in gold, with Bravo superman Andy Cohen at the head of the table. The topic of marriage is first on the table for discussion. Andy toasts to Reza’s engagement and jokes with Mike about why he isn’t engaged yet, and GG brings up that she thought it would be her at this point getting married. (WHEN WILL GG AND MIKE SEE THAT THEY JUST NEED TO GET TOGETHER).  On the table is a buttery chocolate croissant which brings up Mike and MJ’s feud from earlier in the season in which Mike told MJ that she didn’t need a croissant. Mike apologizes and tells her that he loves her. 
The next topic of the reunion was Lilly’s prom birthday party (Remember the season premiere when Lilly actually had a storyline as opposed to her just commenting on whats happening or taking a selfie). Andy tells her how over the top the party was and Lilly says she doesn’t care what people think about it she loves how over the top it was she and she had a great time. GG piped in how great of a time she had at the party as well. MJ is still upset that Lilly would not let her come to the party even thought she texted and apologized to her. Andy takes a poll for which party the group enjoyed more Mike’s brothers graduation party or Lilly’s party. Of course the group unanimously chose the graduation party. Lilly says that the cast are not her real friends nor does she consider them her real friends and that is why she doesn’t think that they had much fun. She considers the group like a mean girls clique that won’t let her in. Asa tells her that she doesn’t put enough in energy into their relationship and thats why they are in the state that they are in. 
The topic of MJ and GG’s boyfriend comes up and MJ tells Andy that she broke girl code in the situation and that she was sorry for that. GG says that it was not MJ’s place to do what she did. MJ admits that she should have apologized back on the rafting trip (Episode 4 recap if you need to know what went down!) In the end MJ apologizes and says she is sorry for breaking girl code. Andy congratulates GG on how far she has came with her anger since the show has started. The entire cast agrees and applauds her…well, except for MJ. MJ finds it hilarious that people think that GG has came so far. Layla, GG’s sister joins the table for a moment. GG is furious over the fact that MJ and Layla hang out. GG says that Layla is such a fame-whore and dying to be on Shahs and GG tells her that she doesn’t associate with fame-whore’s. The two get into a screaming battle and Andy interrupts making the two say something nice before Layla exits the reunion. 
Mike and Reza’s parternship comes up. Mike admits that he went into it with the idea of getting rich quick. Reza is still open to working together. However, Mike says that he loves Reza but he can never trust him again and they will never be able to work together. 

What did you guys think of the first half of the reunion? Explosive enough for you guys? Let me know in the comments! 


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