Shahs of Sunset Ep 14 “Is This 40?” Blog Recap

Ok, guys. The time has come the book has closed on another season of Shahs of Sunset! So lets break down the season three finale of the hit bravo show.

To start off the episode Mike and Reza are working out because Reza wants to lose his extra weight before his 40th birthday. The topic of their business comes up and Mike lets Reza know how unhappy he is with residential real estate and that his is leaving it to come back to commercial real estate.


For her birthday MJ and her mother take a trip to the spa. While the two are bonding at the spa MJ tells her all of what happened while the Shahs were in Turkey. Including the fact that MJ has come to the realization that she wants to have kids and she wants them now. MJ’s mom is not too keen on the idea and tells MJ that she is naive. This of course gets the two into an argument and MJ deserts her mother at the spa.
Jessica is seriously struggling with the fact that Mike will not get engaged. She doesn’t understand why Mike at his age doesn’t want to get married to such a great person with a good profession and good family. Mike says it is because weddings are expensive and he wants to wait until his business is in good standing.
GG decides to freeze her eggs and she makes an appointment to do so bringing MJ along for moral support. (I am sorry but these two have been feuding ALL SEASON LONG. They make up for Asa’s sake in Turkey so now they are BFF’s? I don’t understand it.)

The group heads to Palm Springs to celebrate Reza’s birthday. After the entire group arrives (sans Lilly) they head to dinner. Reza reveals that he plans on proposing to Adam. GG says that she plans on having a baby within the next year. Jessica says that she wants Mike to propose within the next year and that she will take any kind of ring, even a ring pop. The gang end the night having a while evening playing on a slip n’slide.


The next morning, Reza apologizes to Adam. It is so cute. Reza says that if anything Adam has earned this engagement for putting up with all of Reza’s craziness for these wild times. Drama King I mean Mike of course looks jealous in all of this but he assures everyone that he is just shocked.
Of course to end the episode we check in on Lilly. Who has pretty much been absent the entire season making it clear she will not be back next season. Her edit was just awful. Plain awful. Keep in mind folks she’s getting a hefty salary to be on this show and working way less than any of us! She is alone in there empty condo with just her and her dog. Lilly regrets that she has become so distant from the group over the past few months.  There we have it folks! Another season of Shahs is in the record books!

What did you think of the season? The finale? What were some of your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments and brace yourselves for the reunion y’all!


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