Shahs of Sunset Ep 12 “Return to the Homeland, Pt. 1” Blog Recap

Our favorite Beverly Hills Persians are en route to Turkey! This week on Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset! This was a jam packed episode so lets get started! Reza, GG, Asa, MJ, and Mike has all arrived in Turkey for Asa’s family reunion. GG and MJ are putting their feud on the back burner while they are on the trip for Asa’s sake well in the best way possible. MJ is upset that GG called her a “tub of lard”. Mike of course gets into the drama by taking GG’s side (CAN HE NOT STAY OUT OF DRAMA? I THINK IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM.)
The entire group tries to get them to apologize to one another. MJ finally caves in and decides to apologize to GG for her boyfriend debacle and everything that happened. Asa has an entire agenda for the group while they are away with visiting all of the famous tourists attractions in Turkey. The group is having a good time and feel like they are all becoming one with their culture. Except for Mike. He doesn’t believe he has any connection to the country and that because he is jewish he feels out of place. The gang visits Blue Mosque and they hit it at the prayer time. The group all partakes in prayer except for Reza and Mike. Reza is afraid that if they were to find out that he was gay that they would throw rocks and him. GG on the other hand is so moved by this moment that it brings her to tears. 
Mike of course brings more drama (Seriously what is with him?) By not wanting to go into the Mosque because he believes that his family was kicked out of the country in the first place because they are jewish. This makes him not want to go into the Mosque. The group doesn’t really understand Mikes stance about feeling so uncomfortable about visiting. However, the group goes in while Mike awaits outside. There is a moment inside that upsets Asa. She is not allowed in a certain part of the Mosque because she is a woman, but Reza is allowed even though he is a gay man. She doesn’t understand and this upsets her deeply. 
We then meet up with Asa’s parents. The group are really beginning to enjoy themselves and can’t wait for the rest of Asa’s family to join them. Asa’s mother lets Asa know how much she wants to go over the border into Iran. But because she is a refugee she can’t. They aren’t allowed back in. To end this weeks episode, Asa’s family begins to arrive in Turkey and they exchange gifts from Iran (which is a custom for them).

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