Shahs of Sunset Ep 10 “The Buttery, Chocolate Croissant” Blog Recap


mike-and-reza-make-upThis week on Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, we start off the episode right off the massive blow out from Asa’s Diamond Water party. Mike and Jessica are waking up the next morning and Jessica is trying to fill Mike in on all of his wild actions from the night before. Mike is totally embarrassed after hearing this and is ashamed of his actions.

Asa has been trying to mend the fences with the entire group for what seems like forever now especially between GG and MJ, before the groups trip to Turkey for Asa’s family reunion. This is where perhaps one of the most awkward moments on the season came into play. Asa invited MJ and GG over to her house for lunch so they could talk things over. However, the two were trying to act their best behavior and you could cut the tension with a knife. Finally Asa tells them that she is tired of how they have been acting towards one another and that they need to work things out. Therefor the two take actions for the things that they have done to one another MJ apologized and GG accepted. (No should we start timing before they are fighting again?)

This entire episode seemed to be on mending friendships. Aside from working on her relationship with GG, MJ wanted to have Mike and Reza make up as well. Going to his office to let him know that he and Reza need to make up. So that the group can have a pleasant time in Turkey, she invites him to a racetrack along with her, GG, and Asa. Meanwhile, Asa is going to yoga with Reza where the yoga teacher speaks about forgiveness before class begins. Like MJ, Asa thought it would be good to invite Reza to the racetrack with the group to maybe allow time for Mike and Reza to work things out. Reza agrees because he believes that he needs to work things out because he loves Mike too much.

The amount of Lilly we were graced with in this episode was just too much. Am I the only one that is ready for her to be cut from the cast? Please say no! Lilly was cleaning her closet out for a upcoming sale that she is having for charity to get rid of things. Later, she goes to Asa’s to be taught how to cook by Asa. Lilly doesn’t like touching raw meat and the entire cooking scene was just very weird and didn’t bring much to the episode until…the trip to Turkey came up. Lilly does not want to attend because she is afraid MJ hates her. Lilly is chatting up with Asa about why Asa doesn’t just go to Iran stating that it’s not that scary. Even though Asa had just told her that she is scared to go back because she is a war refugee that she will never be allowed to come home if she goes. The only thing that is an outcome of the scene is that we see that Lilly is playing that dumb card giving off the idea that she has no idea what a refugee is.

Now we are on our way to watching the group at the racetrack. Before Mike goes and buys a bottle of liquor as a peace offering for when he works things out with Reza. While on the way to the track things seem to be going well. Reza thinks it is because Mike is sober. The two start hashing things out and Reza brings up a rude comment that Mike had said about MJ. This being the first time MJ hears about it, she gets upset and is mad. To make matters worse the group stops at Starbucks and when MJ goes to get a pastry ad Mike makes a fat comment and tells her not to get it which angers her more.

At the races, things seems to get better they are in a private box thanks to one of MJ’s clients, they get to meet the clients horse and MJ even meets a guy there that she gets close with. However, after the guy that MJ was mingling with leaves, she turns into her usual hot mess. Going off on Mike for calling her fat. Making accusations that Mike is on steroids and does things that Reza wants him to do. Mike an d Reza go off and try to have their own one on one conversation and while MJ is yelling things at them trying to get them to fight again. MJ then goes off on GG and saying that she isn’t forgiving her. (I knew it wouldn’t last!) Asa, embarrassed tries to help things but it’s a lost cause and GG continues to battle it out with MJ in one of their typical fights.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Which sides are you on? Let me know in the comments!


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