RuPaul’s Drag Race #RUPERSIZED Ep 7&8 Blog Recap


Adore and Laganja Last night was a RUPERSIZED episode of Logo’s Drag Race with a 2 hour special! The special two-part episode began with the Queens partaking in Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move” campaign by making fruits and vegetables sexy. The challenge was so hold the fruits and vegetables in their hands and with that being the only part being seen, make it appear sexy. The winner of the challenge was Laganja Estranga.

The main challenge this week hit home with RuPaul. Ru is currently launching a new makeup line and the challenge for this week was for the queens to help market it. They were cast in pairs to tackle the assignment of creating a 30 second advertisement that would target todays woman.

Adore DeLano and Langaja Estranga were paired together to make an ad targeting mean girls. Courtney Act and Joslyn Fox targeted hot mommas, Bianca DelRio and Trinity K Bonet were paired for working for glamorous working girls and lastly Darienne Lake was with BenDeLaCreme to target cougars.

The pairs seemed to get along well with most not having any hiccups. BenDeLaCreme did not appear to want to work with Darienne and Bianca was not having it with Trinity either. But in the end the pairs were able to work together and bring out some pretty hilarious promos!

This weeks runway challenge was black and white themed judged by Leah Remini (BTW who needs to come by the show more often! Perfect guest judge!) and Lianie Kazan. Ultimately, it was Adore and Langaja who won the main challenge this week and in  the bottom two being Darienne Lake and BenDeLaCreme. In a drag race SHOCKER there was no elimination!

Now, lets break down the second hour of this Rupersized event! The queens still reeling from the news of no elimination head back to the werk room and things get heated and shade is thrown! It seemed as if every single one of the queens had a bit of shade thrown at them or was trying to throw it themselves! (Didn’t we just have a challenge like this?)

However, the mood changes with the mini challenge. The challenge is dressing your chin upside down in drag and trying your best to lip-sync upside down. Josyln Fox is announced the winner and she gets to chose the order in which the queens will go in for the main challenge, which is preforming a comedy act.

The twist for the challenge was having to impress their audience…a group of senior citizens. Which immediately worried Adore who can be a bit vulgar. The queens knew that Bianca would win so their goal was to come as memorable as possible to her in hopes they might be able to upstage her.

The act is a hit for some of the queens like Darienne and Trinity. However, some were not so lucky. BenDeLaCreme was a complete bomb. Laganja was also a miss. Obviously, Bianca Del Rio was announced the winner by this weeks guest judge Jamie Pressley and Bruce Vilanch. Laganja and Josyln were announced as the bottom two. During their lip syncing THEY BOTH DID THE SPLITS AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Let this moment just sink in and realize how amazing it is. In the end it was Laganja who was told to sashay away.

What did you all think of the Rupersized event this week? Have you made your picks for the winner? Comment below and make your predictions! Also, check out Jon’s video recap of the episodes HERE!


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  1. I love Adore! So glad she won the first challenge. Not a fan of Laganja so I am Ok with her going home. I am also a huge fan of Leah Remini, I miss her on The Talk

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