RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep12 “Sissy That Walk” Blog Recap



Courtney Act It was down to the final four on last nights episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and it did not disappoint! Coming in from the latest elimination of BenDeLaCreme, Courtney Act is frustrated with the fact that Adore De Lano won last weeks sewing challenge. She doesn’t understand why they would choose someone that was wearing a tutu and a corset . Adore doesn’t like this and wasn’t a fan of the fact that Courtney was so open to throwing her under the rug last week when the judges asked who the queens thought should go home.

Now, the queens are give their final challenge of the competition (I know, this season has gone by too quick!) They will be starring in the music video for “Sissy That Walk”. The first step (of many) in completing this challenge they have to learn “sissyograhpy” from choreographer Jamal Sims. This was interesting to say the least, Adore and Courtney seemed to be getting along just fine while Bianca and Darienne were struggling.

After the sissyography, the Queens had an intimate lunch with Mamma Ru. In which Ru asked each of the girls what the prize meant to them, why they deserved it, and then Ru gave them her thoughts on how their doing. After the lunch the girls had to film their dance number they’d rehearsed with Jamal Sims. This was a funny moment in which the girls were dancing on the treadmill in front of the green screen and Darienne had stolen Adore’s dance moves!

Next, the girls have to pose as Ru films them. She has them pose in very hilarious poses. Lets just say there is a moment in which Courtney is on the ground on all fours barking like a dog! It was a great moment. Following is the acting portion of the challenge in which the Queens have to act in a scene with Ru who is playing a man named Charles. Darienne is by far the worst but she does improve the more she does it.

Finally, it’s time for the main stage! All dressed in their latest looks the girls tell why they should be the next drag superstar. After the Queens all have to lip sync for their lives! This is the first time in which Courtney and Bianca have been in this position. However, Darienne Lake was sent to sashay away and your final three are Courtney Act, Adore De Lano, and Bianca Del Rio!

Next, week is a clip show and the world premiere of the Sissy That Walk video, and the finale where we will finally see who will be named Americas Next Drag Superstar will be announced!

So, until then spend your time letting me know what you thought of the episode and who you think will win in the comments below! Also, check out Jons short and funny video recaps of the episode as well! You can view them HERE.





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