RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep10 “Drag My Wedding” Blog Recap


Courtney Act

Last nights episode of RuPaul”s Drag Race, was one of the best of the season! We are down to the final 6 ladies and it’s honestly anyones game at this point.

Coming in from the latest elimination, things seem to get a bit tense in the WERK room between Courtney Act and Bianca Del Rio. The two exchange a few rifts (Bianca throws even more shade in the confessional) before it is quickly over.

Up first, the mini challenge, in which the queens have to produce a painting for marriage equality…using only their bodies. . Lets just say there was a lot of thrusting and spandex body suits involved in creating these TWERKS of art. They all looked like a hot mess when finished, but Bianca Del Rio was announced the winner of the challenge.

For the main challenge it was makeover themed! 6 brides were welcomed to the werk room and paired with a queen. The brides are going to be getting married on the main stage by Ru. The challenge this week is not to make over a bride, instead they will be giving the brides soon-to-be husband a DRAG MAKEOVER!

Some of the men seemed totally into the idea of being married in drag, like Darrienne Lakes groom, others not so much like Josyln Fox’s who was didn’t seem to be into it at ALL.

There were many funny moments in this portion of the episode including one with Adore who cannot sew, saying that she didn’t know how she was going to pull this off because she isn’t Cinderella and doesn’t have any mice to come help her with this dress!

This episode turned me off in particular, of Courtney Act. After her dispute at the beginning of the episode she begins to throw more backhanded comments during the main challenge towards Adore and her groom. Making fun of the way the groom is looking.

The celebrity guest judges this week is one of the most beloved super couples in Hollywood, Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burka. After all the grooms revealed their drag looks to their brides they each exchanged vows and were wed by Ru.

Bianca Del Rio was announced the winner of the challenge (SHE NEEDS TO LET OTHER PEOPLE HAVE A CHANCE SOMETIME!) The bottom two for the week were Adore Delano and Joslyn Fox. In the end it was Joslyn Fox that was sent to sashay away from the competition.

I want o hear your thoughts on the episode! Let me know in the comments below if you agreed with the judges and if the right queen was sent packing this week!  Until next week, let Jon hold you over with his video recap of the episode HERE!




  1. Based on the comp alone yes, Joslyn’s groom did look like the girl gremlin (i was laughing so hard i cried when Bianca said that) But I love pretty much everyone left so each elimination is going to be hard now

    • Tyler

      That part was hilarious! I’m content with anyone who wins at this point. They each have a chance at winning!

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