RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep 9 “Queens of Talk” Blog Recap


DRAG RACE GIFThe competition is starting to get fierce on RuPaul’s Drag Race as we are down to the final seven. The girls come back to the were room to dissect the latest elimination and they all have some funny banter with one another. (Personally, I am finally ok with all these queens so I don’t want any of them to leave the competition!)

Next up, the mini challenge. This weeks mini challenge involved Mr. Johnny Scruff (of the gay social media app Scruff) to play a game of  Hung Man. Which seemed to be a mixture of hang man and wheel of fortune with out the wheel. Lets just say the game had lots of A-S-S words, I never knew there were so many! BenDeLaCreme was the winner of the challenge.

I’m OBSESSED with this weeks main challenge. The queens will be hosting their very own talk show! Thats right, The RuPaul Show is back everybody. The queens will host their own talk show and interview celebrity guests that Ru has lined up for them, Chaz Bono and Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt.

Now, as the queens begin their work on the challenge they are all in the werk room researching…except for Josyln who has been hammered on for her past few looks on the runway. So she thinks it would be best for her to pick out her outfit as opposed to think of what she’s going to say. When Ru comes in to check on the girls, most are freaking out. Nervous about what they are going to say and do. While here Ru announces that the celebrity guest judge for the runway show is Paula Abdul. This news makes Adore ecstatic, because she wants Paula to see how she has transformed since Paula judged her on American Idol.

It was finally time for the talk show challenge. This turned out to be one hot mess of a show! They all seemed  to be slipping up over things, not talking to both of the guests and Trinity. Poor, poor, Trinity kept calling Chaz, Chad THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW. Josyln was the queen of failure in this challenge as in the interview she made jokes about abortion and then asked Georgia to give her stance on abortion. The only two that seemed to really do well in the challenge were Courtney Act and BenDeLaCreme. Courtney was announced the winner of the challenge.

The runway show this week was exotic. Its theme: animal jungle fever. The queens were all dressed up as animals. After deliberation from the judges the bottom two was announced. This week it was Trinity K. Bonet and Adore De Lano in the bottom two. Now, I know what you all are thinking..Trinity rocks it out in the lip sync and Adore can’t go home on a week that Paula is judging. She just can’t! Obviously the song they have to sing is a Paula Abdul song and ultimately Adore pulls it out. Meaning Trinity K. Bonet was sent to sashay away.

What did you all think of the episode? Can you believe we’re over half way done with the competition? Name your predictions for the winner in the comments below. Want even MORE Drag Race in your life? Check out Jon and his video recaps HERE!


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