RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep 5 “Snatch Game” Blog Recap


The Queens in their best celebrity impersonations.

Last night we watched the Queens impersonate our favorite celebrities in the infamous Snatch Game! The challenge for this week was to impersonate a famously funny celebrity in order to play a mock of the 70’s hit game show, Match Game. Adore Delano portrayed Anna Nicole Smith, Bianca Del Rio came as Judge Judy, BenDeLaCreme channeled Maggie Smith from Dowton Abbey, Trinity K Bonet performed as Nicki Minaj, Milk dressed as Julia Child, Courtney Act came as Fran Drescher, Langaja was Rachel Zoe, Darrienne Lake as Paula Deen, Joshlyn Fox came as RHONJ’s Teresa, and Gia Gunn came as Kim Kardashian.

Our two celebrity guest judges for the week, Chelsea Lately’s Heather McDonald and Community’s Gillian Jacobs (A self proclaimed Drag Race super-fan) were involved in the question. They were each asked a question by Ru and then each of the queens had to try and match their answer. Adore had some of the best one-liners and Bianca Del Rio had some of the best ones of the challenge. Someone who was noticeably terrible in this challenge? Milk’s impersonation of Julia Child and Gia’s Kim Kardashian was a rough one as well.

The runway show this week had a theme of “Night of 1000 Ru’s”. Each of the Queens had to come dressed as a Ru herself in one of her famous outfits! We saw Ru’s of all colors…including a male Ru. That’s right, Milk, broke the barrier and chose to come dressed as a male version of Ru instead of a over the top woman version. Which was a risky move, but she was lucky and was saved by the skin of her teeth at the end. The judges chose BenDeLaCreme as the winner of the challenge (she is the first to win two so far this season). Gia Gunn and Laganja were announced as the bottom two for the week and it was ultimately Gia who was chosen to sashay her way to elimination.

What did you guys think of the episode? Did you think it was fair for Milk to stay even though she wasn’t in drag? Let me know in the comments below! Want even more Drag Race in your life? Check out Jon’s HIGH-larious video recaps HERE!


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