RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep 4 “Shade: The Rusical” Blog Recap


Drag Race

The episode began with Rupal alongside Ian Drew from US Weekly, playing “Female or She-Male” with the queens for this weeks mini challenge in which the queens were asked to look at body parts of celebrities and decode if they were a biological female or a psychological female. Adore Delano and BenDeLaCreme were named the winners of the challenge. After being named the winners of the challenge, Adore and BenDeLaCreme were told to pick teams for the main challenge, performing in Shade: The Rusical! Adore Delano chose Milk, Laganja, Josyln Fox, and April. While BenDeLaCreme chose Courtney, Bianca Del Rio, Darrien Lake, Gia, and Trinity.

The competition quickly became the battle of the Idols between Courtney Act and Adore Delano who are both great singers and were both trying to upstage one another. Trinity did not seem up into this challenge and it annoyed the other queens. (Maybe its because she always gets picked last? Hello! Total throwback to middle school gym class and getting picked last for dodge ball).

The performances were smashing! Courtney Act was to die for. She nailed the role of Penny. Which made it obvious for her to be named the winner of the challenge. Trinity and April were announced as the bottom two for the week. Unfortunately, it was Aprils time for her to sashay away.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Have you made your pick to win this season? Let me know in the comments below! Check out Jon’s video recap of this weeks episode HERE!


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