RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep 2 “RuPaul’s Big Opening, Pt. 2” Blog Recap

Last night on RuPaul’s Drag Race final seven contestants of the season were introduced. These queens definitely brought it, they brought everything, including a beard. 
The episode began similar to last week new contestant Bianca Del Rio making a big entrance only to find that she is the first contestant there. Shortly, Bianca was joined by Trinity K. Bonet the first two noticed that there were half eaten cupcakes and it looked like a party had taken place, but they were not for sure what exactly had happened. They made for an awkward moment when the two wouldn’t talk to each other while waiting for the next contestant. Joslyn Fox came in next, the first two queens were not a fan of her. They thought she had too many accessories for her outfit and it made her look cheap. Our next queen entering the room was Milk, she had legs for days came in with toilet paper stuck to her heel. Magnolia Crawford entered next, looking like the white trash version of a Real Housewife. Courtney Act came in next, she is a well know person already. Coming in Courtney has made it to the finals on Australian Idol. Darien Lake made her entrance as one  the final queens, she was voted fan favorite on the RuPaul Facebook contest. Once all of the queens had arrived, RuPaul joined the queens to inform them they were the second group of queens and that the first group had already had an elimination. 
The photo challenge this week had a slumber party theme. The queens were challenged to take a photo in bed with all four of the scruff pit crew and they had to give a sexy face while the pit crew were having a pillow fight. Trinity K. Bonet seemed to excel in this giving all her inner Beyonce throughout her shoot, which ultimately gave her the upper hand and she was announced as the winner of the photo challenge. 
For the main challenge, the queens have to create a life of the party high fashion couture. They had to chose from a number of different party themes to create their looks from including a toga party, a luau, and a hoedown. While the queens are in the werk room we found out that in Trinity K. Bonet’s name the K stands for Kardashian. Which leads us to the celebrity guest judge of the week. 
At the show, Bianca was awarded the winner of the show, Trinity, Milk, Courtney Act, and Joslyn were named the safe queens. Magnolia, and Darien were named as the bottom. Ultimately, it was Magnolia that was told to sashay away from the competition. You should also check out Jon’s short video recaps of each episode this season here to!

What did you guys think of the second half of the premiere? Do you like these queens better than the first? Let me know in the comments! 


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