RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep 1 “RuPaul’s Big Opening” Blog Recap


RuPaul is back and better than ever! Logo kicked off season six of Drag Race this week and it was a jam-packed episode so lets get started!

The episode had an old-time movie type feel to it giving a recap of season 5 before showing previews of whats to come in season 6. (I personally was OBSESSED with this! Loved it!)

Adore Delano is our first gal to enter. She comes in with a big line trying to impress the others. However, she sees that she has wasted that line because she is the first one to arrive. BenDelaCreme is our second queen. She is “terminally delightful”. She jokes that she could cause death at any moment because of how delightful she is. Gia Gunn is the next to enter (WAS I THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT OKAY SNOOKI IS HERE?) The first two queens are pleased with what they see. Laganja Estranja enters who is trashy, classy, and fabulous. She makes quite an entrance because when she goes over to the group she falls. It was quite a moment. April Carrion enters wearing a scout uniform and she is prepared to throw SHADE with her aviators! Kelly Mantle enters and lets us know that she is an actor who has appeared on numerous television shows but she will not walk around reciting her IMDB page like people from earlier seasons. SHADE! My favorite entrance of the episode was Vivacious who entered in this futuristic alien type costume. She is preparing for a dramatic entrance. However her jacket gets stuck and this is all ruined.

The queens think this is it and there will only be 7 queens this seasons. They even joke “was there not a budget for this season?” Then bam! Surprise! RuPaul reveals that this season will have not one, but TWO premieres! The other seven will be coming out next week. With only seven queens in the competition at first they are going to have to give it their all because with only seven it will be easy to pick out flaws during their very first challenge.

Next, we have a photo shoot. For the shoot the queens have to jump in front of a large television screen into a foam pool trying to get a great expression during their jump. They each get two leaps at getting a good photo.

Most everyone had done well with the shoot except for Gia. She clearly had no clue what she was going and did not have a good picture taken. Laganja ultimately is announced as the winner of the photo challenge.

Now its time for the main challenge. The queens have to turn junk from a moving truck themed with famous shows on television and turn it into runway couture. The shows the queens have to choose from include Keeping Up, Dancing with the Stars, Duck Dynasty, and The Golden Girls.

During RuPauls walk around of the werk room we see that Adore can’t sew. RuPaul doesn’t understand why young drag queens can’t sew, it’s not that hard of a thing to learn. As we get ready for the runway how, Adore has a major mishap she has glued her outfit together and it is glued to the mannequin. The special celebrity guest judge this week is American Idol alum Adam Lambert.

After the runway show some of the judges critique comments include how unlikable Gia’s personality is. How they think Laganja is trying too hard, and that Adore has the “it” factor. After the critique the queens are brought back out and it is revealed there will be no immunity this season. Gia, April, and Laganja are named the safe queens. Ben is the winner who wins a prize of jewelry and it is Kelly and Vivacious who are in the bottom. In the end Kelly is told to sashay away.

What did you guys think of the season 6 premiere? Who are your early favorites? Let me know in the comments!



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