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Carole#BookGate continued at Aviva’s house warming party! Carole and Aviva went head-to-head, arguing about whether or not Carole wrote her book on her own. Carole continued to emphasize that Aviva has never had a job outside of the home, possibly insulting stay at home women. As they went on, Carole called Aviva a bitch, multiple times, as well as, a liar. Hearing the drama unfold upstairs, Ramona decided to leave as fast as she could. Aviva and Carole then started to make their way out of the room and down the stairs, getting in each others’ faces. Carole even grabbed Aviva’s jaw! Yikes! The two were finally seperated, Aviva with Kristen, Sonja, and some cameo, and Carole with Heather. Poor Kristen has no clue how to react to the drama! Carole finally decides to leave, telling Aviva’s husband that his wife was a bad person and going up to Aviva’s ex husband saying, “Harry it’s so nice to meet you! I totally understand the divorce!” I couldn’t help but to die of laughter.Aviva & Carole

Next, we see Heather visit Ramona to discuss a few things. Ramona talked about how she is going to Africa with Mario and Avery. She then went to talk about Africa is how she learned meaning behind animal genitial sayings. Very uncomfortable. They then discussed the fight between Carole and Aviva and I am actuallly shocked that Ramona isn’t more involved as I thought she would be. She seems to not care, but Heather is clearly on Carole’s side.

We then saw Heather have a little office lunch date with her coworker Barbra. They talk about some work and you can tell that Carole is still worked up from the other night. Barbra calls Carole out on her behavior and Carole tells her about what happened. Barbra laughed at the thought of Carole using a ghost writer. I think it’s kind of funny too. I am totally team Carole.

Sonja has hired ySonjaet another new intern to manage her social media! How many damn interns does this woman have? She basically gave the new intern a brief review oof how things work. She also said that her interns basically live at her home. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind being an intern for Sonja. There would never be a dull moment.

Next, we saw behind the scenes of Aviva’s shoot for her book cover of Leggy Blonde. Pun intended. Kristen decides to show up to show some support and to also talk to Aviva. Aviva took a break and talked to Kristen about what happened with Carole. Kristen straight up tells Aviva that she thinks she is jealous. The best part is that Aviva had no rebuttal, unless it was intentionally cut. All she did was point out how cute the turtle’s were in the pond.Ramona

Here we go again with Ramona and her emotional-self. Avery is going to prom and all her friends are getting ready at her home! Ramona started to cry thinking about Avery going away to college in just a few weeks and who could blame her. I feel as though we have seen Avery grow up throughout the seasons and it’s sad, yet exciting to see her evolve. I do have to say, Avery looked beautiful in her red dress.

Next, we get toAvery see Carole throw a baby shower for her good friend! The guest list included, Sonja, Kristen, Ramona, and apparently Heather’s husband who brought their daughter, Ella. I think it was really cool of Heather’s husband to attend without Heather. Carole and Ramona ended up talking about, once again, they fight. Ramona tells Carole that she didn’t want Carole to feel abandoned that night and Carole was upset that Ramona was in the middle of the drama. I really don’t think that Ramona got in the middle of the fight, but rather the opposite.

The show ended with the Spartan Race that Kristen and Heather participated in with their husbands. Both Josh and Heather reassured Kristen that they would be by her side the whole time for support. Well about 10 minutes into the race and they both left Kristen. Kristen was livid, but that only motivated her to finish the rigorous course. God bless them for doing it because I would die! Heather finished the race like a beKristenast, slamming into the cushioned poles that people stuck out as barriers. Kristen finished and she was extremely pissed at Josh, which I think she had every right to be, but she was also pissed about how hard it was. I think she could have sucked it up.

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