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NOTE: LATE BLOG! I was really busy last week! Sorry readers!

imageThis week’s episode of the RHONY started off with Sonja visiting Kristen and Josh. Kristen had offered for Josh to advise Sonja on her multiple business ventures. It’s been clear to all the women that Sonja is not doing too well. While Josh and Sonja talked, Kristen left. Sonja began to talk about her white and yellow diamonds, toaster, lingerie line, Nigerian football team, perfume, and even her own book. Josh suggested that Sonja pick on end stick to it. He also suggested her to get a branding team. She told him she knew a guy in China and Josh immediately shut her down. He basically told her that she was being stupid in the most sincerest way possible.

Next, Carole was staying in her Beverly Hills home while her home in the city was being renovated. She had a few of her LA girlfriends over to discuss her relationships. Poor Carole was set up with a guy and then was blown off before they even met! Apparently, he was already committed to another woman. So, Carole was dumped before she was even dating him!

Heather invited all the couples to a dinner before she took the girls to the Berkshires. Ramona, Mario, her gay husband, Kristen, and Josh were the first arrivals. They were soon greeted by LuAnn and Jacques, as well as Heather and Jon. Heather thanked everyone for making it and then thanked the husbands for letting the ladies attend. Mario then thanked Heather for taking Ramona! (He probably was happy that he had time to cheat!) Heather then talked about how Aviva wasn’t coming because her son’s camp had visiting. Ramona instantly thought Heather planned it that way on purpose. As if Heather would even waste her time to schedule her trip strategically… Heather proposed her plan to the group and Ramona asked if friends were coming. Heather got annoyed saying she wanted it to be only them. It was awkward tension. Then, the group began to gossip about Sonja. They all basically bad talked her and especially Josh. Ramona was very offended.

Carole and Kristen visited a matchmaker to find Carole some men! The matchmaker (he ain’t no Patti Stinger!) suggested that Carole look for men who were business oriented. He also suggested that she dress to impress. He told her about going to get drinks and if she likes the guy go to dinner. If not leave. It obvious Carole wants a bad boy, but she needs a good guy!image

Sonja and LuAnn attended an aerial yoga class with a bunch of girls old enough to be their daughters! Ramona attended as well. To be completely honest, this looked so fun! I want to do it. Ramona, Sonja, and LuAnn attempted all the poses in the hammocks and failed. After the class, Ramona began to complain about attending the Berkshires because it isn’t fancy enough for her. Oh shut up! Does Ramona think she shits gold or something?

imageSo, the ladies were on their way to the Berkshires and Ramona, Sonja and LuAnn drove together. Ramona continued to complain about the Berkshires and how she could own 20 homes in the Berkshires and how they are only around $400,000 while in the Hampton’s her land is 5 million alone! Then she complained even more about the heat and how Heather better have AC. So the ladies called Heather to “check in” a.k.a check if she has AC and she doesn’t , Ramona’s reaction was priceless. So then Ramona ended up calling for AC. Carole and Kristen drove together and Kristen mentioned how she thinks Ramona has had it out for her since they met. We then went back to LuAnn and her bad driving! Ramona and Sonja sounded like a mother of a teen whole just got their permit! Anyhow, they finally arrived and Ramona was quite confused. She didn’t know if she was looking at Heather’s house or garage. They all went in and Heather showed the ladies where they were staying. Ramona was still complaining about the heat. Carole and Kristen were not too far away and wanted to stop to get Heather something like good friends do. They finally arrived and the ladies began to mingle. Then there it was! Ramona actually ordered AC to be delivered to Heather’s! She has no boundaries! As Ramona and Sonja were fighting about where to put the AC unit, Heather have the rest of the girls a tour. Next, the ladies took a trip to a pond to go fishing. Ramona, Carole and Sonja were in one and LuAnn, Kristen, and Heather were in of the other. When the ladies finally got out on the middle of the pond, they began to fish and drink. Ramona wouldn’t stop telling everyone to shut up. To be honest though, Ramona was actually enjoying the pond. Ramona then began to tell Heather that she should have her own canoe with her name and cushioned seats. OMG… Kristen and Heather then decided to swim. Ramona brought up the whole ordeal with Josh talking badly about Sonja to Sonja while Heather and Kristen snuck up on them. Kristen then splashed the ladies, jokingly and Ramona got pissed. Kristen then told Ramona that she was trying to help Sonja unlike her. Ramona then chucked her wine glass at Kristen once again, cutting open her lip! Is she crazy or no?! As Ramona and Sonja kept talking non sense, Carole jumped off. TO BE CONTINUED.image

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