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Hey there again! I’m back with yet another recap of the Real Housewives of New York. The ladies are still in the Hamptons and Sonja decided to invite Aviva and Ramona for a day by the pool at her borrowed house. Ramona was a no show because she was under the weather. Basically she was still butt hurt from the little fight she had with Sonja.

LuAnn, Carole, and Ramona went to a Designer house showcase thing. I really don’t understand why LuAnn didn’t just make a cliché tagline like everyone else and continue as a housewife because she is in every damn episode. Anyhow, the women toured the home and eventually found wallpaper that could peel off the wall. Of course Ramona tested it out and it did in fact peel. I believe LuAnn had a table set design that she did outside and she mentioned how the plates she used were unbreakable. Once again Ramona tested the plates out too, throwing them across the pool. The ladies soon found themselves relaxing in what seemed to be the master suite. Ramona talked about how she thinks Sonja is in denial about her house being sold off by the bank.

Next, Kristen arrived at Heather’s for some drinks while Heather’s husband took the kids down to the beach. While the kids went to go play, Kristen and Heather relaxed on the deck of Heather’s rental. Carole soon arrived, discussing the designer house with the ladies. Then Carole brought up the financial issues that Sonja is going through.

We went back to the city to see Kristen meet with a modeling agent. Basically Kristen got slapped in the face because the agent said she was too old. Although, he did say she had some mileage! He suggested that she go to acting. Poor Kristen…

SonjaAviva, LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja went wine tasting. Just what we need; a room full of drunk, crazy women. So, after Aviva said the wine tasted like pee, Ramona and Sonja arrived. LuAnn asked how everything was going with the house, regarding Sonja. She said how she wasn’t going to give up and then they started to bring up the whole toaster oven line thing up. Then everyone started talking about how sex sales and it was just a mess. Then, the women went outside to drink and talk. Then the whole Aviva and Carole thing came up and LuAnn said that Aviva sometimes goes overboard and Aviva said that LuAnn plays both sides. Sonja then defended LuAnn in an odd way saying that’s why she married royalty because she’s neutral. LuAnn was offended and called Sonja a bitch. Then, somehow, Sonja’s business ventures came up again. This whole damn wine tasting is a cluster-fu@k! Ramona said that she doesn’t think Sonja should do retail and then Sonja mentioned something about jewelry. Basically, everyone was confused with what Sonja was talking about. Sonja then got pissed because apparently no one listens to her and BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Eventually Sonja said everyone was being negative and they all left.Heather

Heather visited Carole with some beer and tequila and Carole had pizza! I love these two! So Spanx smacked Heather with a lawsuit regarding her line. Up yours Spanx! After a few shots, Carole’s neighbor came by to “drop off his dog” and he ended up staying for some shots. Then, Carole stated that she need to get a face lift… on her apartment.

Next, we got to see Sonja clean her toilet with her hair in rolls. Ramona came over to talk to her about some stuff regarding living arrangements. She basically told Sonja that she should start looking at two/three-bedroom apartments in case the house is sold. All Sonja had to say is that she lives life thinking positively. Sonja then brought up the idea of a trip to the spa. ~ Aviva had a family dinner since her oldest son, Harry, is leaving for camp. Big Harry came as well. I actually like that Aviva, Reid and Harry can all get along for the kids and in general.

So, Sonja had dinner reservations with “Big” Ben. She was waiting and waiting and it turned out she got stood up. I felt so bad. I literally just felt pain for her. She had to call one of her many interns to come join her. ­~ LuAnn, Kristen, Heather and Carole went to an ice bar and Carole tricked the girls into thinking she was engaged. Kristen was the only one who believed it… No comment…

Carole had a contractor and designer come over her apartment to help her make decisions about renovating. She mentioned how she wanted gold leaf ceilings and how she wanted a huge walk-in closet. Then, she said she wanted to turn her kitchen into her office! She admitted to never using it so why not!

KristenIt’s spa time! All the ladies got together to spend the day at the spa. Ramona arrived with her hair all did because she had a party in the Hamptons later that night. Heather, Carole and LuAnn were the first ladies to get massages and the mud bath. Aviva, Ramona, Sonja and Kristen went to the hot tub. Kristen was the only one who actually got in. Sonja brought up the whole Ben ordeal and Ramona smiled suspiciously. She said that Ben was too young for Sonja. Then Ramona admitted that she asked some questions about him to some people she knew. Sonja was furious and embarrassed. Ramona is crazy, but we already knew that. Then to make things even more awkward she admitted that she asked someone who was friends with Ben’s mom! That’s just no… Kristen then said that Ramona is probably just jealous of Sonja in a joking manner. Ramona then splashed her champagne on Kristen! So, Kristen splashed the water from the hot tub onto Ramona and her hair. Meanwhile, in the other room, Carole and LuAnn both shared the mud bath and Heather was still getting a massage. Ramona then told Kristen that she is an instigator. I think that Ramona is jealous of Kristen being a younger and hotter blonde on the show. Ramona was mad that Kristen got involved, yet Aviva got involved too and she didn’t soak her in champagne. On that note, this week’s episode concluded.

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