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Hey everyone! We are back with yet another episode of the Real Housewives of New York! Tonight’s episode started with an event that Heather is throwing to support her son’s medical condition. It was sort of a showcase of jewelry that was designed with Heather’s story as a muse. Ramona is finally home from South Africa and she went to say hi to Heather and the two discussed why Aviva was not present. Heather explained to Ramona the brawl the ladies had. Ramona does not agree with it. Ramona then went to discuss how she saw lions mate together…. OH RAMONA… All the ladies eventually got together and talked about how Heather is not going to invite Aviva to her anniversary party.

Singer StingerNext, we saw got to see Ramona go shopping for Avery’s leave for college. She was accompanied by Aviva and Sonja. Heather, Kristen and Carole were at a photo shoot for Heather’s Yummy line. Kristen was the model. Ramona decided to be the peacemaker and called Heather. She ended up setting up a lunch date between Heather and Aviva. Then, Kristen, Carole, and Heather’s husband went food testing for their anniversary party.

Next, Aviva and Heather finally meet! The two then set some rules before talking, for example, no yelling or name-calling. Aviva starts off by listing what Heather had called her. She also pulled the “I have been verbally raped.” card. I feel as though Aviva and dish crap but not take it. After the two kept talking about pointless things, Heather called Aviva “f*&cking dramatic.” Aviva then Heathertalked down to Heather as if she was a child. She asked Heather if that was a nice thing to say etc. Next, Aviva offended yet another career and then got upset when Heather offended Aviva over being unemployed. Also, Heather shared her thoughts on the Carole vs. Aviva situation. Ultimately, it ended with Aviva asking if they were lovers. Finally, Heather basically invited Aviva to her anniversary party.

OMG! Kristen and Carole had a lunch date with Yolanda and Brandi from the Real Housewives of Beverly HRHONY meets RHOBHills! YES! They began talking about crazy stories! According to Brandi, Kristen almost got with an Elvis in Vegas at her bachelorette party. Only Brandi would be involved with that! Kristen really thought it was Elvis apparently. Then did Carole just admit that she had dated GEORGE CLOONEY!? WHAT?!! I love Carole and Kristen and I love Brandi and Yolanda almost as more.

The day of Heather’s anniversary party, Ramona and Sonya went to Aviva’s house to discuss her meeting with Heather. Aviva told them that basically everything went okay and that they were going to sweep everything under the rug, but Heather decided that she was not going to invite Heather to her party. Sonja and Ramona got mad at this and decided not to attend after RSVPing because Aviva wasn’t invited. LuAnn was given this information to share to Heather. So, the party started and Kristen and Josh showed up to the party fighting with each other! These two always fight! Heather, LuAnn, Carole and Kristen all sat to talk and Heather began to question where Sonja and Ramona were. That’s when LuAnn told her that they were not coming. All the ladies agreed that by them not coming, it was really rude and messeCountessd up. Heather finally came to the conclusion that all the fights that are occurring are the result of Ramona’s agitation. The episode ended on a good note with everyone at the party dancing and enjoying their time!

Thanks for reading this week’s blog recap for RHONY! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, for even more information on RHONY check out Eric’s hilarious audio blogs and Jon’s short, comedic video recaps HERE!


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